More allegiances, yes.

Leader- Applestar- light cream tabby Tom with yellow eyes
(Past names- Applekit, Applepaw, Applebreeze)
Deputy- Rowanwing- red-and-black tom

Medicine cat- Snowbelly- light cream she-cat with brown face, paws, and tail-tip, pure-white underbelly
Apprentice, Nutpaw

WARRIORS (Oh frick no, names)
Dandeliontail- dark brown tom with white fluffy tail
Crowwing- dark grey she-cat
Apprentice, Snakepaw
Peachfur- red she-cat with white underbelly and paws
Apprentice, Mousepaw
(Next objective: sit in corner and cri)
(Ok thanks for reading, I might finish it in comments. In so srry ;( )


4 thoughts on “More allegiances, yes.”

  1. I’ll “rEmAkE” these allegiances. I don’t mean any offense.

    ShadowClan (I recommend using the original 5 Clans when making a fanfiction, like how StarClan Battles does)
    Leader: Applestar—reddish tabby tom with green eyes and slightly darker tabby stripes.
    Deputy: Rowanwing—reddish-orange tom.
    Medicine cat(s): Snowbelly—pale blue gray she-cat with a white underbelly.
    Apprentice, Acornpaw (I don’t like the prefix “Nut” all that much)
    Warriors: Dandeliontail—white tom with a golden-yellow tail.

    Crowwing—black she-cat.
    Apprentice, Snakepaw

    Peachfur—dark ginger and yellow she-cat with a yellow underbelly.
    Apprentice, Mousepaw

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