I think Silverpelt should crack down on the amount of children on this site

There are a lot of children under the age of thirteen on this site. Some even younger than ten. I believe that the Silverpelt staff should start prohibiting minors under thirteen from signing up to the site and chatting in the chatroom.

Young children being on this site is a detriment to the other users of this site, especially in the roleplay chatrooms. Young children don’t have the maturity to talk with their fellow roleplayers and generally cause a lot of problems for older roleplayers.

3 thoughts on “I think Silverpelt should crack down on the amount of children on this site”

  1. Hello there! My name is Dove, in case you don’t know me, I’m a helper 🙂
    There are children younger than the age of 13, yes there are.
    I understand your concerns on the matter.
    While you may have a slight point in this issue, you also have a lot of downfall to it.
    Younger children are welcome here. That is what makes some of the site what is generally is. We should not condone anyone for their age, something they cannot help. If they are allowed to be here and they are under 13, then by all means, they are not a “problem” here.
    They also do not cause problems for users over 13. They may be generally confused on a few aspects of roleplay and such, but I can tell you from my own experience that being online is an experience we all learn through, and we are all together as an online community.

    1. I mean I agree. Once, we all were under 13 and we all know that if we read warriors back then or if we did and we logged onto this website later then we know that we woiuld still know a lot about the books. And some younger-than-13-year-olds would may have been even better at roleplay then some older-than-13-year-olds because they may have started reading the books when they were 6 and and other when they were 5 ya know?! JUSTICE FOR YOUNGER-THAN-13-YEAR-OLDS!!!!!

  2. But, don’t you think that isn’t fair? There aren’t any other sites that would let any kid under 13 roleplay about the things they love. I’m not arguing, I just think it’s a little unfair to the kids who like rping here on sp.

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