I’ll try, and prob fail

Leader: Reedstar- brown she-cat with darker flecks
Deputy: Lakeshadow- pitch black Tom
Medicine cat: Heronfeather- black-and-white Tom
Apprentice, Finchcloud

Foxfang- ginger Tom
Apprentice, Deerpaw
Poppytail- cream-and-white she-cat
Bagerpelt- huge black-and-white Tom
Apprentice, Stormpaw
Frostgaze- white she-cat with frosty blue eyes
Apprentice, Pinepaw
Leafshade- brown she-cat
Snowfoot (meh aunt’s cat)- black she-cat with white muzzle and paws
Eaglecall- dark brown Tom
Darkflame- (very) dark grey Tom with black paws
Apprentice, Owlpaw
Lynxwish- blue-grey she-cat
Apprentice, Troutpaw
Petalfrost- tortie she-cat with frosty blue eyes
Salmonleap- grey she-cat with lighter underbelly
Apprentice, Gingerpaw
Tansyleaf- brown-and-white Tom
Apprentice, Brightpaw
Lilyheart- grey she-cat with lavender eyes
Brokenheart- (battle-scarred) dark grey Tom with white spots
Apprentice, hootpaw (former rouge)
Snowing- beautiful white-and-grey she-cat
Bloomingheart- grey-and-white she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice, Racoonpaw
Torntail- cream she-cat with ripped-off tail
Stormpaw- grey Tom with white underbelly
Finchcloud- tabby Tom with white underbelly
Deerpaw- light brown she-cat
Pinepaw- calico Tom
Hootpaw- black-and-brown Tom
Owlpaw- tabby Tom with brown stripe and tail
Troutpaw- brown she-cat with white underbelly
Gingerpaw- ginger Tom
Raccoonpaw- white she-cat with grey tail
Brightpaw- white she-cat with ginger patches

Quailwing- tortie she-cat
Kits- Daisykit, Basilkit
Petalstorm- dark grey she-cat
Kits- Roosterkit, Dawnkit, Sunkit
Snowcloud- white she-cat with grey patches
Kits- has not kitted yet

Hailpool- grey Tom
Fawnfur- brown she-cat with white flecks, former retired leader
Reedfoot- dark brown Tom
Redfang- red-and-black tom
Foxstep- ginger she-cat with fox-like markings

Holy crap, this took forever.

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  1. For some reason, Stormpaw is put as under warriors and not under apprentices although he was listed as someone’s apprentice.

  2. ARGH! Forgot to include Marshpaw!

    (Mentor- Snowing)
    Marshpaw- Dark brown she-cat with ginger and black patches. *later know as Marshpool*


    Cassidy- calico she-cat that lives near the barn
    Tuxi- brown-black-and white she-cat
    Pantherfang- (Battle-scarred) Huge dark grey Tom, former of JungleClan
    Sunshine- golden Tom

  4. RiverClan (When making a fanfiction, it’s better to use one of the original clans)
    Leader: Reedstar—pale yellowish-cream she-cat with light brown legs.
    Deputy: Lakeshadow—blue-gray tom with a large black stripe taking up almost all of his back.
    Medicine cat(s): Heronfeather—silver tom with a white neck, black above the eyes brown legs, and two black stripes on his side.
    Apprentice, Finchcloud

    Warriors: Foxfang—dark ginger tom with black front legs and back paws, black ears, a white underbelly, and a fluffy white tipped tail.
    Apprentice, Deerpaw

    Poppytail—reddish she-cat with a long, fluffy tail.

    Bagerpelt—large light gray tom with short legs and a black stripe down the middle of his face and around his eyes. His legs are black.
    Apprentice, Stormpaw

    Frostgaze—white she-cat with ice-blue eyes
    Apprentice, Pinepaw

    Leafshadow (There is already a Leafshade in canon Warriors)—dark marooniss she-cat.

    Snowfoot—pale blue-gray she-cat with white paws

    Eaglecall—dark brown tom with a white head and a yellow muzzle and paws.

    Darkflame—black tom with slightly dark ginger.
    Apprentice, Owlpaw

    Lynxwish—dark tawny-colored she-cat with black spots and a white underbelly.
    Apprentice, Troutpaw

    Petalfrost—reddish-colored she-cat with golden eyes.

    Salmonleap—dark gray she-cat with a white underbelly.
    Apprentice, Gingerpaw

    Tansyleaf—yellow tom.
    Apprentice, Brightpaw

    Lilyleap—white she-cat with reddish-brown eyes.

    Brokenheart—battle-scarred dark grey tom with white spots.
    Apprentice, Hootpaw

    Softwing—beautiful white she-cat
    Apprentice, Marshpaw

    Bloomingheart—maroonish-colored she-cat with pale yellowish-orange eyes.
    Apprentice, Racoonpaw

    Torntail—cream-colored she-cat with part of her tail missing.

    Finchcloud—fluffy light gray tom with ginger cheeks, a white underbelly, two black and white stripe-patches on his sides, and a reddish-orange muzzle and legs.
    Apprentices: Stormpaw—gray tom with one white leg.

    Deerpaw—light brown she-cat with a white underbelly and a short tail.

    Pinepaw—brown tom.

    Hootpaw—black-and-brown tom.

    Owlpaw—brown and white tom.

    Troutpaw—gray she-cat.

    Gingerpaw—ginger tom.

    Raccoonpaw—gray she-cat with a black-ringed tail and a black masked face.

    Brightpaw—white she-cat with ginger patches.

    Marshpaw—pale yellowish-cream she-cat.
    Queens: Quailwing—brown she-cat with a dark blue-gray tail and neck, a black and white face, and lighter underbelly, mother of Tansyleaf’s kits: Daisykit and Basilkit.

    Pigeonstorm (I would reccommend not having two cats in the same clan with the same prefix)—gray and white she-cat with reddish-orange paws, mother of Brokenheart’s kits: Rootkit, Dawnkit, Sunkit.

    Sootcloud—dark gray she-cat.
    Elders: Hailpool—white tom.
    Fawnfur—light brown she-cat with white speckles.
    Waterfoot—dark blue-gray tom.
    Redfang—reddish-colored tom with a darker muzzle.
    Goldenstep—golden she-cat.

    Cats Outside the Clans
    Cassidy—calico she-cat that lives near the barn.
    Tuxi—black and white she-cat.
    Leopardfang—large battle-scarred tawny-colored tom with black spots, formerly of SkyClan.
    Sunshine—golden tom.

    Holy sh-t this took me an hour-and-a-half…
    Also fun fact Roseshade. You posted this on my birthday. 🙂

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