Hello Stargazers~

It seems Stargazers is winning the vote. which I like a lot so for now that is what you all are!

Although I do love that Moonmooners is in second. As I am a total Moon moon :3.


This is a quick update to say I have added another mod:  Jacksepticeye


I may add 1 or 2 more. Then hopefully we should have mods on almost all the time.


Again I want you all to remember the mods are purely there to prevent spam and trolls so you can all enjoy RP without interruption :3.

The mods are not special, I don’t think they are better than the rest of you. But I can’t make everyone mods.


But yes that is all for now.


Keep up the star gazing..


Hmm maybe we need a slogan too now…


Ideas? xP

32 thoughts on “Hello Stargazers~”

  1. It’s WhiteTiger’s decision, it much better now. There is a lot of mods, so there are mods on everyday now. It isn’t too many

  2. Please hear me out, I am doing this anonymously because I do not want to be yelled at/hated, about a day or two after Alilpotato was unbanned Oceanmask apologized, Potato accepted the apology, she was still a bit angry, TOC decided to drag on the situation, causing Oceanmask to go along with what TOC said, Alilpotato just wanted this whole thing to be over, she stood up for herself and got banned from the roleplay chat, I am not asking you to ban Oceanmask, I am just asking to unban Alilpotato, she was banned unfairly and this is getting annoying, if you read this whole thing thank you for hearing me out with this one,

    1. I agree. AliPotato has done nothing wrong, and she doesn’t deserve to be banned. TBH, I don’t think TOC was right to drag on the situation, but none of them, NONE of them, should get banned. This is exactly why I leave Silverpelt now and again because of stupid arguments and crap like that.

    2. I wish to be unknown, but I do not like Alilpotato much. She is a drama queen. I feel as if OceanMask was right while blocking her. I do not trust Alilpotato for the life of me!

      1. Not to be rude or anything Unknown, I respect how you feel. But I don’t think you should be saying you don’t like Alilpotato much. Well, at least not here, it will cause more drama by you saying you don’t like someone much.

  3. Say someone came on repeatly and started spamming curses. That wouldn’t be healthy for anyone to be around every day, and this is a kid friendly website. So, Flight, some people are to be banned. And we need Admins and Mods to do that. ALP perhaps, yes shouldn’t have been re-banned, but if she was cursing, that’s a possible reason behind theirs for doing so. Cloverflame is also right, don’t rat on people you dislike. It be someone you know, or just hurt their feelings. Talk to someone -privately- or don’t talk at all about the subject. (If you’re reporting someone to the mods for actual troll, than ignore keeping it to yourself). But drama has become a problem. People have been blaming each other and using others accounts, (Goose and Minky Doodles) and just stuff. So, my advice? Stick to your accounts, don’t pretend your friends with them when you’re not, no harassing, don’t talk about them in a rotten way, and be yourself. (I love Dreamshard’s slogan: The stars are the limit). Have a fantastic day!

  4. *raises off the ground, finally showing them what powers he had been hiding all this time* you betrayed me! you stole all my fame and glory!

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