Archives of my old, cringy Warriors fan fictions +more

Blackstream Believer M.A.P. Script:

Blackstream’s Destiny:

Echolight’s Journey:

Sun’s Sacrifice:

War of the Clans: The Ultimate Guide:

One thought on “Archives of my old, cringy Warriors fan fictions +more”

  1. I have a suggestion to your books, press return before somesome says something. Example(With a small story included):
    Magpiepaw looked around her black and white fur gleaming in the sun.
    “What do you smell?” Magpiepaw’s brown mentor Mudstrike asked.
    “Uh…birds, mice and……?” Magpiepaw responded.
    “Fox?!” Mudstrike exclaimed, “Where?”
    Magpiepaw tilted her head and looked at her surroundings.
    “I don’t know…” Magpiepaw mewed nervously.
    Mudstrike growled and sniffed around.
    Ok that’s it. I hope you take my suggestion!

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