Finally Writing?

Hello, to anyone who reads my pages! And I am only informing you guys that I have now, officially, started writing! Of course, I was earlier writing the prologue, but then I had no idea on the story, so I asked for help and I got plenty! Thanks to Mistylands, Ash/Ashpawww, and Duskmoons for the help.

Cluster and Cats OCs List for LakeClan(New)

The new list I made of the warrior cats Fan Fiction I’m trying to work on.


Leader: Ravenstar- Black tom with purple eyes, black nose leather, and black paw pads
Deputy: Redleaf- orange tabby tom with green eyes, pink nose leather, and pink paw pads
Medicine Cat:
Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Sandpelt- chocolate point tom with blue eyes, brown nose leather, and brown paw pads
Spottedtail- tortoiseshell and white she-cat with orange eyes, pink nose leather, and brown paw pads
Whiteear- white tom with amber eyes, pink nose leather, and grey paw pads
Stormwind- grey tabby tom with yellow eyes, purple nose leather, and pink paw pads
Blizzardheart- white tom with ice blue eyes, grey nose leather, and grey paw pads
Rockclaw- abyssinian tom with golden eyes, pink nose leather and pink paw pads
Foxfur- red tabby tom with yellow eyes, red nose leather, and red paw pads
Bramblewing- dark brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, purple nose leather, and pink paw pads
Rabbitfoot- black and white she-cat with pale green eyes, pink nose leather, and pink paw pads
Rainriver- blue-grey tom with bright blue eyes. grey nose leather, and red paw pads
Grassfern- brown tabby she-cat with green eyes, pink nose leather, and black paw pads
Leopardheart- spotted bengal she-cat with blue eyes, brown nose leather, and grey paw pads
Littleflower- lavender tabby she-cat with amber eyes, red nose leather, and pink paw pads
Smalltuft- small chocolate point tom with blue eyes, brown nose leather and brown paw pads
Greywhisker- grey tabby tom with amber eyes, grey nose leather and red paw pads
Nightdapple- black she-cat with deep silver eyes, black paw pads, and pink nose leather
Snaketooth- tortoiseshell tom with copper eyes, pink nose leather, and black and brown paw pads
Crowsong- black she-cat with blue eyes, black nose leather, and black paw pads
Silversky- silver she-cat with amber eyes, black nose leather, and pink paw pads
Riverfall- blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes, blue-grey nose leather, and grey paw pads
Nightpetal- black she-cat with crimson eyes, black nose leather, and black paw pads
Cherryflower- ginger she-cat with blue eyes, pink nose leather, and pink paw pads
Ashblaze- grey tabby cat with yellow eyes, red nose leather, and red paw pads

Palepaw- grey she-cat with brown eyes, pink nose leather and pink paw pads
Skypaw- ginger she-cat with a fiery red pelt and silver eyes, pink nose leather and grey and pink paw pads
Leafpaw- lilac tabby she-cat with blue eyes, pink nose leather and grey paw pads
Snowpaw- white she-cat with green eyes, pink nose leather and grey paw pads

Ferntail- tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes, black nose leather, and pink paw pads(Mother to Bluekit- a blue-grey tom with blue eyes, grey nose leather, and blue-grey paw pads)

Ivystripe- white she-cat with golden eyes, pink nose leather, and white paw pads
Nightwatcher- black tom with amber eyes, black nose leather, and black paw pads


Hey everyone, nothing to write(Again) so I’m adding yet another OC to the characters, and maybe some lost past to some OCs that went missing from the list.

These OCs are in courtesy of: Mistylands

Thistlekit(Maybe will be Thistledream but that’s still being decided)- abnormally small, with long light grey tabby fur, whimsical persona and pretty much in the clouds all day, has dark blue dreamy eyes and has a liking for the medicine den. Only four moons old so far, tomcat, good with plants, mother is Milkbliss and father is Brownwinter.

Brownwinter- silver tabby tom with amber eyes, mate is Milkbliss, kit is Thistlekit.

Also Misty has made the suggestion that Oneriver should be Brownwinter’s brother, I really don’t know Oneriver’s kin, mainly because his prefix was One since he was the only kit born to his mother and father. But perhaps Brownwinter could be his half brother to a different queen. I don’t know….

One last thing, there have been so many more OCs added to the Clans that I’m planning on making a series of maps on the territories and a new OC list for the Clans. Any ideas?


One of the reasons why I may not know where to start is because I am not starting where the characters who will be viewing this first came from. So a second hand explanation might help, and why I am asking who should have the prologue of Tales of Three.
So the cat named BearClaw, lets start about him. He never came from a Clan, but rather a Tribe, and was raised alongside his littermate, Ursa. His Tribe was small, only a few cats who chose to roam the cliffs and dwell in the caves, they were a myth to the Clans, called Cave-dwellers or Cliff-dwellers for their unique skills. The Tribe lived in a ravine that had many crevices and caves for shelter, and little shade so prey was scarce except for in the caves, as the cats sometimes found rats or mice in the darkness of them. BearClaw was in a way blind, as he was one of the cats assigned to hunt in the caves and lived in the darkness for so long that he had a hard time seeing in the daylight.
The ravine was located in the north of Green Vines, what the cats called their oak forest for the lush foliage in green season, so was closest to the territories of AuraClan and LakeClan, but was rarely traveled to. A drought came, scaring prey ever deeper into their holes so that the Tribe cats could never find food, and eventually left or died in the ravine from starvation. BearClaw was the last cat that remained of the group that stayed, his sister gone to StarClan and BearClaw’s faith lost. He wished that he had never let his sister stay, and one night, beneath a claw scratch of a moon, the journey that he should’ve took long ago began.
Shimmershade was at onetime a wild cat with his brothers, Whiteshade and Darkshade. Their father, Trigger, had not wanted them though their mother SphinxClaw, had wished to live out her life with her family. Trigger took his three kits to a pair of elderly twolegs when they were barely a moon old. This was because for many seasons he had hunted with his mate, who was also a Tribe cat, and did not want anything to get in the way of that, so gave the kits a better home than they would’ve needed. The kits lived their first moons there, happily visiting other house cats. When Darkshade died from a car accident, Shimmershade took to traveling the streets. He soon returned regretting he had left, but another accident involving the death of his owners caused him to flee, while his brother, Whiteshade, abandoned him to live with twolegs. Shimmershade later found GhostClan, whose medicine cat died without having an apprentice, and the leader Mistwhisper took it as a sign at Shimmershade’s arrival that Shimmershade would be the next medicine cat. Mistwhisper hadn’t received his Star name because the previous leader had died at the same incident as the previous medicine cat did, and StarClan refused him out of anger that GhostClan seemed to be dying. Mistwhisper trained Shimmershade what he knew as a medicine cat, then Shimmershade went to the Lake Shadows to speak with StarClan, where I would have started the Prologue have I not be so confused.
StarClan, the way that the Erins’ often start a book, with a prophecy or a vision or just plain talking. To be honest, StarClan is important, but wouldn’t affect the story as much as living characters, as mentioned before. The Tribes call them Ones that Seek, for the way they seek life and sometimes seek out the living themselves. Clans have few names for them, Spirits, StarClan, but the way cats of StarClan affect the main characters, may also have an affect on the story.
So the story also depends on the character who sets it off, when, and what the character’s origins are.


Now since we got all of the POVs we need a prologue and a plot, which depends on the characters’ decision and personalities, and also what prophecies they may or may not have received. The Prologue of the story is to be the set off of the plot, the beginning, yet doesn’t give too much away. Also I may be using one of the POVs for the Prologue, such as BearClaw or Shimmershade, I can’t decide between the two, who will begin the story either with Shimmershade’s vision/prophecy or the end of BearClaw’s Tribe, in which he starts his journey. But the Prologue could also be the council of what the Erin Hunters call StarClan. Another thing, the Prologue will affect the story, as each character experiences different things and feels different ways, their choices will have a impact. The StarClan cats won’t effect the plot much, but the living cats who have a connection with their Clanmates still will. Shimmershade and BearClaw are two very different cats for one. Shimmershade was not born to the Clan he is now loyal to. BearClaw was born to his Tribe alongside his littermate, and how the cats trust each other and relate to each other might affect the story.
Who do you think should rule the plot?

reenter the wild: a warrior cats rewrite(allegiances)

– pale blue-gray she-cat with ice-blue eyes and a long, thick scar running down on shoulder.

– ginger turkish van tom-cat with warm green eyes. mentoring dustpaw.

~+|medicine cat|+~
– scarred, scraggly dark gray cryptic tortoiseshell she-cat with orange eyes and a broad, flattened face. ex shadowclan. mentoring spottedleaf.
– beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with enrapturing amber eyes.

– large golden-brown tabby tom-cat with warm amber eyes. mentoring graypaw.
– fluffy, dark brown tabby tom-cat with unusually long claws and burning amber eyes. mentoring ravenpaw.
– beautiful, white she-cat with gray tabby patches and deep green eyes.
– lean white tom-cat with slanted, sun-yellow eyes. mentoring sandpaw.
– skinny black-and-gray tabby tom-cat with baleful, pale yellow eyes.
– pale cream tabby tom-cat with long, black stripes, an unusually long, tufted tail, and pale hazel-green eyes.
– unusually fast dusky brown tabby tom-cat with playful amber eyes.
– shy, pale gray tabby she-cat with kind blue eyes.
– unusually small, dusky brown she-cat with warm amber eyes.

– small dark brown tabby tom-cat with wide amber eyes. apprenticed early.
– small black tom-cat with a flash of white on his chest, a white-tipped tail and frenzied pale green eyes. apprenticed early.
– fluffy, long-haired gray tom with a darker gray stripe and warm amber eyes.
– pale ginger tabby she-cat with feisty green eyes.

– beautiful cryptic tortoiseshell with blind, ice-blue eyes. mother to an unknown tom-cat’s kits(brightkit, brackenkit, thornkit, and cinderkit)
– beautiful lithe gray-and-white tabby she-cat with darker gray flecks and gentle green eyes. expecting an unknown tom-cat’s kits.
– pale ginger tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes. expecting tigerclaw’s kits.
– brown-and-cream tabby she-cat with darker brown flecks and warm amber eyes. expecting an unknown toms kits.

– small gray tom-cat with flecks of white and amber eyes.
– pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with destroyed, blind hazel eyes.
– very pale gray albino she-cat with only one eye. blind and deaf due to old age.

– long-haired, dark brown tabby tom-cat with strange, unusually dark amber eyes.

– buff white tom-cat with black siamese markings and piercing yellow eyes.

~+|medicine cat|+~
– small white tom-cat with gray patches and tired green eyes.

– ginger tabby tom with a short, bobbed tail and green eyes. mentoring brownpaw.
– large, silver tabby tom-cat with baleful blue eyes. mentoring webpaw.
– battle-scarred brown tom with menacing yellow eyes. mentoring littlepaw.
– silver tabby tom-cat with bright yellow eyes. mentoring badgerpaw.
– charcoal bengal she-cat with feisty yellow eyes.
– long-legged, light brown tabby she-cat with soft green eyes. mentoring oakpaw.

– small, pretty lighy brown she-cat with soft, wide green eyes. apprenticed early.
– small, black-and-white tabby tom-cat with kind yellow eyes. apprenticed early.
– unusually small dark-brown-and-white tabby tom-cat with fearful blue eyes. apprenticed early.
– unusually large black-and-white tom-cat with markings like a badgers and soft green-blue eyes. apprenticed early.
– small, brown tabby tom-cat with menacing amber eyes. son of brokenstar. apprenticed early.

– lithe light brown tabby she-cat with dark green eyes. expecting an unknown tom-cat’s kits.

– scarred, black tom-cat with amber eyes. exiled by brokenstar.
– thin gray tom-cat with one hazel eye. exiled by brokenstar.
– skinny, dark-gray-and-pale-gray tom-cat with patchy fur and yellow eyes. exiled by brokenstar.
– skinny, pale ginger tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes. exiled by brokenstar.

– unusually tall black-and-white tom-cat with amber eyes and an unusually long tail.

– light brown tabby tom-cat with green eyes and a twisted jaw. mentoring primrosepaw.

– blue-gray tom-cat with nicked ears and warm green eyes. mentoring shadepaw.

~+|medicine cat|+~
– long-haired, dark brown tom-cat with yellow eyes. mentoring perchpaw.

– golden tabby she-cat with darker flecks.
– smoky black tom-cat with yellow eyes. mentoring heavypaw.
– sleek, beautiful silver tabby she-cat with enrapturing blue eyes.
– blue-gray she-cat with ice-blue eyes.
– dark brown tabby tom-cat with a lighter belly and green eyes. mentoring pikepaw.
– pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes. mentoring reedpaw.


– dark gray she-cat with amber eyes and a scarred muzzle.

cats outside the clans

– black-and-white tom-cat with amber eyes. lives in a nearby barn.

– handsome ginger tom-cat with bright green eyes. wears a baby-blue collar with white clouds on it.
– plump, black-and-white tom-cat with green eyes. wears a rainbow collar.

Willowbriar and

OCs for Briarsplash and TriggeredMichaelOmO
Briarsplash’s Oc
Champagne- russet colored tom with white paws,muzzle,and chest
Champagne is a former kittypet whowas abused by his owner, but now lives as a rogue on a nearby farm, but is skittish and has major trust issues. His left hind leg has gone lame due to the harsh conditions, and he prefers to keep to himself.

TriggeredMichaelOmO’s OC
Algernon – Tom, Quiet, Sly, Pale sandy fur with darker brown splotches along the top of his back, Amber eyes, Tall, Long tail, Rouge
This is in courtesy of these nice Silverpelts


Ashpool is so far a Vote winner, as Shadowpetal(previously Nightkit) has only a few votes, and Ravenstar sadly has none. But lets not ruin the win for Ashpool, the AuraClan she-cat. There is not much to say after some good news, so lets focus on some okay news. Even if the person maybe long gone right now, as this happened on May 27th, 2019, they may do it again, somewhere else.
This is in courtesy of the Cole And Marmalade website:
Everyone knows Mondays can be rough. But for one tiny tuxedo kitten in Tampa, Florida, his Monday was by far the worst he’d known in his short life. At only five weeks old, he found himself being tossed from a moving car into the middle of the busy streets!

Screenshot @humanesocietytampa
It was Monday, May 27th 2019 when the horrific act took place on Columbus Ave. in Tampa.
Making it even worse, it was just before 4:00 pm and there were many cars passing through the 1900 block where it occurred. Clearly shocked, a woman saw the small kitten being heinously dumped and screamed in horror.

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Two mechanics from a nearby business, Yenel Auto Paint & Body Work, heard the cry and rushed to the kittens’ aid. Without a second thought, these brave men rushed into the traffic to save the baby. With a posted speed limit of 40 mph regularly ignored, there was no time to spare. The unnamed men pulled the kitten to safety, but not after a few cars rushed over the terrified kitten.

Unfortunately, the incident happened so quickly, the woman didn’t get a good description of the vehicle. Not even the color is mentioned.

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Fatefully, a volunteer at the local Humane Society of Tampa Bay was onsite and brought the kitten to the shelter. Whether this was a coincident or not, the shelter is only about 10 blocks from where the kitten was discarded.

Screenshot @humanesocietytampa

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It is sad to think the extra 5 minutes it would take to bring the feline here initially wasn’t just done. Instead, being tossed from a moving vehicle is the decision they make?! Disappointing humanity, very disappointing.
“It makes us feel very angry and very sad that somebody would harm an animal or, put it in harm’s way,” Ornella Varchi, Chief Development Officer at the HSTB said. “When it can be just as easy as driving up to our shelter and handing the animal over to us.”

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Once the kitten was off the streets and at the shelter, he was given a good once-over.
The poor little boy had suffered some minor injuries from the ordeal. Happily those scrapes and tiny cuts on his paws and a bloody nose healed shortly after. His delicate little white whiskers were mangled as well, but have straightened themselves out.

Screenshot @humanesocietytampa
The brave kitten was named Columbo and the HSTB shared his sad story right after it happened. They wanted to get the word out as soon as possible because the perpetrator needs to be caught.
Not only is abandoning an animal a misdemeanor offense, it is punishable by jail time and a maximum $5,000 fine. Many violent criminals begin with abusing animals, so stopping this person now is essential.
The Humane Society of Tampa Bay even put up a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect.

But there are more good people in the world than bad, especially those looking out for this kitten.
About a week after the initial reward was offered, they still had no information on the person responsible. So the non-profit Florida Voices for Animals sweetened the pot, hoping to jog someone’s memory loose. They doubled the reward after a caring supporter of theirs matched the donation, now totaling $1000!

Screenshot @humanesocietytampa
While others searched for justice, little Columbo headed to a foster home. Since he is so young, he needs to remain in foster care until he can be neutered. This kitten milestone is done at a minimum of 2-months of age and 2 pounds in weight.

Photo: @humanesocietytampa
He will then be up for adoption, likely not for long. Followers on the HSTB Facebook page are quickly offering the sweet boy a home, weeks before he’s even ready. Until then, the cute kitten dressed in his finest can relax in a safe place. There will be no more being tossed from a moving car for this baby boy.

Photo: @humanesocietytampa
Hopefully justice will be served soon–as now the reward for the kitten tossed from a moving car has grown again!
PETA got wind of the situation and has now added another $5000 to the reward. This brings the total to $6000!

Photo Peta Reward Flyer
If you happen to be reading this and have any information, those numbers should convince you to do the right thing!
“It takes a chilling lack of empathy to toss an animal out of a car window and keep on driving,” said PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien. “The other kittens in the litter this one came from are in danger every minute they spend in the custody of this cruel person, which is why PETA urges anyone with information about this case to come forward now, before it’s too late.”


Please contact the Humane Society at 813-774-4309, the Hillsborough County Sheriff at 813-372-0255, Crime Line at 1-800-873-TIPS or to FVA at 727-656-8368 or
Be sure to follow their social media pages for updates on this little fella. Thank you to the mechanics at Yenel Auto Paint & Body Work for literally dropping everything to save Columbo.

Screenshot @humanesocietytampa
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Photo Courtesy of Chasity Cecil

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Thank you FUR your support!
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Kathleen Freeman 11 days ago
The same person who did this might be the same one throwing kittens out of a moving car on Hwy 19 in Pasco County around Holiday Fl and New Port Richey Fl. I didn’t see it but I read at least 2 incidents on Craigslist about people seeing this done. Thank God they were able to get to the kittens in time. Cruel and evil people. What else can you say about someone like that. I pray this person is found and stopped!
Susan Ledoux 11 days ago
We adopted our cat Freeway after seeing her tossed from a car onto a Southern California freeway. She is a grouchy, beloved member of our family.
June Albert 11 days ago
What has happened to Colombo? Any leads on the dirt bag who tossed him?
Bron 9 days ago
So terribly disgraceful how can ANYONE do this??
Robin Blair 9 days ago
I cannot believe how disgustingly cruel and evil some people are!!! If I had my way I would toss them out of a moving car and see how they liked it!!!
Islay M Mulcahy 7 days ago
I wish I had been there to witness this horrendous and hopefully have the presence of mind to get a good description of the automobile. As for the reward, even though I am on a severely limited budget, I would turn around and the entire $6,000 right back the shelter/rescue group who are helping this kitten, to go to helping even more.
Unfortunately, I live on the other side of the country. But, I hope that someone who was there, will come forward and do what I wish I could do.
Come on, folks! This precious little soul and his litter mates need your help. Step up!