New Hosting and Update Feed

Hey everyone ^^.

So as most of you know the site went down a little while ago, this was because I used a free hosting package which while it held up for several years, the sheer volume of traffic I now get flagged up and they suspended my account. I then tried to quickly upload the site to another free host, which worked fine and has yet to go down, however I did get an email a week or so ago saying I had already hit half my traffic limit, so it seemed likely the site was at risk.

But basically I have now set up a paid hosting account with unlimited traffic, so it should be safe for the foreseeable future.

I am playing around with ideas atm, currently I am using WordPress for this newsfeed rather than the previously used cutenews, whether I will stick with this I don’t know.

Comments will lead the the blog page, but you can just click the header to return :).

I am considering a new layout design. I am also considering adding mods for the chat.

I shall update info from the new books soon, as I am currently reading them.


And well that’s about it, any questions, comment below ^^.