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HELLO ALL!!! I am creating a Warriors fanfiction and I need your help! I sorta wanted to do this thing where a whole buncha peeps submit ocs and then I can put them all in a story. Idk if we are allowed to post links on here or not but i can create a google doc for those of you who have google 🙂 PLS COMMENT YOUR OC I WILL CREDIT U AND I MAY POST IF THIS WORKS OUT HOW I CREDIT PEEPS SO YOU CAN EDIT IF U WANT TYSM

Archives of my old, cringy Warriors fan fictions +more

Blackstream Believer M.A.P. Script: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ju35giASpbJ0c-tajVA3082r2hR6b3j_Ej5iHWCCUu0/edit?usp=sharing

Blackstream’s Destiny: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DjrbH1GYDJmkrEQsNUWEsTsIJSJsWDOwv8rm6SfIc14/edit

Echolight’s Journey: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MA1F7GjEz2P2-EiPwQ7dd1K86dgG04-TLPvrY8gH-NE/edit?usp=sharing

Sun’s Sacrifice: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ob8Yx0nivhT-PybSYtLwvmrfxHey7eHYutQ_OAqpOFg/edit?usp=sharing

War of the Clans: The Ultimate Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gj7FF-YbGhK4AhBgt6HhxN8RNR4mixyGhbdE5PHddmg/edit?usp=sharing

Thank you Erin Hunter

Many years ago… I was in my school library when I saw the popular series Warriors. I grabbed Into the Wild and went about my day.

Some years later, here I am. Practically surrounding my whole life around the book series. My series, which remains unnamed as of now, is based off of real cats, and their real life groups, with that hint of Warriors and fantasy of course.

If it weren’t for Warriors… I wouldn’t be sitting down with the rest of the team, naming characters and writing the first bits of the soon to be large story. Thank you Erin Hunter… you’ve changed my life for the better.

First OCs

Who remembers that cringy (no offense) first OC they made?

Mine was Moonstone.

She was a black-and-white she-cat with blue eyes. (I should have named her Moonfrost, although some ppl think moon- is a forbidden prefix…)

I still love her, yes, but I think she needs some tweaks.

Ok, I was a bit stupid to do this (I made her when I had no clue how Warriors worked)



Six moons with a warrior name already!

So, now, she’s 60 something moons bc the leader at her time was Archedstar, now it’s Dovestar (after Maplestar, who was after Coyotestar, and so on) so yeah, she’s old now.

So, uh.. yeah.. thanks for reading! <3
(Ima change my username bc can, also,
It’s two OCs that I ship)

More allegiances, yes.

Leader- Applestar- light cream tabby Tom with yellow eyes
(Past names- Applekit, Applepaw, Applebreeze)
Deputy- Rowanwing- red-and-black tom

Medicine cat- Snowbelly- light cream she-cat with brown face, paws, and tail-tip, pure-white underbelly
Apprentice, Nutpaw

WARRIORS (Oh frick no, names)
Dandeliontail- dark brown tom with white fluffy tail
Crowwing- dark grey she-cat
Apprentice, Snakepaw
Peachfur- red she-cat with white underbelly and paws
Apprentice, Mousepaw
(Next objective: sit in corner and cri)
(Ok thanks for reading, I might finish it in comments. In so srry ;( )


I’ll try, and prob fail

Leader: Reedstar- brown she-cat with darker flecks
Deputy: Lakeshadow- pitch black Tom
Medicine cat: Heronfeather- black-and-white Tom
Apprentice, Finchcloud

Foxfang- ginger Tom
Apprentice, Deerpaw
Poppytail- cream-and-white she-cat
Bagerpelt- huge black-and-white Tom
Apprentice, Stormpaw
Frostgaze- white she-cat with frosty blue eyes
Apprentice, Pinepaw
Leafshade- brown she-cat
Snowfoot (meh aunt’s cat)- black she-cat with white muzzle and paws
Eaglecall- dark brown Tom
Darkflame- (very) dark grey Tom with black paws
Apprentice, Owlpaw
Lynxwish- blue-grey she-cat
Apprentice, Troutpaw
Petalfrost- tortie she-cat with frosty blue eyes
Salmonleap- grey she-cat with lighter underbelly
Apprentice, Gingerpaw
Tansyleaf- brown-and-white Tom
Apprentice, Brightpaw
Lilyheart- grey she-cat with lavender eyes
Brokenheart- (battle-scarred) dark grey Tom with white spots
Apprentice, hootpaw (former rouge)
Snowing- beautiful white-and-grey she-cat
Bloomingheart- grey-and-white she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice, Racoonpaw
Torntail- cream she-cat with ripped-off tail
Stormpaw- grey Tom with white underbelly
Finchcloud- tabby Tom with white underbelly
Deerpaw- light brown she-cat
Pinepaw- calico Tom
Hootpaw- black-and-brown Tom
Owlpaw- tabby Tom with brown stripe and tail
Troutpaw- brown she-cat with white underbelly
Gingerpaw- ginger Tom
Raccoonpaw- white she-cat with grey tail
Brightpaw- white she-cat with ginger patches

Quailwing- tortie she-cat
Kits- Daisykit, Basilkit
Petalstorm- dark grey she-cat
Kits- Roosterkit, Dawnkit, Sunkit
Snowcloud- white she-cat with grey patches
Kits- has not kitted yet

Hailpool- grey Tom
Fawnfur- brown she-cat with white flecks, former retired leader
Reedfoot- dark brown Tom
Redfang- red-and-black tom
Foxstep- ginger she-cat with fox-like markings

Holy crap, this took forever.