Minor Updates~

Hey people~


Just some minor updates after reading Tigerheart’s Shadow.

Books, deaths and nine life ceremony pages updated.

Also a brand new insult!

Goody four paws!

It’s a cannon insult, use it in all the rps! all the rps!


If I have missed anything important please let me know.


Also seems some feel more admins etc are needed. So I want honest opinions here, not just those who want to me mods. Is there a lot of trolling? is staff not on to deal with them (not blaming staff I don’t expect you to be here all the time just wondering if more is needed)? Please give me some feedback :).


That is all!

27 thoughts on “Minor Updates~”

  1. There has not been many trolls, though there are some, it is mainly drama, I will not state witch users cause it frequently, but some do. And users tend to think Mod’s can’t do much. I think one or two more mod’s would be great!!!

  2. There can be some drama, as Longtail has mentioned, mentioning the names of who isn’t important, but we do have a slight issue of either not enough mods being on, or not an admin to ban the… trolls that are just… wrong. I’ve been online more frequently since I’ve gotten back from my vacation, and I’ve seen some trolling and arguments, where the situation is no mods or admins are on to deal with it. Maybe a new Admin or two, and a couple more mods to just be sure.

  3. I feel as though some of the people here are swayed by what they want. I believe you simply have to lurk in the chat and find out for yourself what’s going on. From there you must make your decision. I mean, you can only listen to the advice of others so much, but you’ve got to remember that your own opinion will be the most helpful.

  4. Well, the is a handful of trollers, but not many. I noticed most of our trollers just try to start as many arguments as possible. Two, maybe three mods would be nice.

  5. I do agree there might need to be more mods, but I don’t think the ones asking for mod, should get it. It’s about the effort of trying not just getting just because you asked. It would be unfair, for someone who asked get it and someone who comes on and is welcoming and has/have the qualities of a mod. Please don’t take this a rude remark, I just wanted to point this out.

    – Thanks, Clover

    1. Oops I meant to say for some who puts the effort in not get it, and for someone who asks get it. This would be unfair

    2. I clearly agree with Clover. Someone who has the qualities of a moderator should gladly be moderator! Same thing for an administrator! You shouldn’t be moderator or administrator because you asked for it. You should act for it!

  6. I do believe there needs to be at least two more mods. I see a lot of stuff even though I don’t do much, I see a lot of people talking about some stuff that doesn’t need to be mentioned. So…..I think about……2 more????

    – Ur Friend FlameBlast-{Tom}

  7. Hey, Whitetiger. I think there should be one more mod and an admin. Although I have a problem with some of the users\staff all narrowing down to the same issue. I’d rather not take it up here, but perhaps I could talk to you about it.

  8. Hey, WhiteTiger? I know this most likely won’t happen, but I really think HolyAyla would be a great moderator for the chats. You can check the Chat box for my reasons, because it would take far too long to tell them here. Ill respect your decision, whatever it may be. Thank you.

        1. No thanks. Besides, I can do plenty as a mere user. I don’t need some fancy name, or any abilities to delete shouts by other users. I don’t need any of that to be a help to this website. Give someone else your vote. I don’t need it. Thanks again, Dustywind. You are very kind.

  9. The admins are always on during the night and never on during the day. (And as expected, too. They should be doing schoolwork, not being on here.) However, the trolls do not only appear during the nightly hours, but also the during-school hours. To name a few I’ve seen: quickfeather, Parasite, and some others that were not very significant.

    My conclusion is, therefore, that I suggest that Jacksepticeye or Floofy become mod. They are on quite frequently during the day, or at least the most frequent mods that I’ve noticed. Not that that’s saying much, but it’d still be something during the day, instead of nothing.

  10. umm, hey. i have heard from [name censored] that Sunny, and her GF Slushie, have been banned from all chat. i don’t know if this is true, or not. it is just a rumour. i heard from [name censored] that they heard it from someone else. said someone else, (i don’t know who) said that Sunny was banned for faking her death and starting drama. again, it is all rumours. so if Sunny and Slushie are in fact, banned, i would like to request that they are unbanned.

  11. Jaywhisper, Floofy and Jacksepticeye and Floofy are amazing mods, But they have only been mods for a few months.. But there are not many mods left to choose from, most of the mods quit.. It’s a shame. I don’t think any of the moderators are ready to be admin yet.

    -Your fellow member Longtail <3

  12. I know I am not a mod or admin but please take my advice. Starting drama on this Roleplay site, is unneeded. We as members of Silverpelt should be helping it to get better, not fall or break under the weight of unnecessary drama. Drama gets us no where, and whatever the problem may be, won’t get solved by arguing, being mean to each other, or just simply saying a negative things to another. Possibly a way to solve drama or keep it under control is to, log off, take a drink and don’t log on for maybe a few hours. Overall just don’t start drama, if you have issues in real life. Don’t take it out on here. I understand if you have issues in real life and don’t know how else to deal with it. But if you have issues in real life, I suggest considering to contact someone.

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