New Layout and Banner and Minor Updates

Hey Silverpelter, Stargazers, Moongazers, uhh getting a lot of name suggestions here, what do you like? 😛

Anyhow! I have as you can probably see updated the layout. the Banner was a commission I had done from the amazing

I have made the layout bigger and a bit tidier to match it.

What do you think? do you like it? ^^.

I have also done some minor updates to deaths and nine lives pages from the legend of the clans books.


And that is about it! Thanks for visiting as always ^^.

23 thoughts on “New Layout and Banner and Minor Updates”

      1. Calm down! If it’s that important tell a moderator. You are just repeating about trolls, if Whitetiger needs our a opinions, she’ll ask!

  1. I like the name Silverpelters. Also- quite a few moderators have left. ThatOneCat, Sagebriar, and Jaywhisper (who I suspect suicided). I was wondering if they would be replaced?

  2. It looks good, but the banner seems a bit too big. I haven’t been on this website for a while, and when I saw it, it took up the entire window, and I wondered if something had happened and it was a way of saying “we’ve moved somewhere else, sorry,” as many websites do, and I panicked for a second.

  3. Hey, WT! I agree with many of the other comments. Specifically, mods, and the names. I vote for Silverpelters, and I love the new banner. Although I wish you could add a link to the older ones. And for the mods many have left: Fernheart, Longtail, TOC, Sagebriar, Nettlestar, and I rarely see Jaywhisper. Rowan, Shimmer, Flower, Finch and Ocean do come on, but not too frequently. All I ask is for some more mods to help with the reappearing problems. Suggestions: Minky Doodles, Bear. That’s all for now. Have a great day, bye!

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