Some Updates!

Hello Silverpelters! (yes that is my name for you all until I think of something better <.<)

I have some little updates!

First I have finally read Shattered Sky, and updated a few pages such as the book pages and death page.

I have also done minor edits of some pages that needed updating and removed old useless pages. If you know any pages that need updating let me know!

Speaking of which I would love some new quotes or fun facts. However I would need reference. Such as the book and page number. or if a fact, exactly where you got the fact. Only confirmed information on Silverpelt, no rumours!


I have also added a new page, character rants, some rants I have about certain characters I felt like doing! See this page here:


Finally I have added some new chats, you can now see these here:

These are now there so more people can roleplay different clans or different things entirely without getting in the way of each others roleplay 🙂

And that is it, if you have any comments, please leave them below!

6 thoughts on “Some Updates!”

  1. What I would like to add is some kind of ‘Favorite Part’ page. Basically, you just take a quote from a Warriors Book(It can be FanFiction as well) and put it on there. If you add this, I will be very glad and will laugh at other peoples’ favorite quotes! (btw, by favorite in Crookedstar’s promise is when he says frog dung and fish guts!)

  2. Welp, I yeeted myself into this website to start fan-fictions bc that’s my life. I’d appreciate advice, thx.

    Also, Silverpelters was a funny introduction 😀

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