I need help.

So, a lot of you probably don’t know me, but in Roseshade. (She’s one on my 100+ oc’s, if u were wondering.) I’m really new to Silverpelt, and may I ask for some advice? The reason I started writing on this website is because I love writing fan-fictions about my oc Clans, SunClan, StormClan, LakeClan, and DuskClan. That’s not all, I also have MoonClan, OceanClan, PineClan and JungleClan. I’m still working on my latest fan-fiction, Triumph of Wolves. Here, I’ll tell you a bit about myself-

Loves chocolate
Addicted to my I-pad
Still tries to draw cats and STILL fails
I have a sis
That sis is flipping ANNOYING
I suck at math+fractions

That’s all I can think on right now, thanks for reading. I would appreciate it if you’d put some advice in the comments or just comment.

I suck at writing fan-fictions, btw.

2 thoughts on “I need help.”

  1. Lords!

    Isn’t that nice?
    I started writing for no specific reason, other than that I was somehow really good at it. (Yes, I was. I don’t think that I am good at it anymore, but I still try to write at least.)

    Also, I’m also one of those people who try and still fail at art. I complain about it a lot, but at least I make progress.

    I haven’t written anything in ages, and now I want to because I kind of need to.

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