New People

So I left for like a year or two, and when I returned I hardly recognized anyone. Except for a few people.
Like seriously, who is everyone?
Anyways, I’ve been seeing drama still going around so before I get involved in it I suppose I’ll leave. So G’day to you all!

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    1. “Gayboy” can be offensive to LGBTQ+ nation. Please don’t use it, and this website is helpful. For those randomly stating to take the website down, I’d like to see some reasons why, because “take the website down” isn’t a reason. So, just stop being jerks, and leave the site if you hate it so much.

      1. (im pee) i could list reasons. me and many other children were bullied, harassed, and groomed by people on here, and i have terrible trauma from it, and i fear that many other kids are going to have to go through what i had to. you didn’t go through the things i did, so don’t begin claim that “it won’t happen”, because i didn’t think it would happen either. this place was, at least when i was on, filled with people ready to manipulate innocent children. i am saying this respectfully, please don’t read this with an aggressive tone. also, i am literally gay.

        1. It isn’t the creator’s fault that people are supposedly being “groomed” on here, instead of asking them to take the site down, ask them to do something about it, like banning the “groomers” or making an announcement so minors can be more careful. And just because you’re “gay” doesn’t give you permission to insult people by calling them “gay boys”. That’s like an african-american calling someone the “N-word”.

    1. Again with the inappropriate comments? Seriously, what’s with you guys? It has absolutely NOTHING to do with this website, and it’s disrespectful to White Tiger.

    1. Hole, randomly commenting “I love hole” and “Also, delete this site, bussyboy” isn’t very helpful to anyone. Perhaps you should just use another site. Randomly attacking someone about their website (for no reason) is completely unnecessary, and your words are hurtful. As I said to Bunny, (I believe) rude comments can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. Don’t be the one to help cause it.

  1. Guys, WTF? I’m not White Tiger. Also, please don’t spam with hatred, you’re making incorrect assumptions.
    Not only that, but this here is why I left in the first place: Dumb, spiteful people who will spread hate and spite at whatever chance they get. Seriously, just stop and waste your time elsewhere.

  2. Guys, you should stop aiming hurtful replies towards WhiteTiger. If you don’t like the site and want it deleted, then don’t go onto the site. It’s that simple. Stop being so rude.

  3. delete the chats oh my god arent you dragging this godforsaken place on too long? kill it already. this site traumatized me, its traumatized others. its caused so much pain that you dont even know about. delete the chats, please.

    1. Rex, the chats may have traumatized you and others, but don’t you think that it’s your fault for viewing the chats in the first place? The same goes for others as well, and maybe you should use another website if the chats have traumatized you so badly.

      1. wow ok. dont say trauma is somebody’s own fault. i get you like the site, but saying trauma is that person’s fault is much worse than somebody disliking a website. if you don’t understand the trauma soembody has experience, and the ptsd they suffer from, you should absolutely not make comments on it.

    1. Bunny, please stop commenting about inappropriate parts. It has nothing to do with the website, and it isn’t doing anyone any good. (That also includes yourself.)

  4. What the h*ll! People, stop saying that they should delete the website! This website actually helped me and possibly several others get the correct information! This website helped me realize that I’m not alone in the WC fandom, you guys should just shut the f*ck up because they worked hard on this server and you guys are just telling them to shut it down. That isn’t very nice of you all. So please, just stop saying those rude things.

    1. Bonbon, it is very clear that others do appreciate this website. If you do not like it, just move onto another website. Words can be more hurtful than you think, and rude comments towards one can cause depression and suicidal thoughts. Roughly 12% of deaths are caused from suicide. Do you want to be someone who causes another to think about suicide? Didn’t think so.

  5. hey hey, I really appreciate you leaving this website up! It’s a great archive <3
    I haven't read the Warrior books since middle school. I'm in college now and have been re-reading the books, ended up coming across your site just now. Sucks its ridden by trolls, but I hope you leave it up as an archive <3

  6. Bruh, I know I am posting this A LOT later than when the comment was first posted, but y’all need to stop being so mean. All of the information on this website had to be collected, so for those of you who keep saying “delete the website, no one likes it” I would like to see you make a better website. And WhiteTiger, I’m so sorry that you left :(. ( have used your website to help gain a brain for Warrior Cats! :3

  7. Okay, obviously all of this drama is pointless. It goes no where, and I don’t even see how it reached this point. White Claw, (I believe is what you go by) you created this website to help people, correct? Correct. It’s very clear to my eyes that more people are favoring you and not commenting against you, so I really don’t see how it’s effected you as badly as it has. I don’t want to appear bias by any means, but truly, a comment is just a comment. Words may be hurtful, but just know that all the commenter wants is for the person they commented on to be hurt. Just don’t acknowledge them. And for you haters reading this, it’s very clear to my eyes that you just want attention. White Claw has done absolutely nothing to affect you, and the website has been proven to be effective in helping others, so I’d suggest going to another website if this one dosen’t work for you. White Claw, the haters are going to be haters, just don’t acknowledge them, that’s all. It’s as simple as that. By leaving, you’re making yourself seem more vulnerable to the cyber bully’s hateful comments, but by standing your ground and facing their cruelty, you’re proving to the that you’re stronger than them, and that their comments are completely ineffective. I believe that you’re stronger than them White Claw, and I strongly suggest sticking around. I hope this comment finds itself helpful to its viewers. Thanks for reading and not scrolling >:3

  8. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry for misspelling your name wrong White Tiger! I feel terrible, but I hope you can understand where I was coming from. Oh gosh, now I feel like a total idiot. I’m super sorry White Tiger!

  9. Oh my God.

    I’m traumatized.

    Ppl will NOT stop commenting inappropriate stuff, deleted this side gayboy, and will not stop cursing!

    Just, please, if you want this site to be deleted, just get off it. Simple!

    Just, please, for goodeness sake, just let this site and WT be.

    Rlly, nobody cares if you want this site deleted. I’m shaking rn. Literally.

    Just give WT a freaking break.

    I’m still traumatized.

    And I’m done.

    Your literally FREAKING DONE Bud, Roseshade

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