I Live.

Just a small update to say yes I am alive.


I won’t go into detail, but I have had a mix of various personal issues and mixed in with my natural laziness and lack of motivation I have once again neglected the site for a long time.


It wasn’t even intended this time either.

One day I was walking home with some notes for a short story to add the the site when I got a phone call that basically turned my life upside down. Again I won’t share any details but yeah that is my excuse.

I have been wanting to come back. I have had various audiobooks of the newer books for a long time but for various reasons put them off.

I am finally listening to them and as expected they have given me a little motivation to poke my head back in here.


As you have probably noticed the rules have been updated as requested and I have added new chatango chats.

I have also updated a few outdated pages such as the book pages. I may go through some others bit by bit too.


So if you have any suggestions feel free to share here. If you know any pages that need any major changes / updates or just want to comment on the chat related side.


Thank you all for visiting, it doe’s truly make me happy this silly little fan project I once did became so popular.

42 thoughts on “I Live.”

  1. Yeah good job WT ignore the fact that all your little friends are thanks snapped from this site because of the lack of care and responsibilitie you have in your hands so you’re a bit too late pal

    1. It is child-ish drama, if you think about it. Your opinion wasn’t needed, but you just ‘had’ to get your opinion out here, didn’t you? No, you didn’t. Just like a child, you can’t keep your mouth shut. None of the haters can. It’s just how haters are, unfortunately…

  2. Well there we go. Exactly the reason this site has ruined my passion for WC. Every time I return I see childish drama. No matter what I ever did in the past somebody whined and cried about it.

    I never wanted the responsibility, I added the chats on a whim and never expected the site to become popular as it did. I added staff because people requested it as I never intended to moderate the chat in the first place.

    So you can hate me all you like~

    1. Because no matter what I ever did no one was happy. I tried many times in the past. People wanted staff, I added staff. People then hated the staff or were jealous of the staff.

      I later removed a mod who got constant complaints for being too strict but then got a ton of complaints about it and then said moderator started hacking accounts and trolled.

      I admit I do not deal well with these things and although there were many other personal reasons for my absence, my own inability to deal with drama was one of them.

      But like I said I could never make everyone happy and the constant drama I saw put me off the site and the series in general for a long time.

      So when I see you say my lack of care and responsibility allowed my ‘little friends’ (by which i assume you mean the staff?) to drive people away. I really just see it as childish drama. Either the chat is left free and trolls constantly ruin it for all, or I allow people to moderate it and hope that they are fair and people are understanding.

      But from the many years I have had this site the only messages I ever get are complaints about one or the other. I just don’t think I could ever win.

      Perhaps I could have been more active yes, but I was never going to be on here a lot. This was always just a fan project, I never intended for it to become a community.

      I am sorry if you have been hurt by whatever has happened to make you think that way, but I am just tired of drama in life and online and I just avoid it when I can. Sometimes you just can’t win, you can never please everyone and I have got to the point where I am too tired to try, that’s really all there is to it.

  3. Hucklo wow, I never actually thought that this would happen… and that’s really depressing, WT, that your own site killed your passion for the WC series. (I was expecting a page on the updates anyway, and was surprised when the new chats came up) and I really enjoy visiting this site, I come whenever I can.

    1. Not entirely, but it did get to me a bit.

      Whenever I would read a new book I would take notes of information for the site and that was why i put off reading the latest books for a while. I just couldn’t bring myself to deal with it.

      But there is a lot of real stuff that has affected me to think that way.

      But regardless, I do really appreciate those of you who have spent time here. The idea that something I made made others happy (even if from what i see, maybe it causes more drama than happiness :c).

      But thank you Ebony ^^.

  4. Hello, I wonder if you remember me- I have left the site as well for the same reason as you for a while but I pop on here and there. Maybe I should try to return as well. From what I heard, most of the new members are more friendly. Anywho, it’s great to know you’re back. 🙂

  5. I just leave when there’s drama and come back when it isn’t there, making it much easier for roleplaying and enjoying the site, without having to deal with the unwanted trouble caused by those who want drama. But thanks anyway for this amazing site that I spend much of my time on enjoying. I’d love for drama to end completely, so there would be no problems, and make this site one that would be even more pleasant to be on.

  6. Hey, Whitetiger! I’m so glad to see you’re alright! I know you won’t know me-nobody will, I’ve always been a small member haha-but it’s reassuring to know that you’re okay. It’s a shame to hear you lost interest in the series, but it’s good you didn’t forget about this site. c:

  7. I don’t know how you made this site exactly but it is awesome and I love it and I think that all the effort you put into making this site has really paid off.

  8. WT quick question (no pun intended) Does damn count as a bad word because I got swatted by like 5 users and a moderator for saying it but it’s not that baddish is it? ~Quickfeather the nut

  9. WhiteTiger,

    I doubt you’ll see this message, but:
    This website literally changed my life. I first went on here in 2016, and a devastating event subsequently occurred in my life. Silverpelt gave me a distraction that helped me get through the severe anxiety this event caused. I met so many good people on here, who are still good friends of mine. I really hope that you know how important this site is to me and to others, because without Silverpelt, my life wouldn’t be what it is today.

    1. shim! 🙂
      idk if you will see this or if you’ll even remember me but it’s wolftail, I was on here 2016-2018ish and we used to be friends. i come on here every once in awhile on the off chance I’ll run into someone I know but I never do so I’m glad I found this post even if it’s from two years ago lol. also if anyone else sees this, hey!! i miss you all:
      berrydawn, thatonecat, willowstream, oceanmask, i know there are others i’m just forgetting the names

      lots of love

  10. Thank you for the support everyone and it truly doe’s make me happy that people have found happiness here.

    I am sorry for always focusing on the negative side.

    Thank you all~

  11. Psssssst, Hey you. Yeah you come here. Look pal I kinda got banned for a week for saying da#n (sorry about the censor) for a week and it’s been 8 days now which last time I checked, weeks are 7 days long. I think, I don’t know hard to tell when you live in a dumpster with a bunch of raccoons who don’t like it when you steal their cheddar

  12. Also ps. Do you guys like walnuts? I hate them because of their shell there’s kinda no other way I can communicate but through forums. Which I barely do 😛

  13. Oh, Wait a minute I can talk in gen but I would appreciate it if my ban didn’t last longer than 8 days rp chat is better tbh

  14. I know this is abuse of the forums but one last thing, If you stole my sparrow, please put on a sign saying that you did and- oh wait it’s here…Nevermind!

  15. im fairly new here, but i can totally relate to how youre feeling. i know its hard, and though we’ve never met i believe youre strong enough to get through it. keep pushing through my dude, youre absolutely amazing and the work youve done on this website from what ive seen so far is astounding. i think i plan on visiting regularly, so i really hope things get better for you, Whitetiger. <3

  16. So I was banned for a week and for some reason my ban lasted longer and I checked and I was unbanned said hi and then just banned again by stalker like bruh rlly. I’m not joking this time I’m actually being for real. I was actually happy to talk to my friends again but I guess stalker has a grudge on me for some reason. So can somebody help me and stop stalker from constantly banning me? Thanks.

  17. Here’s an apology to the admin team, I’m sorry for making your jobs difficult for you but it’s not my fault it’s only like 30% my fault. That’s only because stalker perm banned me for saying damn so now I’m just chilling as new accounts and anons and chatting with my friends so sorry guys!

  18. A little birdy told me that you guys are planning to make a new SP, but they will just give me the link. And I swear on my life that if I get perm banned instantly then I’m just uploading a virus to the site. Pretty simple when nobody’s connection is secure on this site

  19. Hello, WhiteTiger,

    All I have to say is that despite all the drama that was caused, I was able to overcome many difficulties in my life because of you guys. This site really did change my life and made me feel welcomed to the kind people who were there. It’ll always stay with me and I’ll never forget how much it impacted me. I thank you really much for creating this site because it taught me a lot of lessons.

  20. Hey WT! I don’t believe I’ve ever really spoken to you before but I’m glad that you’re doing better and I’m sorry you’ve come back to a bunch of drama. I’m sorry about the sudden impact that happened to you, I wish I could say I understood but I don’t — no one does — but I wish I did.
    Again, I’m glad you’re doing better and I hope you continue to grow!
    – Badger

  21. I discovered this site at the peak of my love of Warriors. The Golden Age was occurring in late 2016, and being part of the community before I formally introduced myself with my three ocs, I bonded with many people, ending up in SunClan, led by Rowan and Nettle. Later on, some of my friends started MoorClan, and I joined there as well, and am still currently working hard to get it up again with the four original members. However, the toxicity, the trolls, other impacts, and eventually the shut down of yourshoutbox, really took a toll on my online life as a roleplayer. Still being a part of those small groups like Tornado and MoorClan helps me remember what sites can bring.

    I’m more than likely not going to participate in RPing anymore because it’s not the same as what it was, but the community that it was will always be part of me. Discovering Silverpelt was the best mistake I have ever done.

  22. Hi, WhiteTiger! The only thing I wanna saw, and it will sound extra cheesy, but thank you so much for making this site! I don’t own a site, so I don’t understand the drama (also as I don’t RP in the chats) but I thank you for putting up with people stupidness. Also, thank you for the insight on herbs, ceremonies, and leaders! I, to, fell out of the Warrior Cats fandom. But, I’m always willing to come back! Again, thank you for making this site.

  23. Welp, I yet myself here to start and write fanfics.

    Once I was looking on some comments on a post, they said..

    Delete this sight gayboy

    Delete this pussyboy

    I mean, C’ on guys!


    Spread positivity insead of negativity!

    Kindness goes a long way!

    I feel bad when someone complains or says something like that.

    So please, try and keep it positive.

    Your trying-to-help bud,

    1. I see you’ve struck again, Bon bon. Once again, just going to say, is I were the website creator, I’d need a reason to delete it. “Delete this website right now” is not a reason. Sorry for your unfortunate luck Bon bon. Oh, and WT, You’re AMAZING! I really appreciate how hard you worked for this website and all of its users. *Clap clap* “Bravo! Brava!”. I am so glad that you’re back, and it’s no one’s business to know why you left. Business is business. For whatever reason you left, all that matters is that you’re here now. >:D

  24. Omg. Ppl just said ‘delete this freaking site’ again! I just can’t take this rudeness. WT, you deserve much better.

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