Admins gone.

Hello Stargazers.

So finally another long overdue update.

First and foremost I won’t apologise for not acting sooner.

I had full intentions of following up on my last post and have read the waves of messages I have received. But all I will simply say Is I was tired and didn’t feel like dealing with it. I won’t go into details but I have had a lot of drama in my life as of late and every time I click a message from silverpelt and think ok, today I will deal with it, I get some message about horrible people,  unfair bans, rude users, liars all sorts of claims and whatever else. And therefore my motivation to even look into it was gone. I come online to escape and relax not find more drama.

So rather than try and figure out who is being honest and who is not, I am simply going to stage one.

It seems all the admins were removed because of some message hacker or something. I honestly don’t know how true this is and don’t much care.

I am not pointing fingers, as I honestly don’t know who did what and who didn’t as I don’t feel I can even trust what I am told, things have just blown out of proportion. I will not ban anyone for any of these claims.

I will simply use this as a point to remove all admins for the time being. I honestly never wanted any to begin with as I didn’t feel giving someone such power was good. But anyway.

I have also cleared the ban list. I know there were some nasty people who were banned, but I have had SOO many messages about unfair bans I couldn never hope to sort them, so if you know someone who was unfairly banned they can come back. I have noted the ips and see how this goes. I can’t imagine any amount of trolls returning because of this is worse than it has been currently.

I WhiteTiger am to be the only admin for the foreseeable future unless I see otherwise to change this. Mods I am still looking into.


Comments and opinions below or through the contact page please. I will read them.


WhiteTiger :).



30 thoughts on “Admins gone.”

  1. I felt like there were too many admins in general, glad they’re gone. You should also turn any mods who aren’t active back into users, including myself since I did quit and resign.

    1. I don’t think that demoting inactive/leaving mods is a good idea. It’ll probably cause drama; if the mod decides to come back, they’ll probably complain about being demoted and be angry. I think that mods should only be demoted if they’re causing problems.

  2. I respect your decision, WT, but I’m not entirely sure I understand it. Didn’t the admins help to control the drama?

  3. You need to bring back some admins. There have been several trolls on tonight. We need admins that are actually on sometimes to help. Usually I’m not for telling people what to do, but this is what needs to happen. Sorry if I’ve come across as rude.

  4. I think you have made a wise choice,Sure there will be some up’s and down’s but this could be a new and better chapter for Silverpelt. Hopefully this fixes things and makes Silverpelt easier for others.

  5. Im not sure if i will but im starting to think of quitting SP after all this drama and no matter what we do it is always the same :/ Nothing changes which is why i may quit SP

  6. I Hope this update will do us some good because we need it badly And hopefully Silver pelt will become a better website nowadays And for new users to feel welcome.
    -The Rabbit in the Magic Hat

  7. I have decided to quit Silverpelt sadly. I know some of you and none of you will miss me but i don’t think i will be able to hold up this profile any longer. I’m sorry Loner and Fuzzy but i must leave. Goodbye Silverpelt and all the charished memories i held here.

      1. Don’t worry, mods like us are quite active too, and since we all have the same power and there are more of us, there will most likely be less drama.

  8. Let’s make a debate since my life sucks and I can’t stand it should I kill myself?
    There’s no point in life we are all gonna die some time

    1. Killing yourself is never the option, there may not be another immediate answer but you must know that there is some one who loves you in this world who would hate to see you go. Think about the friends you’ve made throughout your life, think of your family. If there is no light then please, don’t throw away your life- there is so much more out there in this world waiting for you. This world may seem a horrible place, where there’s no streak of hope. You may even sometimes vent your angers out on yourself due to it, but remember you are not alone. There’s countless people like, alone and depressed wishing for a way out of this hell- you are far from alone. And maybe if you wait out the years, tell people you trust about those countless tears then you will find someone who is worth living through this hell for. And you can live through it with them. The world may seem terrible- but in the oddest locations you can find the purest beauty and joy. Try to relax and distract yourself with something that you love, find someone to talk to- remind yourself you’re not alone. This world still has so much for you, so please- don’t cut it off short.

      ~ Ripple/Fern.

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