Strikes removed

Hello stargazers.


Just a quick update to say strikes have been removed. It seems they have just caused more drama.

Bans are now simply a last resort at the admins discretion . If you feel a ban is unfair, contact me on the contact me page with screenshots ideally of what you were banned for.

Also if a user requires a ban you can do the same and contact me.

That is all.


15 thoughts on “Strikes removed”

  1. I perssonally think that strikes shouldent have been made in the first time or a document made about it since SOMEONE had to leak the link lots of drama happened after that so i appreciate those strikes being gone Thank you for your time

  2. I like the new rules but I don’t at the same time. Silverpelt is the same as a neighborhood. We have different feuds and experiences with different people. Say ( just for an example, I hope this wouldn’t happen) Ocean and Shimmer don’t like so-and-so, they could ban them for a minor issue because of something that happened in the past, or if they knew them IRL. Adding on to my point, some admins,or mods, have good friends, so they could spare them the ban. A shorter term SP has named: “picking favorites” Say Floofy was really good friends with Stranger, she could lift, or not even initiate the ban because of their connections. Just a theory, goodday!

  3. The strikes seemed like a good thought at the time, but quickly went downhill from there. One moment it was all nice, the next I was drowning in drama.

    Good ideas come from a calmed mind, eh?


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