Small Updates and stuff~

Hello Stargazers ^^.

First off I made some minor updates from Darkest Night.

There are some new confirmed deaths from a previous book, a prophecy and connected omen and a new insult! Smart-ears. It is no Goody four paws, but i suppose it’s ok..


Anything else I missed in Darknest Night I need to add? please let me know ^^. Also if you have any good quotes to add from recent books please let me know :P.


In other news I slightly updated the chat rules, there is no permanent ban unless I personally issue it. I will give exceptions for for outright trolls, but minor things should only be a 1 day ban ^^.

I have added a contact form to the contact me page, so feel free to use it if you need to contact me, both staff and non staff :).


Lastly I know there has been mod poll(s) going around. I appreciate the thought and I will look at them, but if I add more mods I will likely choose myself.


Honestly adding staff causes more drama than it prevents and I only want to do so if it really is needed.


That is all, Thanks for reading and visiting Silverpelt :3.



11 thoughts on “Small Updates and stuff~”

  1. Hey WT! Hope you have a merry Christmas! xox

    And I have realized most of the staff aren’t on much anymore. Sad. I see Jay every time I’m on, though! <3

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