Two new Admins and some actual rules

Greetings Stargazers~

I am sorry for not being around much but I do read the messages I get even if I don’t reply.

And as such I have received various opinions on what is needed for the chat, more mods more admins etc.

I know everyone would love to be a mod, but naturally I can’t make everyone a mod or admin.

The only reason they are there is to keep the chat a happy place for everyone.

However I am at fault for not really giving any clear indication of what they are there for and are and are not allowed to do.


So I shall try some actual written rules, you can now see under each chat and should leave no excuse to those who do not read them.


They are as follows:


Simply put, there is to be no spam or drama in the chats. That means no flooding the chats with rubbish, no rude or inappropriate messages (keep the place pg, this site is for all ages) and no constant off top discussions if it is interrupting role-play.

If no one is roleplaying of course it is fine to have a normal chat, but don’t start asking about how someones day at school was while 5 other people are roleplaying, kindly ask the person to talk in the general chat below for that.

This goes for drama or any off topic things too. If you have an issue with others users, first off I suggest talking politely in the general chat. If you cannot get along, then ignore one another. Do not allow your personal disagreements to boil up and cause an uproar in the chats.

As i am now adding a strike rule which I hope will help keep people in line and I trust my mods and admins to follow these fairly too.


Simply it is as follows.

mods and admins can give a strike to someone if they are constantly spamming or being rude etc (the odd comment or spam can be let off but if it is consistent please give a strike).


If you receive 3 strikes, the admins can give you a 1 day ban.


Once the day is over, I would appreciate if the admin in question could unban them(or whenever they next are online).

They will then be back to 0 strikes, but if they receive 3 more, they will receive a permanent ban.


I feel this is more than fair personally, but I would like others opinions, and any questions people have, especially mods and admins, please ask away :).


Oh and finally before I forget to help enforce these new rules, I have promoted Jaywhisker and Floofy to admin. I will consider other staff changes, but please do not ask to become staff, which I will decide myself. Do not ask to become staff.




12 thoughts on “Two new Admins and some actual rules”

  1. I absolutely agree with the rules being set in place, oh and by the way. Congratulations to Floofy and Jaywhisper on getting admin, you guys really deserve it!!

  2. Jaywhisper is not a responsble admin, he banned me on Silverpelt, I didn’t get any strikes, I am trying to seek out help, but this is uncalled for, I think Jaywhisper should be demoted as admin, I do NOT want this going unnoticed.

  3. Someone mentioned that Dreamshard {Holy Ayla} should be mod. I completely agree. I think adding another mod would balance things out, and it would be nice for a change of pace, not to say the current staff is bad, but another, and different, view would be a nice touch to Silverpelt. However, I think that you should add another chat, for personal issues, as some people can’t talk anywhere else; plus it wouldn’t disturb other users.

    This isn’t to target anyone, so don’t badger me about it please, but I think that some strikes are handed out for no reason at all, and thus, spinning sin between the admin\mod and the user\guest causing them to revolve in unnecessary conflict; not to mention that when a strike is needed, it SOMETIMES isn’t handed out. EX: Mild words (to some swear) stupid, shut up, etc. Gettibg a strike forbtagt rather than repeatedly spamming a link to advertise for that one’s gain.

  4. Wow… We’re coming up on the anniversary of me being admin’d. I didn’t even last a year, hahahahahhahahaha.

    All joking aside, I hold no remorse towards anyone involved. SP will forever be one of my fondest memories. You guys helped me through some really hard times in my life. THank you. I won’t forget any of it. From the friends to the enemies, from the wee user I was to the bold admin I became.
    Thank you. Thank you all.

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