I need help in my Fanfiction. Robinfeather is a kind and polite former medicine cat. Other cats might think she is a goody four paws, but she CAN fight. She has a tortoiseshell pelt with amber eyes.
Feathermaw is a stubborn and brave tom. He looks intimidating and stubborn but he is mostly shy. He has a grey pelt with blue eyes.
Cottonstar was a rouge but she became the leader of CottonClan. Cottonstar says what she feels. She doesn’t let anyone mess with her. Her siblings teased her a lot because of her name. She got strong from that. Cottonstar is white with green eyes.
First of all, does that all sound right? I think it does. Second of all, RobinfeatherxFeathermaw or CottonstarxFeathermaw? I feel like Cottonstar is more of a hard worker but she might need a mate too. Robinfeather seems like a good mate for Feathermaw to me but I want your opinion.

One thought on “I NEED HELP”

  1. I think that is a great story, and I can definitley relate to Cottonstar.
    I think Robinfeather and feathermaw are a great couple. It Even Sounds to me that maybe cottonstar’s deputy, or a trusted warrior could be Cottonstar’s mate.
    I Hope this helps.

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