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Warrior Cats Apple Application

Warrior Cats has become very popular, and is still expanding. To try and keep up with some of the fans demand a Apple application was released.

The application contains a large amount of information about the series, including some new exclusives.

This page lists the exclusive stories and trivia revealed on the application.


The application is free to download for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad:

Download at the iTunes store

Short Stories

The application also has two exclusive short stories.

These are also listed on the short stories page. Click for more short stories from Erin Hunter / Victoria Holmes.

Story PDF Download Doc Download
After Sunset: The Right Choice? View / Download Download
The Elders' Concern View / Download Download

Exclusive Trivia

The application has a lot of information, most of which was already revealed in the books. However there is also some exclusive trivia which has only ever been revealed on the application.

Clan Trivia

- ThunderClan's first leader, Thunder, earned his name because he used storms to his advantage, hunting during the loudest thunderclaps which confused the prey.

- ShadowClan often mocks ThunderClan for letting in too many kittypets, but if you look back through the history of the forest, ShadowClan has had far more warriors who came from Twolegplace. There have been many others in the past, lured from their housefolk by the promise of glory in battle, fearless comradeship, and respect from all the other Clans. Ironically, it is ShadowClan's pride in their many victories that makes them so attractive to kittypets wanting a dramatic change of lifestyle.

- Every so often, a RiverClan cat is born with a strong aversion to getting wet. These were once known as "drypaws", and they struggled to fit in with other warriors. One leader took a stance against the internal bullying and gave drypaws special responsibility for den construction and flood protection for the camp. The drypaws' distaste for water made them particularly skilled at keeping the river away from the living areas!

- WindClan once announced at a Gathering that all fish in the river belonged to them because the water flowed through their territory, via the gorge, first. RiverClan objected strongly so a contest was held to determine which Clan could catch the most fish. WindClan warriors trained hard, overcoming their natural distaste for water, and lost the contest by a very small margin. Generously, RiverClan allowed them to keep their share of the catch - on the understanding that they would never take fish from the river again.

- Long before the Twolegs started building their nests on SkyClan's territory, the medicine cats of SkyClan kept the terrible secret that their Clan would lose its home one day. When the first pine tree was felled, heralding the arrival of Treecutplace, all the SkyClan warrior ancestors appeared in a dream to the medicine cat, bewailing the loss of their hunting grounds and foretelling the destruction of the Clan's forest home. The medicine cats conspired to keep the truth from their Clanmates, hoping against hope that the prophecy would not come true.

Cat Trivia

- Firestar's mother was a brown-and-white tabby cat called Nutmeg. Just before her kits were born, she dreamed that one of them, a ginger tom, was standing on a huge rock, way, way out of her reach. She called and called to him to come down, but he didn't seem to hear. A vision of Firestar on the Great Rock at Fourtrees, perhaps?

- Sandstorm has a reputation for being very fast, and a particularly skilled hunter. As an apprentice, feeling pressured by the talent she had become known for, she cheated on an assessment by bringing back some fresh-kill that she found in a forgotten cache left by another cat. Her guilt afterward prompted her to confess everything to Bluestar, the leader told Sandstorm that she could avoid punishment if she could catch the same amount of prey on her next hunt. Sandstorm trained extra hard and met the target. Bluestar told her that she had now earned her reputation fairly, and would never need to cheat again.

- Cinderpelt gave everything to being a dedicated, loyal and tireless medicine cat. But she never stopped dreaming about what might have been especially with regard to Firestar. She loved him from the moment she became his apprentice, but never confessed her feelings, not to him or any other cat. Poor, brave, lonely Cinderpelt.

- As a kit, Squirrelflight was frustrated that she was always getting into trouble while her sister Leafkit never put a paw wrong. Determined to make Leafkit squirm - literally - for once, she put a fire ant into her nest in the corner of the nursery. To Squirrelkit's dismay, Sandstorm promptly announced that they'd be switching nests. Squirrelkit was bracing herself for a night of being bitten by the ant when Sandstorm produced the creature pierced on one of her claws; she'd known what Squirrelkit was up to all along, and wanted to give her a chance to confess first. Sandstorm was privately impressed that Squirrelkit seemed to choose a night of discomfort over admitting her prank!

- Ever since the confrontation with Ashfur at the top of the hollow, Hollyleaf has been terrified of thunder and lightning. She refuses to admit her fear because even though she isn't part of her littermates' prophecy, she is determined to match their courage and loyalty to doing what is right for the Clan. Hollyleaf doesn't realize just how brave she is.

- Blackstar comes from a long line of polydactyl cats; he has six toes on his black foot.

- Onestar became WindClan's leader very suddenly, after Tallstar appointed him deputy instead of Mudclaw during his dying moments. Onestar hated the way some of his Clanmates refused to accept him, though he understood their confusion. He blamed Tallstar, and sought him out in a dream to challenge him. When Tallstar refused to apologize for his decision, Onestar fought him. Onestar won - and Tallstar said that this proved he had made the right choice. Onestar still bears a scar on his ear from that fight.

- Leopardstar was born a "drypaw", reluctant to get her feet wet. But she forced herself to overcome her fear of the river because she was determined to lead her Clan one day. She confided in just one cat, her nursery denmate Sunfish, who put fresh-kill on the far side of a stream that Leopardstar had to walk through before she could eat.

- Sharpclaw's loyalty to SkyClan must never be doubted, but there is something he has never told his Clanmates. His mother was a kittypet named Jessamy. She was owned by a kind, elderly Twoleg who went away one day, leaving Jessamy and her babies in the care of his younger kin. These Twolegs had kits who were clumsy with the cats, hurting them when they picked them up and constantly feeding them food that made their bellies ache. With great sadness, Jessamy took her kits Scratch and Flower away and taught them to live in the wild. They became rogues, proud of their ability to survive without Twolegs and hostile to any cat that challenged their fragile survival.

- Scourge hated the dog's teeth that studded his collar. They dug into his throat, making swallowing difficult, and smelled dreadful. But he knew they were a major part of his fearsome image, so he put up with the irritation.

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This site may contain spoilers on the Warrior Cats series. I have tried to keep major information under the 'Inside The Story' menu. Please keep this in mind if you have not read all of the books.

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