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A thank you and goodbye to Victoria Holmes

This page is a little personal thank you to Victoria Holmes for all her hard work she has put into the Warriors series.

As of the release of Legend of The Clans on 11th April 2017, Victoria Holmes has declared she has finished work on the Warriors series.

This was a very sad revelation for myself as well I'm sure many fans out there.
She first pulled back from the series after the Omen of the Star series, allowing a new team of editors to take her place, while she chose to work purely on the eBooks of the older characters.
But now a couple of years later this has sadly come to an end two. As she posted herself on facebook:

"I always told myself that I would know when I had written all the cat stories I had inside me. That time came with Pinestar's Choice. I know there are a thousand more tales from the Clans to be told, but other people are doing a great job of that."

It was initially a sad end for Vicky, as the reception of her second to last book Spottedleaf's Heart (released alongside Pinestar's Choice in the Legend of The Clans eBook compilation) was not very good.

I was truly sad to see such a reaction, especially when I myself liked the book and saw no issue with it.
Alongside this she had also had a lot of controversy over her choice to have Su Susann help create stories for all the forgotten kits.

I feel than all this negativity was unjust. It was always clear Su Susann and Vicky merely wanted to create stories for the fans to enjoy, both of them love Warriors and its community and any anger towards them for working these little stories for the sake of the fans is unfair. Sadly some nasty and spiteful and jealous comments ruined this. But I would also like to say thank you to Su Susann and Vicky for doing this when you really never had to. You have so kind to the community even if it wasn't always returned.

The community Vicky and the other Erins have created has always been one I truly loved, it's a loving community unlike so many other fandoms, I have always seen little hatred in it. So seeing this backlash on Vicky was rather both surprisingly and disappointing

However that said, the community did come back seeing how the criticism had hit home and showed Vicky their love, apologising for this and that and reminding her and myself what the true community Warriors is.

I hope Vicky takes this to heart and not worry about such trivial negative comments. She could never have been able to please everyone. However the Warriors community loves her, even when she makes one or two mistakes, as she is human too.

I would also suggest watching LZRD WZRD's video on the subject which helps demonstrate this, along with the videos you can see through the comments how much this community cares:

My Thank You and How Warriors Has Impacted Me

Warriors was not something I really ever expected to get attached to as I did. I still remember how I got into it.

I was on a Pokemon chat, and some of my friends on there started to roleplay warrior cats. I was curious as the premise seemed interesting and I wanted to join in.
So as a spur of the moment decision went and ordered the first book on Amazon. I always loved cats and though it was worth a go.
I truly expected to read the first book, if even finish it to just get a vague idea of the story so I could join in the roleplay.

And well I did read the book... finished it even! and well I was addicted... It's hard to say what truly got me attached to it but it grabbed me and pulled me into it's world, it's character and it's story.

I quickly went and ordered the next book and then the next (even ordering two of forest of secrets as I accidentally bought one from oversees and didn't want to wait!) until suddenly two months had passed and I had read all the books. literally all of them.

Now this was back in 2011, and the last book when I had finally caught up was Sigh of the Moon of the Omen of the Stars series. Now that was a lot of books, a lot of reading and a lot of money! But it was well spent, and I have never once regretted it. Warrior had become an obsession for me.

Now I am much older than the general young audience and I'm a guy, hardly what most see as the target audience. I don't even have the excuse to say I grew up reading it. I read it as an adult and feel no shame to say it is and always will be my favourite book series of all time.

It isn't perfect, I never expected it to be and never cared. The books were written with passion and with amazing authors who create a amazing world and a amazing fandom with it.

But it wasn't just Warriors. Before I picked up that first Warriors book, I didn't read. Never, it just was never something that appealed to me at all. I think I had a couple of Harry Potter books covered in dust I once bought for some reason and never even turned a page.

So not only did Warriors make me fall in love with the world itself, but with reading! I went on to read many books I had never bothered to before. Warriors made me fall in love with reading.
And again this is a grown man, not a youngster just starting to read at school! I use to hate reading, only ever reading the books I had to at school. Never would I have read a book of my own choice. How my past self would be surprised to see my shelves of books now. All thanks to you and the other authors making Warriors.

Well the point is Vicky, I just want to say thank you, thank you so much for creating Warriors along with Kate and Cherith and everyone else involved. This may seem like a trivial thing. But Warriors has had a surprisingly big impression on me and has had a rather large impact on my life.

Of course this site would not even exist if not for it after all!

I want you to know that your work has meant a lot for soo many people, all sorts of people of all ages and from all around the world, it's really amazing to think about. I have seen the most amazing fanart, fanfiction, roleplay and just amazing things in the community that has come from your work.

It truly saddened me when I saw you were finished with writing Warriors. Although I expected it to come sooner or later.

So Thank you Vicky for everything, and I wish you the best in all your future work.

John / WhiteTiger
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