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Tallstar's Revenge Epilogue

Well I finished Tallstar's Revenge, and of course it was awesome. But as I read it I was really hoping that we would get some little epilogue or perhaps for the manga section to show Tallstar talking with Firestar about his father. Sadly this wasn't mentioned, so I decided to do a little epilogue myself. It isn't long and the characters are pretty out of character (I am a sucker for happy endings, so make them way too cheesy ;O).

But anyhow enjoy and please let me know what you think in the Comment Box.

Tallstar padded through the lush green woods which gave off a sparkle, as if reflecting the stars above. As he approached a small rise at the edge of the wood, he stood and let his gaze wonder to the cat sitting at the top. The cat had a pelt that Tallstar knew well, except this pelt now sparkled just like the sky above and the woods below him. "Hello Tallstar" the cat on the top of the rise mewed without turning his head, Tallstar padded up the rise and stood next to the tom "Hello Firestar", as he returned the greeting he glanced over the edge of the rise. There was no land beyond the rise; it simply stopped as if the land had been cut away by some huge twoleg monster. Tallstar showed no surprise and turned his gaze downwards, far below, through the light white clouds and sparkling sky he could see a group of cats, busily going around doing their day to day duties.

Many of them were young cats who Tallstar wasn't very familiar with, but mingled with these younger cats were older ones Tallstar knew well. Graystripe, the gray tom, now an elder, and Sandstorm, her once beautiful light ginger pelt now speckled with gray, and the strong willed apprentice who helped lead the Clans to their new home on Tallstar's last journey, Bramblepaw, now Bramblestar sat at the entrance to his den watching over his Clan with pride. Firestar's gaze was fixed on the camp below; his face showed a feeling of longing, but also of happiness. "It is hard at first" Tallstar mewed "You cannot help but worry, did you make the right choices? did you lead them in the right direction?" he paused for a moment "I have often asked myself these questions, but whatever decisions we made, and whatever paths we led, it is the next generation who will decide whether to follow our example and where their future leads, we can only watch and hope they make the right decision". Firestar simply nodded as if lost in thought, his gaze still fixed on the Clan he once led.

Tallstar turned his gaze to Firestar "You led your Clan well, they were lucky to have such a great leader, you set an example they will never forget and ThunderClan will prosper for generations to come". Firestar finally lifted his head and turned to meet Tallstar's gaze "Thank you Tallstar, I only ever did what I thought was best for my Clan, but ThunderClan has made it through many hardships, and they will surely face more in the future, but I believe they can make it through whatever they may face.". Tallstar purred "You have always been a wise and caring cat". The two toms sat silently for a moment.

Tallstar then raised his head and stared into the starry sky "Firestar, I have never truly been able to thank you, you have done so much, not only for ThunderClan, or WindClan, but all the Clans, if you had never came to the Clans, I can't imagine what would could have become of us". Firestar's eyes widened in surprise "I only.." he began to mew, but Tallstar raised a paw to silence him. "No, it is no exaggeration to say you saved the Clans, Firestar, although some would find it harder to admit than others, every Clan cat owes you more than they could know". Again he paused, Firestar sat silently as if unsure what to say.

"I have respected you greatly since you came to the Clans Firestar, despite being born a Kittypet, you dreamt of a world beyond, you joined the Clans and even though you had to prove yourself twice as hard as those born in the Clan, you were never deterred and proved yourself time and time again. You became a noble warrior, but also never lost yourself. ".

Tallstar glanced down to the Clan, but instead of looking at the camp below, his gaze turned beyond the camp to where the edge of ThunderClan territory where he could just make out the strange shape of some twoleg dens. "There is only one other cat who I respected as much as you". Firestar tilted his head as if trying to think who Tallstar meant. Firestar looked at Tallstar expectantly "You know, when I first saw you at your first gathering I thought you were someone else" seeming like he were trying to change the subject "Both your pelts blazed like fire and you both shared the same soft green eyes". Again he paused "Then I remembered something I had been told ago" And there will be a kit, kin of your dearest friend, who will need your help more than he knows. Watch over him, guide his paws, for he is important to all the Clans.". He returned his gaze to Firestar and stared at his pelt "I am glad that you share his heart as well as his pelt, he was the other cat I will always respect and the other cat I can never thank enough for the kindness he has shown me".

He raised his head so his eyes met with Firestar's "He was a Kittypet, but he had the courage of any warrior and I have only ever met one other cat who had as much heart" Tallstar let out a loud purr "His son". Tallstar kept his eyes locked with Firestar's "Me?" Firestar mewed, "You knew my father?". "Yes, he was my best friend, I wanted him to join the Clans, but his heart lay with his twolegs" Tallstar again turned to the faint shape that marked the twolegplace on the edge of ThunderClan territory, before returning his gaze to Firestar "Although the Clans never learned what a great Warrior I am sure he could have been, he instead sent us his son, who shared his courage and heart, who became a strong Warrior and a perhaps the greatest leader the Clans will ever have, a leader who saved us all" Tallstar let out another loud purr "Your father's name was Jake, and he would have been proud that you are his son".

Firestar stared forward as if unsure what to say, but he then let off a deep purr, he then turned to face Tallstar "Could you tell me more about him?" he mewed. "Of course" Tallstar mewed in reply. Firestar beckoned Tallstar who was still standing to sit with his tail, Tallstar purred and sat alongside Firestar "I have not told this story to anyone before, but I'll begin by telling you how we met" Firestar blinked like an excited kit being told a story by an elder. So Tallstar began "Many seasons ago WindClan..."

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