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Survivors is a new series that uses the Erin Hunter pen name alongside Warriors and Seekers. However it is actually written by a new 'Erin' called Gillian Philip. None of the previous Erin Hunters will work on the Survivors series, although the same editors will be working with Gillian, so it should have a similar style to Warriors and Seekers.

Official Website

An official Survivors website has also been set up, as a sub-site to the main Warrior Cats website.

If you would like to view this website and see some extra details about the series such as character profiles, you can visit the site here:

Survivors Website


Here is a video from Gillian Philip giving a brief introduction of both herself and the series:

A trailer has also been released for the series, you can view this below:

The Story

The series follows the same Erin Hunter trend, featuring a certain animal as they survive in their world, experiencing adventures and challenges along the way. Whereas Warriors was cats, and Seekers was bears, Survivors features dogs.

The story follows a dog called Lucky, as well as several other characters (read about the characters here). The story begins in a city as it is hit by a 'big growl' (earthquake) and most 'longpaws' (humans) have either fled the city or died. The story then follows Lucky as he searches for safety. Before the big growl Lucky was a lone dog who lived mainly by scavenging off longpaws, however he soon realises things can never be the same again and he sets out with his friend Sweet into the destroyed city. Lucky is reluctant to form a pack like Sweet suggests and he ends up going off alone. He later meets a strange 'pack' of dogs, one of which happens to be his sister Bella, who he hasn't seen since they were puppies. Lucky soon learns that the 'pack' is infact a group of 'leashed dogs' (pet dogs) who have no idea how to survive by themselves. Dispite wishing to continue his life as a lone dog, Lucky reluctantly begins to help the 'pack' and travels with them as he teaches them how to survive in the 'wild'. The story continues as they travel together getting into adventures, both fun and dangerous along the way.

The Books

Currently four book have been released, you can view the browse insides below.

The Empty City (Released 21st August 2012):

The Empty City Browse Inside

A Hidden Enemy (Released 7th May 2013):

A Hidden Enemy Browse Inside

Darkness Falls (Released 3rd September 2013):

Darkness Falls Browse Inside

The Broken Path (Released 11th Feburary 2014):

The Broken Path Browse Inside

The Authors

Gillian Philip is a Scottish author and lives in the north-east Highlands of Scotland.

Although Survivors may be different to her previous works, she is an accomplished author and has written many books, such as the Darke Academy and Rebel Angels series as well as several stand alone books and short stories.

Watch the video above for a brief introduction from Gillian Philip or visit her website to learn more about her:

Gillian Philip's Official Website

Survivors now also has a second author working on the series, Inbali Iserles, who debuted with the third book 'Darkness Falls' on 3rd September 2013.

Inbali Iserles was born in Israel, but moved to England when she was three.

She is no stranger to writing about animals as she is known for her work 'The Tygrine Cat', which tells of the story for a cat called Mati and his adventures (See more on the Cat Books page). She has also wrote a book called 'The Bloodstone Bird'.

Learn more about her on her website:

Inbali Iserles' Official Website

Other Details

HarperCollins had a vote on the official website for which of the following covers to use for the first book 'The Empty City'.

The vote has now finished, and the fans, as well as some of HarperCollin staff's pets (view a video of this here) voted for the one on the left.

There has also been a map of the Survivors world revealed (Click to see enlarged picture):

Survivors is confirmed to be a six book series. The books will also come with a double-sided full color jacket and 4-color printed endpapers.

Spoiler Warning
This site may contain spoilers on the Warrior Cats series. I have tried to keep major information under the 'Inside The Story' menu. Please keep this in mind if you have not read all of the books.

Chat Rules

Chat Rules

- Please listen to and respect the mods, they are only trying to keep the chat peaceful

- Please avoid anything that could be seen as hate speech, harassment or bullying

- No art theft (do not use art as a reference for OCs without full credit to the artist)

- Try to avoid arguments, people will always disagree so be the bigger person and be the one to drop it

- No vulgar language / swearing

- No gore / NSFW topics

- No flooding the chat with spam that interrupting RP. Take off topic subjects to general chat.

You can contact WhiteTiger on the Contact page if you have any issues.

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