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Rock And Midnight

Rock and Midnight have always been two very mysterious characters, one a deformed ancient cat spirit from the ancient past, and the other a badger which can speak cat, fox, rabbit and dog.

But not until 'The Last Hope' did we learn the truth, these two mysterious characters that seemed completely unrelated had known each other all along!

This page explains everything we know about Rock and Midnight.

Their History

Rock is said to be the oldest cat ancestor and has watched over all the cats of Tribe and Clan since the beginning of their time. He was born in the mountains long before The Tribe Of Rushing Water was formed. It is said there were at least three Tribes at this time, and since this time the descendants of these Tribes moved to the lake and back an unknown number of times, eventually settling in the mountains and forming the modern Tribe Of Rushing Water.

Rock referred to this as the 'circle' when he asked Jayfeather to visit the mountains one last time:

"Your past lies in the mountains," Rock told him. "The place where I was born, the place where cats have returned before. You must go there once more to complete the circle"
- Rock - Sign Of The Moon - page 55

However Rock may not have always lived by the mountains, it has also been said he lived my the lake:

Quote from Victoria Holmes on her facebook page:

'Half Moon was the first "official" Stoneteller; Rock came before her, when the cats still lived by the lake, and was a cat with a special sensitivity to ancestors and that kind of thing but he wasn't given the title Stoneteller because it didn't exist then.'

"Rock lived in the tunnels a long time ago. His spirit lives there still, right beneath our territory."
- Jayfeather - Fading Echoes - page 40

However Rock was not alone for all that time, he had Midnight, who apparently has been with him since the Dawn of the cats of the Tribes and Clans:

Broken Shadow shifted her paws. "Greetings, Midnight. I . . . I didn’t realize that you knew Rock."
"Since the dawn of your time, we have known each other," Midnight rumbled, turning her wide, striped head. "Since first cat put paw beside water."
Rock sat down on the cold stone. His blind blue eyes were round and white as moons. "We watched the first sunrise over the lake."
"It burst water into flame," Midnight recalled. "And in fiery reflection we see future of all cats: Tribe of Rushing Water, five Clan, four Clan, forest, and lake."
"We saw your whole journey, from lake to forest and back." Rock tipped his head as if watching the cats process in front of him. “The prophecies all came from that first reflected sunrise—the cat with a pelt of flame that would save the Clans, the silver cat who would save the Tribe of Rushing Water, and finally the four who would carry the last hope, not just of the Clans, but of light itself."
Midnight’s claws scratched the granite. "Now we fear we see a final sunset that ends your story."
Half Moon stepped forward. "But the four? They will save us, surely?"
"They came as we saw they would and, when they came, they lit the darkest fires." Midnight gazed at the Ancient cats, her beady black eyes intent. "So you and all long-dead cats burn like stars once more."
"But evil is coming," Rock warned.
Midnight cut in. "Darkness we saw born like littermate alongside the light. Now all must stand and fight."
As the other cats shivered, Rock moved his blind gaze over them. "Thank you for safeguarding the prophecies for so long, and for passing them down from cats forgotten now and vanished." Broken Shadow sighed. "So many lives lost."
"All lives are brief," Rock reminded her.
"My son’s was too brief!" Her eyes flashed accusingly. "Why couldn’t you save Fallen Leaves?"
"It was never my duty to save anyone!" Rock flashed back at her. "What is the point of a life held in the paws of another? There must be choice. There must be freedom. I can point the way but every cat walks on its own paws."
Slant narrowed his eyes. "Do the Clans walk alone into the final battle?"
Half Moon flattened her ears. "Never alone!" She lifted her chin. "I will fight alongside Jayfeather."
Broken Shadow unsheathed her claws. "And I will fight alongside my son."
"I will fight beside Jagged Lightning and my kits to defeat this darkness." Owl Feather’s eyes sparked.
Bluestar thrashed her tail. "And I will die a tenth time to defend ThunderClan!"
"These cats will never stand alone," Half Moon declared. "We are with them just as we have always been."
"Light against dark," Midnight growled. "This is the end of all things—this is the last sunrise."
Rock touched her flank lightly with the tip of his tail. "It is what we have been waiting for, my friend."

- The Last Hope - Prologue

So not only is Rock an ancient spirit ancestor of the Clans and Tribes, but Midnight has also been with him since the dawn of the cats.

They watched the first sunrise together, and have been waiting and watching over Clan and Tribe alike as all the prophecies unfolded before them as they were first revealed to them within that first sunrise at the lake.

But Midnight has been physically seen by the cats, so she does not seem to be the same as Rock, who has only appeared in dreams and visions:

Of all the characters we've created for the series, I think Midnight is our most indulgent. A badger who can speak cat! (And fox, and dog!) Who sounds like Yoda! And who seems to know exactly what is going on in the clans, even though she visits so rarely! Originally, we just wanted a surprise ending for The New Prophecy #1: Midnight, in which "Midnight" turned out to be not a place, but a creature-and one that is traditionally a fire enemy of the cats. But as soon as Cherith brought Midnight to life on the sandy cliffs beside the sun-drown-place, I knew that this was a character we'd have to see again.

Right from the start, Midnight's ability to speak cat gave her a mysterious quality, not to mention the fact that she had clearly been expecting the questing warriors, and knew what their problem was. I deliberately didn't go into any explanations for her strange powers. I'd like to say that I wanted to be as elusive as Midnight herself, giving as air of absolute wisdom while my readers struggled to understand the truth. But to be honest, I didn't have the faintest idea what her backstory was. I figured that Midnight was pretty old, had traveled widely, and was a gifted linguist-but that's all. I didn't get the feeling she'd met StarClan, or been a cat once, or had any great emotional investment in the fate of the Clans.

My attitude toward Midnight changed during the course of Omen of the Star, when I realized that she could be a fabulously useful character in adding to the drama and sensationalism of the final battle. but which side would she be on? And why would she get involved at all? She somehow seemed beyond the reach of StarClan-after all, it was Midnight who told Sol that the eclipse would happen, so he could baffle and bemuse the Clans, even if it was for rather warped purposes. StarClan themselves didn't know the sun would vanish at that moment, so Midnight clearly wasn't in cahoots with them. It seemed right that she should appear in the prologue of The Last Hope, with the Ancient cats and the newer StarClan, sharing their terrible fears about the fate of the Clans. so she was something more than mortal, more than just a rather clever badger. And she made her appearance alongside Rock, padding side by side like the oldest of friends....

The only other creature with Midnight's depth and wisdom is Rock, so of course they knew each other. Rock's knowledge comes from watching the history of the Clan unfold from the very beginning, from the Ancient cats to the Mountain Tribe to the early settlers in the forest. Which means that Midnight has been watching right alongside him, as enduring and dispassionate as the trees and hills. Rock isn't alive in the literal sense of the word, although we feel his power and his presence as much as any cat. and Midnight isn't either. Friends and Clanmates, our beloved badger...is a ghost.

- The Truth About Midnight - Confidential Notes - The Last Hope Kindle Ebook.

Their Power

Midnight has the ability to speak to cats, foxes, rabbits and dogs, and this in itself is rather amazing, but this perhaps is the least mysterious truth of Rock and Midnight's 'power'.

Rock and Midnight's power is mysterious. Rock has the power to visit living cats, although he rarely communicates with any other living cat other than Jayfeather. While Midnight has the ability to walk among the living, without ever giving away the fact that she is in fact dead, and is a ghost.

Midnight has also shown mysterious powers of knowledge. Although Rock and Midnight's wisdom mainly comes from watching over the cats, she knew exactly when the eclipse of the sun would happen and told Sol about it. Perhaps she saw an eclipse before and worked out when another would happen or perhaps she can speak Twoleg as well and overheard them discussing the upcoming eclipse.

Rock not only seems to have the power to visit living cats, but has suggested he has similar powers to Jayfeather:

Jayfeather stepped forward, "You summoned us?" Rock blinked at him. "Did you think you were the only cat with power over other cats' dreams?"
- Rock - The Last hope - page 123

It has also been suggested that Rock and Midnight not only foresaw the prophecy of three all that time ago in the first sunrise, but may have in fact been the ones to grant the three their powers:

"You!" He flinced as her gaze pierced him. "When all cats have closed eyes, we gave the gift of sight to the cat who is blind. You see more than most, but look inside, too. See you own strength."
- Midnight - the Last Hope - page 126 / 127

Rock's spirit has lived on for countless generations. His spirit may live forever, Rock has mentioned himself that he is 'cursed':

"Be glad that you will never be burdened with the knowledge I have. My curse is to live forever, knowing what has been and what has yet to be, powerless to change anything"
- Rock - The Fourth Apprentice - page 278


So Rock is an ancient spirit, while Midnight is a ghost! Who came from a time before the dawn of the Clans and Tribes. Their 'spirits' have survived for countless generations watching over the cats of Clan and Tribe, and may continue to do so forever.

They knew of all the prophecies from Clan and Tribe from the first sunrise they watched together at the lake all that time ago. Simply watching as the prophecies unfolded, waiting for the three and then four to appear who would save all cats from destruction.

They have the power to walk with the cats through dreams and visions in Rock's case or in person for Midnight's. They have an unknown amount of knowledge which seems to be more than learning experience of simply watching over the Clans and Tribes.

They may have the power to grant power to cats.

But who exactly are Rock and Midnight? Where did they come from exactly, how did they become what they are?

They are surrounded in mystery and we may never know the truth.

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