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Character Rants

I love Warrior Cats and all its characters, well most of its characters.. Sure it has it's flaws but I love it all the same.

However some characters just cross a line... so below you will find some personal rants I have about some characters from the series.

Keep in mind these are just my own opinions, and if you disagree that's fine, we all have our own opinions of the series!

The Rants

Bluestar and Yellowfang:

Bluestar, it is actually sad to put her here as she was my favourite cat for the longest time, and she still is one of them. Well she was my fave just well until she died..

Unlike some other people, I felt for Bluestar, I never thought her descent into madness was unjustified. She had had a very hard life, losing her father, sister and then having to choose between her Clan and her Kits. And after she made such a tough choice she was betrayed, by her own Clanmate, the Clan she had chosen over her own Kits!
I think she had every right to loose her mind! So that isn't why she is on this list.

The same goes for Yellowfang. I never had an issue with her, I highly respected her as I did Bluestar, but again until she died..

They are on here because after they joined StarClan they well became a tad mouse-brained.

When they were alive they were understanding and reasonable cats, well aside from Yellowfang being a tad grumpy and the whole Bluestar going insane part...

However when they joined StarClan they seemed to make some very strange decisions when speaking to the Clans. Such as Yellowfang changing her mind constantly about whether Cinderheart should know about her past life, much to Jayfeather's irritation. The two constantly argue, and give the Clans mixed messages, far from their old wise and reasonable selves. In their case joining StarClan, rather than make them wise, had the opposite effect.


Ashfur, ah how I hate Ashfur. Which funnily enough links back to Yellowfang, who claimed he deserved to be in StarClan and was only guilty of loving too much! To that I say.. Mouse-dung!

Now perhaps Squirrelflight was wrong to lead him on.. but he was willing to kill innocent Clanmates to get back at her for it. That is not loving too much, that is insane. His selfish, selfish 'love' was willing to murder, or at least accept destroying Squirrelfight's life as a minor second choice and in the process causing damage to the Clan. But he did nothing wrong? No he was insane.. and I despise him for it.

It is sad to lose the one you love to another, I certainly can't pretend to understand myself.. however he is not the first and won't be the last in the series to feel heartbreak. Many other cats have suffered far more than he and experienced heartbreak he could never even fathom. Yet he was going to murder three young innocent Clanmates because he was jealous of Brambleclaw.... That is evil.

Good on you Hollyleaf for doing what you did! Who you may be expecting to see on this list too... but funnily enough I like her a lot, and feel her actions while wrong were understandable. But no not Ashfur, he was just insane.


Oh Firestar how his popularity plummeted after the first arc. But no I still respected him and even now he is one of my favourite characters. But he needs at least a mention on this list. while he made some questionable decisions, he still for the most part remained true to himself, being the kind understanding but strong leader ThunderClan needed.

However he is on this list for one thing in particular that really bothered me. Bramblepaw. Firestar of all cats should know not to judge a cat by his blood! Yet he allowed his hatred of Tigerstar to get the better of him. It is disappointing he of all cats would be so easily swayed to such unreasonable discrimination of his own Clanmate.

At least he got over his close minded hatred. but it was too late, I thought better of him.


Dovewing... she is not here for replacing Hollyleaf, although I do resent her slightly for that, but I am better than Firestar as to hold an unfair grudge.. And she is not here for allowing her sister to suffer when she could have helped her with her power..

She is here because she needs to make up her mind already! Bumblestripe or Tigerheart? Stop going back and forth. Or well don't.. but she may want to ask Squirrelflight what happens when you lead a tom on.. she may need to watch Bumblestripe around Tigerheart's and her Kits, or vice versa, or whoever other random tom she decides to fall for....

Clear Sky:

Clear sky.. Let's just say he is the cat I hate the most from the Warriors series.... He is a terrible father, a terrible leader and a terrible cat in general.

One could say he was a good cat to begin with and his suffering made him the way he is.. But I do not agree. He certainly suffered but it was hardly enough to justify his personality, or there lack of...

It isn't just the fact he treated his own son like a pile of fox-dung, it is more the fact he tried to make him think he ever remotely cared. Switching between caring and not caring...

So I have one thing to say about Clear Sky.. CHOOSE A PERSONALITY ALREADY.. caring mate, dutiful leader, merciless leader, rejecting father, caring father, horrible father. He goes back and forth between personalities constantly..


Ahh Alderheart, who could anyone possibly hate poor innocent caring Alderheart?

Well me, ok hate is not the right word it's simply that he bothers me because he reminds me too much of myself.,,
Alderheart has a bad habit, which I have myself, and that is expressing what he truly thinks. He has on many occasions believed that something is wrong but kept quiet, usually because he thinks Bramblestar would not agree.

Split up these poor kits when all they have is each other? He knew it was wrong, yet said nothing.

And of course how many times did he want to find SkyClan, or help poor Twigpaw? but no he just kept quiet because he believed Bramblestar would say no. You are a Medicine Cat, your Leader has the duty to listen to your advise!

So tell him he is being a stupid mouse brain! Ok so this was half about Alderheart and half about myself never standing up for myself <.<.

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