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The Clans are made up of many cats, which all have a certain role within the Clan. This page shows a list of the Ranks within the Clans.

Clan Leader

The Clan leader is the highest position in a Clan, they lead their clanmates and make the important decisions, including the naming of new Apprentices and Warriors. Each Clan leader is granted nine lives by StarClan in order for them to remain strong, to serve their Clan well and for as long as possible.

Clan Deputy

The Clan Deputy's job is to support their leader and help run the Clan. They usually hold the responsibly of organizing hunting and border patrols as well as overlooking the Apprentice training. They generally are there to support their leader and guide the Clan if the Clan Leader is unable to. The Clan Deputy becomes the new Clan Leader when the current Clan Leader dies or retires.

Medicine Cat

The Medicine Cat is responsible for looking after injured cats. They use herbs and other natural medicines to help heal injuries. They are also the one who is closest to StarClan, if StarClan have a message they will usually send a sign to the Medicine Cat, either through an omen or tell them directly when they share tongues (have dreams with them) every half moon. A Medicine cat is forbidden from having a mate.


A Kit is a new born cat, until they are old enough to become an Apprentice they will remain in the nursery with their mother.


A Queen is a she-cat who is either expecting or looking after their kits. They will remain in the nursery until their Kits become Apprentices and then return to their normal duties.


An Elder is a cat who has served their Clan for a long time and is too old to serve them as a Warrior or Medicine Cat any longer. Elders are respected highly in the Clan as they have done their service for the Clan. They are cared for by their Clan and always fed first alongside those in the nursery.


Once a Kit is six moons old (6 months) they become an Apprentice. An Apprentice is a Warrior in training, they are trained by an experience Warrior who is known as their mentor. Apprentices alongside battle and hunting lessons with their mentors will performs tasks such as changing their clanmates bedding and searching the Elders for ticks.

Medicine Cat Apprentice

Once a Kit is six moons old they can become a Medicine Cat Apprentice instead of a normal Apprentice if they are accepted by the Clan Leader and Medicine Cat. The current Medicine Cat becomes their mentor and teaches them the skills of herbs and interpreting signs from StarClan. Medicine Cat Apprentices do not train like normal Apprentices, however they do learn basic fighting skills in order to allow them to defend themselves if ever caught in a fight.


Once an Apprentice has completed their training they are given their warriors name in a warrior ceremony performed by their Clan Leader. A warriors must hunt, patrol and fight for their clan. A Warrior will usually also be given an Apprentice to mentor.

In WindClan they also had two different Clan roles. Although both were still considered Warriors, they hunted and fought differently. These were Tunnellers and Moor Runners, this began when one of WindClans ancestors Shattered Ice first attempted to use tunnels, however much later the role of tunnellers was taken away by Heatherstar, who deemed the tunnels too dangerous.

Tunnellers: Tunnellers dug tunnels underneath WindClan territory. this made it easier to hunt rabbits in leafbare and also gave them an edge while fighting, as well as an escape route if they needed it.

Moor Runners: Moor Runners ran aboveground, marking the boarders and hunting rabbits across the moor.

The Tribe

In the Tribe Of Rushing Water they also have ranks, but they are far more simple and are chosen at birth by the StoneTeller.


The StoneTeller (The Teller Of The Pointed Stones), also known as the Healer bares most of the responsibility for the Tribe. They are equivalent to both the Leader and the Medicine Cat of a Clan. They lead the clan, heal the clan and interpret signs from their warrior ancestors, Tribe Of Endless Hunting. The StoneTeller also has not got the support of a Deputy.


A Kit is a new born cat, until they are old enough to become a To-Be they will remain in the cave with their mother.


Once a Kit is eight moons old (8 months) they become a To-Be. A To-Be is a cat who is being trained to become either a Prey Hunter or a Cave Guard.

Prey Hunter

A Prey Hunter is a cat who is purely responsible for catching Prey for the Tribe.

Cave Guard

A Cave Guard is a cat who must protect their tribemates, they escort the Prey Hunters to protect them from predators and protect the cave they live in from any threat.


A Kit is a cat too young to become a To-Be.


A Kit-Mother is the same as a Queen, a she-cat nursing or expecting Kits.


An Elder is a cat who is too old to be a Prey-Hunter or Cave Guard any longer.
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