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The Warrior Cats series has had many fun moments, many sad moments, and many just remember-able moments. This page lists some of the best quotes from these moments.

Funny Quotes

"I can tell that you are still a tom," Bluestar added, "despite the Twoleg stench that clings to your fur." "What do you mean still a tom?" "You haven't yet been taken by the Twolegs to see the Cutter," meowed Bluestar gravely. "You would be very different then. Not quite so keen to fight a Clan cat, I suspect!" Rusty was confused. He suddenly thought of Henry, who had become fat and lazy since his visit to the vet. Was that what Bluestar meant by the Cutter?
-Bluestar and Rusty : Into The Wild; page 22

"Keep your rear down, Ravenpaw, you look like a duck!"
-Tigerclaw : Into the Wild; page 66

"Well, I'm more lopsided than a one-legged badger," mewed Graypaw, breaking off from his careful stalking to stagger comically across the clearing. "I think I'll have to settle for hunting stupid mice. They won't stand a chance. I shall just wander up to them and sit on them till they surrender."
-Graypaw : Into the Wild; page 68

"I'd go and see Yellowfang if I were you," whispered Graypaw, as Longtail strode away. "She doesn't look very happy." Firepaw glanced over at the old she-cat. She was still lying beside the Highrock. Graypaw was right; she was glaring at him. "Well, here goes," he meowed, "Wish me luck!" "You'll need the whole of StarClan on your side for this one," answered Graypaw. "Call out if you need a hand. If she looks like she's going to have you, I'll sneak up behind her and whack her on the head with a stiff rabbit."
-Firepaw and Graypaw : Into The Wild; page 102

"What on earth did you do to please Tigerclaw - fly?"
-Firepaw : Into the Wild; page 115

"I hope he has them chasing blue squirrels all day!" Graystripe hissed to Fireheart as they headed toward the corner where a few pieces of fresh-kill remained from last night. "But there aren't any blue squirrels," Fireheart mewed in confusion. "Precisely!" Graystripe's amber eyes gleamed.
-Graystripe and Fireheart : Fire and Ice; page 8

"You idiot!" she spat, flattening her ears. "What are you doing in my territory?" "Drowning?" replied Graystripe. The silver tabby flicked her ears, and Fireheart saw a glimmer of amusement in her eyes. "Can't you drown yourself in your own territory?" Graystripe's whiskers twitched. "Ah, but who would rescue me there?" he rasped.
-Graystripe and Silverstream : Fire and Ice; page 129

Cinderpaw's blue eyes blazed as she rounded on the deputy. "You've got a tongue, haven't you? Lick, you useless lump of fur. Do you want the kit to die?"
-Cinderpaw : Forest of Secrets; page 222

"Honestly!" she exclaimed as she spat out the last of them and shot an exasperated glance at Brambleclaw. "Do you toms do anything but argue?" "It's what they do best." Tawnypelt mewed, a gleam of amusement in her eyes.
-Feathertail and Tawnypelt : Midnight; page 205

He was desperate to tell his news to some other cat; he almost felt that if a mouse crossed his path he would stop to inform it that it was about to be eaten by the ThunderClan Deputy.
-Brambleclaw : Sunset; page 268-9

"Oh, great, he thought. Let's lump all the useless cats together and hope a tree falls on them!"
-Jaykit : The Sight; page 91

Jaypaw dropped his bundle of herbs. He rested his paw on Greystripe's round belly as he lay fidgeting with pain. "Keep still." Jaypaw felt the hardness beneath Greystripe's flank. "You've just given yourself gas". "I told you so," Millie meowed.
-Jaykit, Greystripe and Millie : Dark River; page 205

The branches slowed Dovepaw's fall until she plopped out of the tree like a pigeon landing clumsily. She stood up and fluffed out her fur. Lionblaze shook his head. "When Jayfeather told me it was going to rain today, he didn't warn me it was going to rain cats!"
-Lionblaze : Fading Echoes; page 46

"Maybe we could bring the scent of fox up here", she suggested. "That would scare the rabbits away." "How" Jayfeather asked, his tone suggesting it was a mouse-brained idea. Ivypool thought for a moment. "We could use fox dung... it would be yucky getting it here, but it might work." "And how would you get it" Jayfeather mewed. "Just stroll up to a fox and say, 'Please makes some dirt for me?' I don't think so." Ivypool rolled her eyes. Jayfeather might be out medicine cat, but he's such a mouse-brain sometimes. "Old dung" she responded. "You didn't think I'd march into a fox's den and get it fresh, did you?" She said that last part under her breath, it was pointless trying to argue with Jayfeather-somehow he always won.
-Ivypool and Jayfeather : The Forgotten Warrior; page 21

"Individual cats are important, too," Leafpool went on at last. "You could take an apprentice. Briarlight is already doing a great job." "Oh, sure!" Jayfeather lashed his tail. "Wouldn't that just be great? One medicine cat who can't see, and another who can't walk. ThunderClan would be invincible!"
-Leafpool and Jayfeather : The Forgotten Warrior; page 122

"Maybe you can eat their fresh-kill, then." "that's a bit unfair," Toadstep protested. "Yes," Hazeltail agreed. "Don't forget that Sol saved the apprentices from the fox. He must have changed." Millie gave a distainful sniff. "Tabbies don't change their stripes," she growled.
-Millie and Sol : The Forgotten Warrior; page 130

A call rang out in Brokentail's rasping voice. "Let all cats old enough to kill their own enemies gather here!"
-Brokenstar : The Forgotten Warrior; page 220

The gray she-cat padded across to Hollyleaf; without speaking she inclined her head towards Hollyleaf's until their ears touched. "I see the odd ones are sticking together," Foxleap commented.
-Foxleap : The Forgotten Warrior; page 246

"StarClan!" Jayfeather stepped forward and lifted his chin. "Listen!" "Why?" Yellowfang yowled. "We have the wisdom of ages. You have the stupidity of youth!" Sunstar jerked around and hissed at her. "You can leave if you want to!" Yellowfang flattened her ears but didn't move. Jayfeather tried again. "You must listen to me!" he called "Yellowfang's right. I'm younger than any of you." Mosskit flicked her tail as she padded out from behind Snowfur. "Younger than most of you," Jayfeather corrected himself.
-Jayfeather : The Last Hope; page 209-210

A handsome warrior clashed two Dark Forest heads together and stepped over the falling bodies. "It's been a long time since I've chased this kind of prey."
Lionheart : The Last Hope; page 313

"Stay away from here," Jackdaw's Cry scolded Acorn Fur. "This tunnel isn't safe yet. Shattered Ice and I are still digging it out." He gave his daughter a sharp tap on the nose, his claws sheathed. "Aren't you supposed to be having a hunting lesson with Gray Wing?" "She is," Gray Wing called down to him. "Thanks, Jackdaw's Cry." The black tom gave Gray Wing a nod of acknowledgment before vanishing into the tunnel again with Shattered Ice. Acorn Fur turned away, her tail drooping, and trudged back upthe slope to the top of the hollow. "Wow!" Lightning Tail exclaimed as she joined the others. "That was awesome! Now we know how to get our noses whacked." Acorn Fur glared at him, but didn't reply. "I think you should show us again," her brother teased her. "I'm not sure I could get it right." "Really? Then this is how you get your nose whacked, flea-brain!" Acorn Fur hissed, swiping her paw across her brother's nose. Lightning Tail leaped back. "Hey that hurt!"
Acorn Fur and Lightning Tail : Thunder Rising; page 9

A purr echoed from the fog and Thunder recognized the sleek, silver-furred rogue who lived beside the water, River Ripple. A scrap of prey dangled from the newcomer's jaws. Thunder stiffened as River Ripple dropped the dead lizard onto the grass. Is that prey? He gagged. "Calm your waters," River Ripple mewed. "It's only me."
Thunder and River Ripple : the First Battle; page 88

"Bluestar blinked. "There are cats who would argue that there should never have been a fifth Clan in the forest at all. Why are there four oaks at Fourtrees, if not to stand for the four Clans?" Firestar gazed up at the massive oak trees, then back at Bluestar. Fury pure as a lightning flash rushed through his body. "Are you mouse-brained?" he snarled. "Are you telling me SkyClan had to leave because there weren't enough trees?"
-Bluestar and Firestar : Firestar's Quest; page 56

"Is there a Foodstone as well as a Moonstone? Can we go there?"
-Magpie : Crookedstar's Promise; page 92

"I'm not scared of badgers," Foxpaw declared, dropping the starling she was carrying. "I'd give it a good thump on the nose if it dared chase me!"
-Foxpaw : Yellowfang's Secret; page 142

"Fine!" Yellowfang snapped. "Bleed all over the place if you want! You've got the sense of an egg if you think you can trot around the forest with a hole in your flank."
-Yellowfang : Yellowfang's Secret; page 260

"Still hanging out with the medicine cats?" Deerkit sneered. "Old she-cats and sick warriors are the only friends you've got!" Tanglekit padded forward until she was almost nose-to-nose with Brokenkit. "What skills are you learning?" she asked in a mock-interested voice. "How to dry herbs? Ooh, our enemies will be scared!" "Yeah, I can just hear him in battle!" Deerkit added. "Come one step closer and I'll slap you with this leaf!"
-Deerkit and Tanglekit : Yellowfang's Secret; page 348

"Have you killed anyone recently, you old herb-muddler?" Hawkheart joked. Goosefeather snorted. "Not on purpose."
-Hawkheart and Goosefeathe : Tallstar's Revenge; page 127

Jayfeather wriggled his way to the front of the throng. His blind eyes blazed with joy as he crouched at one end of the stick and dug his claws into it as if he thought it was going to escape.
-Jayfeather : Bramblstar's Storm; page 469

Sad Quotes

At the sound of his friend's distress, Fireheart could not stay back any lonher. Leaving the kit, he pushed forwards until he could crouch beside Cinderpaw. He was in time to see Silverstream raise her head and feebly lick Graystripe's face. "Goodbye, Graystripe," she whispered. "I love you. Take care of our kits." Then the silver tabby's body gave a massive shudder. Her head fell back, her paws jerked, and she was still. "Silverstream!" whispered Cinderpaw. "No, Silverstream, no." Graystripe's mew was very soft. "Don't go Don't leave me." He bent over the limp body, nuzzling her gently. She did not move. "Silverstream!" Graystripe reared up and flung back his head. His wails of grief split the air. "Silverstream!" Cinderpaw crouched over the body for a few moments mores, nudging at Silverstream's fur, but at last she admitted defeat. She sat up and stared ahead, her blue eyes bleak and cold.
-Graystripe and Silverstream : Forest of Secrets; page 222

"Thank you for bringing me to ThunderClan. Tell Bluestar I have always been grateful for the home she gave me. This is a good place to die. I only regret that I will miss watching you become what StarClan has destined you to be." The old medicine cat's voice trailed away, and her flanks heaved with effort of sucking air into her smoke-scorched lungs. "Yellowfang," Fireheart pleaded. "Don't die!" Her painful breathing clawed at his heart, and he realised there was nothing he could do. "Don't be afraid of StarClan. They will understand about Brokentail," he promised wretchedly. "You will be honoured by our warrior ancestors for your loyalty to your Clanmates and for your endless courage. So many cats owe their lives to you. Cinderpelt would have died after her accident if you had not tended to her. And when there was greencough, you fought day and night..." Fireheart could not stop the words from tumbling out even though he knew the old medicine cat's breathing had faded into everlasting silence. Yellowfang was dead.
-Yellowfang and Fireheart : Rising Storm; page 282

"I must. I have fought my last battle. When I saw the Clan at Sunningrocks, the strong helping the weak...and I knew you and the others had gone to confront the pack...I knew my Clan was loyal. I knew StarClan had not turned their backs on us. I knew...I knew that I could not leave you to face the danger alone."
-Bluestar : A Dangerous Path; page 310

Bluestar fixed her blue gaze on him. Fireheart thought he could already see the shimmer of StarClan in her eyes. "Fire will save the Clan," she murmured, and Fireheart remembered the mysterious prophecy that he had heard from his earliest days in ThunderClan. "You never understood, did you?" Bluestar went on. "Not even when I gave you your apprentice name, Firepaw. And I doubted it myself, when fire raged through our camp. Yet I see the truth now. Fireheart, you are the fire who will save ThunderClan." Fireheart could do nothing but stare at his beloved leader. He felt as if his whole body had turned to stone. Above his head, wind tore the clouds into shreds, letting a ray of sunshine strike down and touch his pelt to flame, just as it had when he first arrived in the Clan, so many moons ago. "You will be a great leader." Bluestar's voice was the merest whisper. "One of the greatest the forest has ever known. You will have the warmth of fire to protect your Clan and the fierceness of fire to defend it. You will be Firestar, the light of ThunderClan." "No," Fireheart protested. "I can't. Not without you, Bluestar." But it was too late. Bluestar sighed softly, and the light died from her eyes. Mistyfoot let out a low wailing sound and pressed her nose to her mother's fur. Stonefur crouched close to her, his head bowed. "Bluestar!" Fireheart meowed deperately, but there was no response, The leader of ThunderClan had given up her last life, and gone to hunt with StarClan forever.
-Bluestar and Fireheart : A Dangerous Path; page 310-311

The medicine cat tried to lift her head, but the effort was too much for her, and she let it fall again. "It's all right," she murmured. "StarClan told me they would come for me soon. This is the fate they have laid down for me." "You knew?" Leafpool felt as though a dark chasm had opened up in front of her paws and she was crashing helplessly into its depths. "You knew you were going to die and you didn't tell me?" "It was my destiny, not yours." "But you knew I was meeting Crowfeather! You knew that if I went away ThunderClan would be left without a medicine cat! Cinderpelt, you should have forced me to stay." Her mentor blinked slowly. Her blue eyes were very bright. "I would never force you to do anything, Leafpool. I didn't want you to stay if it was going to make you unhappy. You must want to be a medicine cat with all your heart." "I do," Leafpool whispered. "I do." Follow your heart, Spottedleaf had said. "You are a wonderful medicine cat," Cinderpelt told her. "No, I'm not. I went away and left you, and my Clan. Oh, Cinderpelt, I'm so sorry!" The top of Cinderpelt's tail gave a tiny, restless twitch. "There is nothing to forgive. I am happy to join StarClan, knowing that ThunderClan will be cared for." "No!" Leafpool cried, as if by sheer force of wishing she could turn back time and prevent her mentor's death. "This is all my fault. I should have been here. I should-" Cinderpealt shook her head. "It would have made no difference." she mewed. "We cannot change our destiny. We just have to have the courage to know what it is, and accept it." She let out a sigh. "StarClan are waiting for me. Goodbye, Leafpool." Her eyes closed. Her body jerked once, then lay still.
Cinderpelt and Leafpool : Twilight; page 308-309

Leafpool crouched beside her daughter. "Hollyleaf?" Hollyleaf half opened her eyes and moaned. "It's okay." Leafpool lapped at her cheek as Jayfeather unrolled a leaf bundle beside her. He sniffed her pelt and began to press cobweb where there was blood. "She's bleeding here!" Leafpool gasped in panic. Blood was pooling around her paws. She grabbed a pawful of cobweb and stuffed it underneath Hollyleaf's neck. "It's okay, Leafpool." Hollyleaf's eyes flickered open again. "I don't mind," she croaked. "I'm glad I came back to ThunderClan." Her chest fluttered as she fought for breath. "I couldn't bear to leave without getting to know my mother." "Save her!" screeched Ivypool. "You have to save her! Hawkfrost tried to kill me, but Hollyleaf chased him away." "Hawkfrost?" Brambleclaw looked up from beside Hollyleaf, his eyes darkening. "He did this?" Ivypool nodded. "I was fighting Snowtuft and Thistleclaw. I couldn't help her." Dovewing pressed against her sister. "You carried her home," she soothed. "You couldn't have done more." She pricked her ears as she heard the paw steps of the Dark Forest patrol crunch over leaves. "Firestar," she hissed. "They've reached the woods." Firestar stiffened beside Leafpool. "Hollyleaf." Leafpool pressed her muzzle against her daughter's cheek. "Hollyleaf?" Hollyleaf's head fell back and her eyes dulled. Leafpool turned frantically to Jayfeather. "She's not breathing!" "She's lost too much blood," Jayfeather mewed gently. He touched Hollyleaf's pelt. His paw trembled. "We couldn't have saved her."
-Leafpool and Hollyleaf : The Last Hope; page 299-300

"Where's Mousefur?" A familiar voice sounded in Dovewing's ear. "Longtail!" she gasped as her dead Clanmate squeezed past. "Where is she?" Longtail demanded. "Defending her den." Dovewing nodded toward the honeysuckle bush where Mousefur fought beside Purdy. "Come on!" Longtail leaped away, knocking a Dark Forest warrior from his path. Mousefur was hissing, a ragged tabby in her grip as she churned at his spine with vicious hind claws. Longtail plucked the tabby away. "Let me help!" He sliced a gash in the tabby's flank, then flung him back toward his Clanmates. "You took your time," Mousefur muttered. "Always late, that's your trouble." "Not too late, I hope," Longtail retorted. As he spoke, a Dark Forest tom lunged from behind. Knocking Longtail out of the way, he grabbed Mousefur in his jaws. Surprise lit Mousefur's gaze as she stumbled and fell. "No!" Longtail dived for the tabby and bit down on his spine. The tabby gasped and let go, then fell twitching to the ground. "Come on! Get up!" Longtail snatched Mousefur's scruff in his teeth and tried to drag her to her paws, but she slumped onto her side. Dovewing stared in horror. Mousefur's head was twisted strangely, her eyes dull. "No!" Rage flared Longtail's gaze. Snarling, he turned and exploded into the battling cats. Purdy appeared, his muzzle smeared with blood. He stopped when he saw Mousefur and dropped down beside her. His eyes glittered with grief. "You died a warrior's death after all." He sent Dovewing away with a flick of his tail. "Go back to the fight," he murmured. "I'll watch over her." He buried his nose in his denmate's pelt. Dovewing reeled away, dizzy. "Hey!" She had stumbled into Bumblestripe. "Are you okay?" The young tom lifted her muzzle with his and stared into her eyes. "Mousefur's dead."
Longtail and Mousefur : The Last Hope; page 310-311

In the deserted forest, Firestar crouched beside Spottedleaf's trembling body. Blood welled at her neck, soaking Firestar's cheek as he pressed against her. "Spottedleaf! Please don't go". Dovewing heard a sob in his mew. "You promised you'd be there to welcome me". Spottedleaf gave a tiny shake of her head. "That was never going to happen my love. I cannot journey with you anymore. I'm so sorry". Firestar pawed at her. "No! I still need you!" "Let her go" A she-cat shimmered into view, her gray fur long and matted. "Yellowfang?" Firestar looked at her, his green eyes pleading. "Don't let her disappear. Please." "This was her destiny." Yellowfang touched her muzzle to Firestar's head. "Let her follow it." "But she said she'd wait for me in StarClan!" Firestar's mew caught in his throat. Spottedleaf looked up at him and opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something. A small gasp escaped her; then she fell limp. Her fur started to blur, leaving a faint outline and then nothing but bloodstained grass. Firestar's head drooped.
-Firestar and Spottedleaf : The Last Hope; page 315

"Why is Ferncloud asleep?" Amberkit asked, popping her head up. "She's tired after all the fighting, silly," mewed Dewkit beside her. He pricked his ears as Dustpelt pounded into the camp. "Dustpelt will wake her up." "Is it over?" The tabby warrior stumbled to a halt, following the gaze of his Clanmates toward his mate's body. "Ferncloud?" He stiffened. "Ferncloud!" He raced to her and tugged at her pelt with a frantic paw. Dustpelt jerked around. "Don't just stare! Get Jayfeather." Firestar dipped his head. "It's too late, Dustpelt." Eyes bright with anger, Dustpelt curled his lip. "Why didn't you protect her?" His gaze flitted on Icecloud. "Where were you when she needed you?" Firestar approached the tabby warrior. "No one could have saved her," he murmured. "Not even you." Dustpelt looked up at the ThunderClan leader. "I could have," he insisted. "I would have. If I'd been here." Firestar touched his muzzle to Dustpelt's shoulder. "She saved the kits from Brokenstar."
-Dustpelt : The Last Hope; page 318-319

Dovewing turned to Ivypool, shaking. "Tigerstar has gone!" As she spoke, thunder cracked the sky. She looked up as a bolt of lightning struck the fallen beech beside Firestar. The tree exploded into flame. Smoke rolled over Firestar. Eyes streaming, chest burning, Dovewing struggled to see her Clan leader. As she peered through the smoke, the clouds opened. Rain pounded the hollow. The burning beech hissed and crackled as the fire faded and died. Dovewing lifted her tail, relief flooding through her. "It's really over!" she gasped to Ivypool. "Firestar!" Sandstorm's yowl sounded above the thrumming of the rain. She raced toward the place where Tigerstar had fallen. A body was lying on the ground. Dovewing frowned. Tigerstar had disappeared, right? Why was there still a huddled shape on the bloodstained grass? No! She pelted after Sandstorm. He can't be dead! She skidded to a halt and stared in horror at Firestar's body. Sandstorm buried her nose deep into her mate's sodden fur. "I told you not to waste your final life," she whispered. Brambleclaw crossed the clearing, rain streaming from his whiskers, and stood beside her. "He didn't waste it." WFire will save the Clan," Leafpool whispered. Graystripe pushed past tigerheart and Whitestorm and crouched beside his old friend. "I would have taken your place, if you had let me." His voice was hoarse with grief. "Firestar!" Dustpelt called softly. "When you see her, tell Ferncloud I love her." Purdy nosed past him. "Is he dead?" "Yes." Bumblestripe wrapped his tail gently over the elder's back. Tigerheart's ear twitched. "It was his last life?" "Yes." Dovewing nodded toward Boulderfur and Troutstream, who lingered uncertainly near the entrance with their patrols. "It's time for you to go home. The battle is won and I need to be with my Clanmates." And yet it feels as if everything has been lost. She drew in a breath, then slid quietly in beside Bumblestripe. Rain dripped into her eyes and she blinked it away. Bumblestripe shifted so that his pelt rested warmly against her. Dovewing felt his breath against her eat. "You're safe now," he murmured. She leaned her head on his shoulder. "I know." She didn't look around as she heard Tigerheart pad away. Brambleclaw lifted his muzzle. "The battle is over. Our victory belonds to Firestar!"
-Many cats : The Last Hope; page 323-325

"I'm not proud of what I did," Onestar replied. "But when I was grappling with Darktail-and I've never battled an enemy with strength so vicious-this cat who was my son leaned into me and whispered something...."

"What?" Squirrelflight asked tenselty. "He said...'What do you think will happen to a cat who rejected, and then killed, his own son? Surely that cat would end up in the Dark Forest. Think of that when you are on your last life!'
But what Darktail didn't know was that I am on my last life. He meade me so afraid...."

A gasp went up from all the assembled cats. Violetpaw knew how shocking it was for a leader to refer openly to being on his last life, and even more shocking to admit that he was worried about where he would go after death. She saw Kestrelflight, the WindClan medicine cat, wince and close his eyes briefly.

"You must be joking!" Rowanstar exclaimed increulously. "The Dark Forest is not for a leader who saves his Clan from a terror such as Darktail-no matter whose kin he is!"
"That's true," Kestrelflight agreed. "The Dark Forest is for cats who have given themselves to evil. That isn't you, Onestar. I could have told you that long ago, if you'd trusted me enough to be honest with me."
-Onestar, Brokenstar and Kestrelflight : Shattered Sky; location 3765-3874

I'm sorry I can't make you proud of me. But I haven't finished yet. I'll do everything I can to make you glad I'm your son. You'll never make me ashamed of who I am or what I look like.
-Crookedjaw : Crookedstar's Promise; page 227-228

"You'll lose me as well as your life as a warrior," Raggedpelt reminded her. "I thought you cared! I thought you wanted to spend your life with me. I-I even thought we might have kits one day." "I thought the same," Yellowfang mewed, feeling her heart break. "I care for you so much! But I don't have a choice." "You always have a choice," Raggedpelt growled, turning his back on her. "And I thought you had chosen me."
-Raggedpelt and Yellowfang : Yellowfang's Secret; page 238-239

"His name is Brokenkit," she meowed, her voice faltering. Lizardstripe nodded, stretching out a paw to touch the bend in his tail. That was where every cat would think his name came from. but Yellowfang knew the truth. She named her son for the feeling in her chest as she left him there, as if her heart were cleaving in two, as if her life had broken down the middle.
-Yellowfang : Yellowfang's Secret; page 324-325

Black Ear blinked at him, his eyes clouding with confusion. "You sound like you're saying good-bye." "I am" Gray Wing lapped his cheek. "No!" Black Ear scrambled over his flank and began pummeling his shoulder. "Don't go!" White Tail's cry faded as Gray Wing felt his last breath leave his body. The tightness in his chest eased as the invisible jaws finally let go. Drawing in a deep breath, Gray Wing got to his paws. Lightly he stepped from his nest. He glanced back and saw Slate, Silver Stripe, White Tail, and Black Ear clinging to the body he no longer needed. "I will always be watching over you," he whispered.
-Gray Wing, Black Ear and White Tail : Path Of Stars; page 216-217

Other Quotes

"Haven't you noticed?" "Noticed what?" Cinderpelt opened her eyes and lifted her head. "Fireheart, every cat in the Clan can see the Sandstorm is very, very fond of you!"
-Cinderpelt and Fireheart : Rising Storm; page 155

His thoughts drifted back to the previous night. Cinderheart's pelt had shone in the moonlight, and the stars had glittered as though the sky were as frosted as the hills. "Then we are more than friends?" he had whispered into Cinderheart's ear. She'd pressed her cheek to his. "Hadn't you guessed?" "I'd hoped." She'd purred and wrapped her tail around his. "Mouse-brain."
-Lionblaze and Cinderheart : Night Whispers; page 113

"My head is so full of memories!" Cinderheart wailed. "I feel as though there are two lives inside me, not one. How can it be my choice to make? Doesn't Cinderpelt have a choice? I can't make her be a warrior! She was a medicine cat!" Lionblaze pressed his muzzle closer. "She gave you the choice." Cinderheart began to tremble. Lionblaze could sense her mind whirling. "You can only have one life, Cinderheart. It's your choice! This is your destiny, not Cinderpelt's. She lived her own life." Cinderheart gasped. Then her pelt smoothed. She lifted her chin. "Then I choose the life of a warrior." Her blue eyes shone. "And I choose you." A breeze stirred the ferns. Lionblaze glimpsed a pale gray shape appear like a shadow beside Cinderheart. Stepping back in surprise, he saw it peel away from her and drift up like a cobweb carried by the wind. A soft voice whispered, Thank you. Lionblaze's fur stood on end. "Did you see that?" Cinderheart was watching the shadow disappear into the trees. "It was Cinderpelt," she breathed. "I've set her free." Lionblaze purred loudly. "Will you fight alongside me?" Cinderheart pressed her muzzle fiercely against his. "Always."
-Lionblaze and Cinderheart : The Last Hope; page 241-242

"Everyone's training ot hunting," Leafpool reminded him. "Can I get some?" Jayfeather paused. "Collect moss?" He felt her flinch, ready for rejection. "That would be a waste of your skills," he mewed briskly. "Molepaw and Cherrypaw can collect some when they get back. I need you working here." "Really?" Shock sparked from Leafpool's pelt. "You have as much experience as me," Jayfeather told her. "It'd be dumb not to use you. You said it yourself - there are going to be a lot of injured warriors. I'll need you to help treat them." "B-but what about StarClan?" Leafpool stuttered. "They told me I was no longer a medicine cat." Jayfeather growled. "Things have changed, Leafpool. We have to do what we think is right for the Clan. And if that means going against StarClan, then we must." Leafpool padded closer. "Does this mean you've forgiven me?" Jayfeather returned to bundling herbs. "There's nothing to forgive," he sniffed. "You did what you thought was best. No cat can blame you for that."
-Jayfeather and Leafpool : The Last Hope; page 248-249

"Darkstripe! I'm not surprised to see you're with the Dark Forest traitors," he snraled. "So, you believe in StarClan now?" Darkstripe challenged. "I believe in evil!" "At least you believe in something, kittypet!" "I've always believed in the warrior code, and I always will."
-Cloudtail and Darkstripe : The Last Hope; page 263

Leafpool looked down at his paws. Perhaps if we'd stayed together. things would be different." Crowfeather's gaze sparked for a moment, then he sighed. "It was never meant to be." Leafpool flinched. but Crowfeather touched his tail to her flank. "I don't regret anything," he murmured. His gaze flicked toward Lionblaze. "Nothing at all." Ears twitching, he shouldered his way through the battle to the brambles sheltering Hollyleaf's body. He slid beneath them and touched his muzzle to her lifeless pelt.
-Leafpool and Crowfeather : The Last Hope; page 309

Bluestar went on. "I gave him a life for nobility, though he was born with more nobility than any warrior I ever knew." Her blue eyes glazed with surrow. "I knew that Firestar would save the Clan many moons ago. As fire, and then as the fourth cat in the oldest prophecy, he succeeded. He leaves ThunderClan in the paws of a new leader." She looked at Brambleclaw. "If you have half the courage and loyalty of Firestar, you will be a fine leader for ThunderClan." As she spoke the StarClan cats drew closer around Firestar's body. Touching pelts, they gazed down. A shadow stirred over the orange shape. Dovewing gasped. Pale as moonlight, graceful as the wind, Firestar stood up. "His spirit is leaving," Jayfeather murmured. Firestar's gaze swept slowly over his Clan. Dovewing swallowed as it reached her, then relaxed. It felt warm like sunshine. "It't time to go," Bluestar breathed. Firestar dipped his head to Brambleclaw, then leaned down and touched his muzzle to Sandstorm's. She stared up at him, her eyes glistening with grief as he turned and followed the StarClan cats out of the hollow. Dovewing jerked her head around as a black pelt moved at the edge of her vision. Hollyleaf's spirit was padding after them. "Look!" Sorreltail gasped. Mousefur's spirit leaped up from her body and bounded like a kit across the clearing. Purdy whisked his tail. "She'll get all the hunting she wants now." "Ferncloud's awake!" Amberkit squeaked from the nursery. Fernclou's spirit rose and padded after Mousefur. It paused at the thorn barrier and turned, dipping its head to Dustpelt, then disappeared after the others. Dovewing stared at the gap in the brambles' her chest aching. Sandstorm stood up. "Bramblestar!" "Brmablestar!" Lionblaze lifted his muzzle to the clearing sky. The Clan joined in. "Bramblestar!" "Bramblestar!" As Bramblestar looked up, Dovewing followed his gaze. A new star was shining amoung the others. Is Firestar there already? "I will honor my ancestors in StarClan," Bramblestar vowed, "but not those who have ever walked in the Dark Forest. Guide my steps wisely, warriors of the past." He lowered his head. "And warriors of now."
-Many cats : The Last Hope; page 326-328

Sandstorm stood up. "Bramblestar!" "Brmablestar!" Lionblaze lifted his muzzle to the clearing sky. The Clan joined in. "Bramblestar!" "Bramblestar!" As Bramblestar looked up, Dovewing followed his gaze. A new star was shining amoung the others. Is Firestar there already? "I will honor my ancestors in StarClan," Bramblestar vowed, "but not those who have ever walked in the Dark Forest. Guide my steps wisely, warriors of the past." He lowered his head. "And warriors of now." Jayfeather touched his tail to Bramblestar's spine. "It's time to choose a deputy," he prompted gently. Dovewing glanced around her Clanmates. Surely, Bramblestar would choose Lionblaze? He was the only warrior who couldn't be beaten in battle. He'd make a powerful deputy and leader one day. "Will you be my deputy, Squirrelflight?" The she-cat stared at him, every hair on her pelt quivering. "Really?" Bramblestar nodded. "There is no cat I trust more. Everything you do is for the best of reasons. I understand that now." Squirrelflight dipped her head. "Then I accept." A slender brown cat burst forward. It was Leafpool. "My sister," she murmured, pressing her head to Squirrelflight's. "You deserve this honor, and more. thank you, for everything." Squirrelflight licked Leafpool's ear. "I would do it again in a heartbeat," she whispered.
-Bramblestar and Squirrelflight : The Last Hope; page 328-329

"We brought death with us." "You brought change," Stoneteller soothed. "But must all change be born in blood?" I only ever intended for my friends to be safe. "we are all born in blood," Stoneteller murmured. "but it marks the beginning, not the end."
Gray Wing and Stoneteller : The First Battle; page 5

Thunder caught his eye. "I wish we could bury Turtle Tail too." He looked exhausted by grief. "It's too late," Gray Wing told him hoarsely. Who knew what they's find? He knew foxes roamed Twolegplace at night. "It's better to remember her covered in petals."
Thunder and Gray Wing : The First Battle; page 219

"Stop it, mouse-brain!" she gasped. "I can't breathe!" Raggedpelt's face was close to hers, his amber eyes gleaming "Admit defeat, then" "Okay, okay. Just get off me!" Raggedpelt rolled over with a purr. "You can't escape me," he meowed. "I'll always be here"
-Yellowfang and Raggedpelt : Yellowfang's Secret; page 282-283

"It wasn't vengeance. It was slaughter." Firestar felt the fur rise along his spine. "I had to watch my Clanmates die. I gave my last life to save them . . . and it wasn't enough.!
-Firestar : Bramblestar's Storm; page 5

"I could have loved you," Bramblestar meowed. "I know," Jessy murmured. "But you already love Squirrelflight. As you should. She is the mother of your kits." Bramblestar opened his jaws to interrupt, but Jessy silenced him with a flick of her tail. "I know they weren't born to you," she went on. "But you are their father, just as Squirrelflight is their mother. That is not a bond that's easily broken. Not even by a storm!"
-Bramblestar and Jessy : Bramblstar's Storm; page 461

River Ripple let out a soft mrrow of laughter. "Oh, Gray Wing, have you learned nothing? I may be a loner, but I know more than any cat. I see what you all do and where you go."
-River Ripple: The Blazing Star; page 23-34

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