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Omens, like prophecies are something that is taken very seriously by Clan cats. Although they aren't always as big or important as a prophecy, they can tell of good news or of tragedy. Below is a list of all known Omens.

Main Series

Omen Interpreter Meaning First Mentioned In
Rusty's collar is torn off in a fight with Longtail. Bluestar This omen showed that Rusty had left his life as a Kittypet behind him and he StarClan now accepted him as Firepaw of ThunderClan. Into The Wild
Red clouds Barkface This omen told that the day will bring an unnecessary death. When Fireheart and Graystripe returned from their quest to bring back WindClan, they were attacked by a RiverClan patrol and in the confusion of the fight Whiteclaw a RiverClan fell over into the gorge, losing his life. Fire And Ice
Clouds covering the full moon during a Gathering. Most Clan Cats This omen has appeared several times throughout the series. It shows that StarClan are angry with the gathering which usually results in it being ended. This usually happens when cats begin to fight or argue during the truce. Fire And Ice, but also in several other books.
A magpie in the fresh-kill pile that was intended for Bluestar turns out to be crowfood. Cinderpelt This omen foretold of how Bluestar's leadership would rot away slowly, she had lost faith in StarClan after the betrayal of Tigerclaw. She had lost her trust in her Clan and was no longer the strong leader she once was, she only realised she was wrong to distrust her Clan and StarClan shortly before she died. Forest Of Secrets
A vision of a giant tiger leaping from flames. Cinderpelt This omen foretold of how Brambleclaw (Tigerclaws son) and Squirrelpaw (Firestars daughter) would travel to find Midnight the badger and later lead the Clans to their new home by the lake. It was first assumed by Cinderpelt and Firestar that they were a danger to ThunderClan, but they learned they were mistaken. Midnight
A vision of two sets of pawprints merging into a single path. Leafpool This omen was to tell that Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight shared a destiny not cat would stop. Sunset
A vision of the ThunderClan camp surrounded by high walls of bramble, with claws instead of thorns. Leafpool This omen was to show that StarClan had chosen Brambleclaw as ThunderClan deputy. It also showed that it was time to accept Greystripe was lost and the Clan had to move on. StarClan were later surprised to see Greystripe return, and left the decision to Firestar of who was the true ThunderClan destiny. He choose to keep Brambleclaw as his deputy. Sunset
A total solar eclipse takes place. Most Clan Cats This was assumed to be a warning from StarClan that they were angry at the fight between the Clans at the time, like how they cover the moon at a gathering. Some others thought it may mean they did not belong by the lake. But logically this was likely to have been a normal solar eclipse, and nothing to do with StarClan. But because an eclipse is so rare no Clan cat knew this. A traveling loner called Sol had warned it would happen, but how he came to know is still unknown. Eclipse
A single reed in a wet reed bed with a burning a flame burning at its tip. Jayfeather (Mothwing found it) This was first assumed to represent Flametail, Jayfeather believed it meant that he had to find Flametail and convince him to tell the Medicine Cats he did not murder him. However it is later said to have been a sign that Firestar was the fourth cat in the prophecy of three. However it is never confirmed who sent the omen, as Spottedleaf said that it was not from StarClan because they could not see the Clans at the time. Jayfeather thinks it may have been Rock who sent it. The Last Hope
The sky darkened and was covered in thick dark clouds, the air shimmered and it got darker and darker as a cat with six toes on it's hind paw rushed past and everything went black for a moment before returning to normal. Willowshine This is believed to mean that they must find Tree the six toe'd cat who would help with the prophecy "The dark sky must not herald a storm" Darkest Sky

Super Editions and other books

Omen Interpreter Meaning First Mentioned In
A bit of flattened fur on a piece of prey, and a small piece of herb later found on the prey. Goosefeather This was assumed to be an omen saying that WindClan was going to attack ThunderClan, because it looked like the forest was flattened by wind. Later a small piece of herb was found on the prey, which was assumed to be a further sign to say they should attack WindClan's medicine supply before they could attack first. However as with many of Goosefeather's predictions and signs the Clan cats were skeptical. It was never revealed if it was a true sign from StarClan, but the Clan followed the Medicine Cat into a battle and much was lost including the death of Bluepaw's mother Moonflower, but it was never told if WindClan really planned to attack. Bluestar's Prophecy
Clouds in the sky. Goosefeather This omen foretold that Bluekit's and Snowkit's Apprentice ceremony would come early. Bluestar's Prophecy
Water drowning the cats in the gorge. Leafstar This omen foretold of 'greater storms' coming to SkyClan. Skyclan's Destiny
A squirrel on the fresh kill pile with a crooked jaw, caught by Crookedjaw. Hailstar This omen was assumed to mean that Crookedjaw was suppose to be the new Deputy. However it was actually a fake sign made by Mapleshade from the Dark Forest so she could keep her promise and make Crookedjaw Deputy and later Leader, as part of her plan to seek her revenge on Crookedjaw for her hatred of his ancestors. Crookedstar's Promise
A piece of black and white fur that blew over the moor and disappeared. Barkface This omen told that Talltail should follow his heart, and that if he felt he needed to leave the moor to find his place then StarClan accepted it. Tallstar's Revenge
A moth hatching from a cocoon. Mistystar This omen foretold of how SkyClan's prey and hunting ground were getting smaller, and that it would eventually be taken away by twolegs. Cloudstar's Journey
A blackbird with no head and a sparrow with no wings. Fawnstep This omen was sent to say that not everything was controlled by StarClan, and that although Mothwing didn't believe in StarClan, she was a loyal Medicine Cat who used her own instincts and that was what was truly important for a Medicine Cat. Mistystar's Omen
A branch blown across the herb patch which churned up the ground and fattened the herbs. Jayfeather This omen was most likely a warning of the flood that was yet to hit ThunderClan and devastate their territory. Bramblestar's Storm
A strange branch that kept appearing and tripping up Jayfeather and Leafpool. Jayfeather This omen foretold of the memorial stick that ThunderClan created after the battle with the Dark Forest and how Seedpaw would die trying to retrieve it. Bramblestar's Storm
A tiny stream of water carrying three pieces of water reed. Ravenwing The omen told of how Mapleshade's Kits did not belong in ThunderClan, as they were half RiverClan, and took after their RiverClan father more than their mother. Mapleshade's Vengeance

Other Omens

Omen Interpreter Meaning First Mentioned In
A moth's wing found outside of the medicine cat's den. Mudfur This omen was assumed to show that StarClan accepted Mothwing as a Medicine Cat, who was doubted by the Clans because she was formerly a Rouge. However it was later revealed to be a fake message set up by Hawkfrost, so he could use his sister for his own ambition. Midnight
Lionblaze chasing a fox off ThunderClan territory by himself Yellowfang This was not exactly an omen but a strange sign. Usually omens are signs sent by StarClan, however this was interpreted by Yellowfang who was part of StarClan. She believed that because Lionblaze defeated the fox alone, it was a sign that the Clans should fight the upcoming threats alone. Night Whispers

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