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A Clan Leader's Nine Lives

When a new Clan Leader is appointed, they visit StarClan to have a special ceremony where along with their Leader's name with the 'star' suffix, are given nine lives so they can use them to protect their Clan for as long as possible.

Each life is given by a member of StarClan that has been important to the new Leader during their life or was just a significant member of their Clan in the past. Each life is also given a meaning, which will represent a certain way in which they can protect their Clan. The meaning of each life usually relates to the cat who gives the life, such as a mate might give a life of love.

Most leader's nine lives ceremonies are never revealed in the books as it is forbidden to discuss the ceremony outside of StarClan. However there has been a few ceremonies that have been revealed, below is a list of these.

ThunderClan Leaders

Pinestar's Nine Lives

Only some of the meanings of Pinestar's lives have been revealed.

Given By Meaning
Doestar Survival, stretch to rebuild after hardship
Hollypelt Courage
Harepounce Loyalty
Stagleap Knowing when to fight and when to choose peace
Oakstar Judgement
Pearnose Trusting the wisdom of the Leader's closest companion (referring to Goosefeather who they knew tread a hard path)
Hawkfoot Strength of a nursing queen defending her young
Thunderstar Understanding you must live with your choices and knowing it was the right one
Morningstar Compassion for weaker cats

Bluestar's Nine Lives

Given By Meaning
Pinestar Compassion
Mumblefoot Endurance
Larksong Humor
Sweetpaw Hope
Sunstar Courage
Goosefeather Patience
Mosskit Trust
Moonflower Love
Snowfur Pride

Firestar's Nine Lives

Given By Meaning
Lionheart Courage
Redtail Justice
Silverstream Loyalty
Runningwind Tireless Energy
Brindle Face Protection
Swiftpaw Mentoring
Yellowfang Compassion
Spottedleaf Love
Bluestar Nobility, Certainty and Faith

Bramblestar's Nine Lives

Given By Meaning
Firestar Courage to make the hardest decisions
Goldenflower Understanding the love of a mother
Bluestar Clear judgment of character
Mousefur Listening to your elders
Lionheart To have the greatest pride in your Clan, to honor the lagacy that has been left by the leaders who have walked this path before and to have the courage to lay down your own paw prints over theirs.
Ferncloud Honor the mother-cats
Cinderpelt Offering second chances
Feathertail/td> Exploring beyond the borders of your Clan
Ravenpaw Speaking out against injustice

RiverClan Leaders

Crookedstar's Nine Lives

Given By Meaning
Hailstar Courage
Duskwater Mother's Love
Troutclaw Justice
Mossleaf Trust
Lilyflower Compassion
Lightningpaw Humility
Brightsky Hope
Sparrowfeather Patience
Shellheart Loyalty

Mistystar's Nine Lives

Given By Meaning
Graypool Loving your Clanmates
Stonefur Treating every cat as equals
Feathertail Accepting destiny
Crookedstar Wisdom and strength to carry the burden of leadership
Oakheart Courage to follow your heart
Bluestar Doing what is right
Silverstream Finding Happiness
Rippletail Curiosity
Perchkit Bravery

ShadowClan Leaders

Raggedstar's Nine Lives

Only part of Raggedstar's nine lives ceremony has been revealed.

Cedarstar, Lizardfang, Sagewhisker and a unnamed plump black-and-white tom gave him a life each, but the meaning of these is unknown. Only one of the other lives was described (the final life given to him by Dawnstar), the other four were not mentioned:

Given By Meaning
Dawnstar Putting ShadowClan above all others

Brokenstar's Nine Lives

Brokenstar's Nine life ceremony was a little different to other Clan Leader Ceremonies. StarClan were reluctant to give Brokenstar his nine lives as they knew what he had done and what he may come to do (Although how much they knew of this is unknown). However they had no choice but to follow the way of the Clans and make him Leader as he had been the former ShadowClan Leader Raggedstar's Deputy.

Because of this the lives StarClan gave Brokenstar were given as a sort of warning that he must find the right path to truly protect the Clan. Each life had a meaning which tried to warn Brokenstar to makes the right choices.

Given By Meaning
Cedarstar To live by the Warrior Code
Stonetooth Duty
Dawnstar Honor
A skinny gray tom (Name never mentioned) Truth
Lizardfang Judgment
Brokenstar's sister (Name never mentioned) Love of kin
A small brown tabby she-cat (Name never mentioned) Clear sight
A plump black-and-white tom (Name never mentioned, but was the same tom who gave a life to Raggedstar) Strength
Sagewhisker Compassion

Tigerstar's (Tigerclaw) Nine Lives

Given By Meaning
Littlebird Compassion
Badgerfang Training your young cats wisely
Pinestar Being aware of what goes on beyond Clan borders
Whitetail Understanding size isn't everything
Sedgestar Pride in ShadowClan
Flowerstar Placing all your faith in StarClan
Redscar Trusting your own instincts
Mossheart Mercy
Cedarstar Farsightedness

Tigerstar's (Tigerheart) Nine Lives

Tigerheart had a very unique ceremony, as for the first time in the history of the Clans he actually died before his ceremony. However Dovewing insisted on taking his body to the moon pool. This allowed StarClan to bestow him his lives before joining StarClan for good, however even though he received nine lives, he only kept eight as he had lost his first already.
Given By Meaning
Rowanclaw Strength
Kinkfur Courage
Pinenose Compassion
Dawnpelt Hope
Yellowfang Forgiveness
Sagewhisker Persistence
Littlecloud Acceptance
Raggedstar Loyalty
Flametail Love

WindClan Leaders

Windstar's Nine Lives

Only seven of WindStar's nine lives ceremony have been revealed.

Given By Meaning
Gray Wing Determination to bring unity to the Clans
Petal To love friendship and loyalty above all things
Turtle Tail Stubbornness to keep going in the face of future troubles
Branch Confidence to open your heart to other cats, trust.
Willow Tail The grace to forgive all cats, however weak or wrong they may be
Morning Whisker Resilience to keep going, whatever troubles life brings
Emberkit Love

Heatherstar's Nine Lives

Only part of Heatherstar's nine lives ceremony has been revealed.

Given By Meaning
Thrustpelt (eight life) The courage to trust your instincts
Daisytail (ninth life) The force of a mother's love

Tallstar's Nine Lives

Given By Meaning
Mole ~The courage to do what you believe to be right
Palebird The love of a mother for her kits
Finchkit The ability to seize every opportunity, to act without fear or hesitation
Mothflight A sense of adventure to embrace even the greatest challenge without hesitation
Heatherstar The power to judge wisely
Woollytail Honoring old traditions on behalf of the future
Dawnstripe Patience
Shrewclaw Upholding the warrior code
Sandgorse Forgiveness

SkyClan Leaders

Cloudstar's Nine Lives

Only two of Cloudstar's lives is known. One was by Maplestar, however it was not specified what it was for. Another was by Duskstar / Darkstar:

Given By Meaning
Duskstar (He is called Darkstar in Code of the Clans, but Duskstar in Cloudstar's Journey) To have faith in your instincts and that your word is law

Leafstar's Nine Lives

Given By Meaning
Cloudstar Endurance
Skywatcher Hope
Leafstar's Mother (Name never mentioned) Love
Spottedleaf Healing
Redstar Wisdom
Birchstar Sympathy and Understanding
Swiftstar Selflessness
Dawnstar Determination
Birdflight Faithfulness

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