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The Clans and Tribes have had many Leaders over time, below is a list of all known Leaders.

Tribe Leaders

Clan Leaders

The Clans have lived many generations and thus have had many Leaders. Below is a list of all the Clan Leaders known of to date. There may be more yet to be revealed, therefore each Leader may not have directly followed the previous leader listed.


Clan Leader Clan Deputy
Thunder / Thunderstar Lightningtail, Owleyes
OwlStar Unknown
Whitestar Vinetail
Finchstar Daisyheart
Lionstar Greeneyes
Vinestar Unknown
Morningstar Leafstorm
Redstar Seedpelt
Oakstar Beetail
Doestar Pineheart
Pinestar Sunfall
Sunstar Tawnyspots, Adderfang, Bluefur
Bluestar Redtail, Lionheart, Tigerclaw, Fireheart
Firestar Whitestorm, Graystripe, Brambleclaw
Bramblestar Squirrelflight


Clan Leader Clan Deputy
Wind Runner / Windstar (Also once mentioned as Runningwind) Gorse / Gorsefur
Gorsestar Unknown
Graystar (Remembered as Graywing) Unknown
Duststar Stonetail
Stonestar Mudpuddle
Hazzlestar Unknown
Featherstar Pebblefur, Acorntail
Fallowstar Unknown
Birchstar Unknown
Rabbitstar Unknown
Swiftstar Milkfur
Heatherstar Reedfeather, Talltail
Tallstar Deadfoot, Mudclaw, Onewhisker
Onestar Ashfoot, Harespring


Clan Leader Clan Deputy
River Ripple / Riverstar Unknown
Emberstar Unknown
Darkstar Unknown
Splashstar Unknown
Troutstar Unknown
Reedstar Unknown
Ivystar Unknown
Talonstar Unknown
Willowstar Unknown
Birchstar Sloefur
Hailstar Shellheart, Crookedjaw
Crookedstar Timberfur, Oakheart, Leopardfur
Leopardstar Stonefur, Mistyfoot, Hawkfrost
Mistystar Reedwhisker


Clan Leader Clan Deputy
Tall Shadow / Shadowstar Unknown
Hollystar Unknown
Brindlestar Lakestorm
Lilystar Sunnystar
Blizzardstar Unknown
Snowstar Brightwhisker
Brightwhisker (Died before she could receive her nine lives and name) Died before she appointed one
Flowerstar Unknown
Ripplestar Marshscar
Yellowstar Unknown
Sedgestar Unknown
Dawnstar Snaketail
Cedarstar Stonetooth , Raggedpelt
Raggedstar Foxheart, Cloudpelt, Brokentail
Brokenstar Blackfoot
Nightstar Cinderfur
Tigerstar Blackfoot
Blackstar Russetfur, Rowanclaw
Rowanstar Crowfrost, Tigerheart


Clan Leader Clan Deputy
Clear Sky / Skystar Unknown
Birchstar Rainsplash
Beechstar Maplewhisker
Mothpelt (He passed his leadership before taking his nine lives and name) Unknown
Maplestar Unknown
Dewstar Unknown
Hawkstar Robinstar (Warrior name unknown)
Robinstar Unknown
Rowanstar Unknown
Darkstar Raincloud
Fennelstar Unknown
Flystar Petalfall
Cloudstar Buzzardtail
Buzzardstar Unknown
Spiderstar Honeyleaf
Leafstar Sharpclaw, Waspwhisker, Hawkwing

The Tribe Leaders

The Tribe(s) have had many Leaders / StoneTellers / Healers as well as the Clans, however little is known about them. Below is a list of the known Leaders.

Tribe Leader Details
Rock Rock mentioned he was a Healer of an ancient Tribe, many generations before the Tribe Of Rushing Water. He also mentioned there were two other Tribes at this time, both with their own Healers.
Half Moon Half Moon was the first StoneTeller of the Tribe Of Rushing Water.
StoneTeller - Previous Name Unknown StoneTeller was the leader of the Tribe when Clan cats first discovered it.
Crag Where Eagles Nest Crag was chosen as the new StoneTeller after the previous StoneTeller died.
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This site may contain spoilers on the Warrior Cats series. I have tried to keep major information under the 'Inside The Story' menu. Please keep this in mind if you have not read all of the books.

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Chat Rules

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