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The cats in the Warrior Cats series fear many illnesses. Kittypets may get treated by the vet / cutter, but the Clan and other wild cats have to survive on their own. This page lists all the illnesses that the cats face.

See Medical Herbs for a list of herbs used to help with illness.

Chest Infections
Other Aliments

Chest Infections

Illness Description
Kitten-cough A chest infection that effects Kits. It was said that the forest once had a herb that cured it, but the Twolegs filled the area with hard earth and strange flower and the herb died off.
Whitecough A mild chest infection commonly caught in leafbare, if untreated it can become greencough.
Greencough A bad chest infection often caught in leafbare.
Yellowcough A bad chest infection.
Redcough Redcough is a very bad chest infection, named after the way cats infected cough up blood. If untreated the cat will likely die. Cat Mint is ineffective and the only known cure is a special bark sap only found in SkyClan.
Blackcough Blackcough was assumed to be a very bad or fatal chest infection above that of greencough, however no cat had been known to have suffered from it. It was later confirmed by Victoria Holmes that the use of the term blackcough was a editorial mistake, blackcough is actually greencough. The name blackcough was originally the name for greencough, but it was changed to greencough before Into the Wild was published as it was a more accurate description of the illness.


Illness Description
Dangerous Herbs Deathberries, Foxglove Seeds, Hemlock, Holly Berries and Nightshade can make a cat very ill, or even be fatal. for more information on these, see the herbs page.
Crowfood Rotten food, often eaten by cats when they are desperate, but can cause the cat to become very ill and even be fatal.
Twoleg Stuff This can be a anything left by Twolegs. Usually at carrionplace or similar places Twolegs often leave poisonous things, eating food or drinking water in places with Twoleg stuff can make a cat very ill and even be fatal.
Smoke If there is a fire in the forest, there will be a lot of smoke, breathing in too much smoke, will make a cat very ill or be fatal.
Bites If a cat is bitten by a venomous animal such as a snake, it is usually fatal. Diseased animals such as rats can also give bites that will make a cat ill or even be fatal.


Illness Description
Wounds Wounds are common in fights or from other accidents. This can be from many things such as from bites, scratches or ripped claws.
Sprains When a cat overworks a muscle it can get sprained, this causes discomfort but will heal after a long rest.
Dislocated Joints Cats can often dislocate their joints in fights or accidents, however unlike broken bones they can be relocated by a Medicine Cat.
Broken Bones Cats often get hurt in fights or other accidents, which can result in broken legs or other broken bones.

Other Ailments

Illness Description
Blindness Cats can often be born blind, or later be made blind from an accident that damages their eyes.
Joint Ache Cats can often suffer joint aches if they have been in an accident, or more commonly Elders begin to suffer from it.
Cracked Pads Cat's paw pads may crack while walking on hard surfaces or just from dry weather, more commonly Elders suffer from this. However this can differ, as some cats such as those from SkyClan have soft pads that do not crack as easily.
Spoiler Warning
This site may contain spoilers on the Warrior Cats series. I have tried to keep major information under the 'Inside The Story' menu. Please keep this in mind if you have not read all of the books.

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