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Warrior Cats has had a rather interesting storyline, and it has rarely been simple or straight forward. But this is good, as it always keeps the reader guessing what is going to happen.

However there are often little subtle hints hidden away which can suggest what will happen in the story, or give away secrets about characters. These are easily missed, but keep a keen eye and you may find some.

This page lists some of the ways hints have been given in some of the books before.


The names of Clan cats aren't always just chosen randomly, after the color of a pelt, or the fluffiness of a tail, sometimes their names have a deeper meaning.


- The best example of this comes from Firestar, or Firepaw as he was first named. There was once the prophecy "Fire alone can save our Clan.". Now at first glance this prophecy seemed odd, how could fire save the Clan? Well Bluestar thought the same, and unknown to the reader at the time, when she first saw Firepaw, or Rusty as he was called as a Kittypet, she thought that perhaps his blaze coloured pelt was the fire of the prophecy. When she named Firepaw, she chose fire with the hope that he was the fire to save the Clan. It was later revealed that he was the fire destined to save the Clan.

Firepaw's name was a hint to this prophecy.

- Hollyleaf and her brothers, Jayfeather and Lionblaze learned that their mother wasn't Squirrelflight as they had been told. For a long time they wondered who it was, until it was revealed to be Leafpool.

Although a very subtle one, Hollyleaf's Warrior name was actually a hint to who their mother was, as the leaf suffix was actually requested by Squirrelflight, who wanted her to be named after her true mother.


The way the cats speak is a good indicator to define their character. From seeing how a certain cat speaks you can see if they are shy or arrogant, but this is also a useful way to learn certain things. Often a cats personality may change for one reason or another and this can be shown in their speech.
As well as personality traits, the general terminology used by cats can also gives hints to their life style and personality.


- Sandstorm, or Sandpaw as she was known as an apprentice showed a lot of hostility towards Firepaw when he joined ThunderClan and she rarely missed a opportunity to make fun of him. However after a while she stopped insulting him and actually showed him respect. They soon became Warriors and Firestar, or Fireheart as he was known as a Warrior realized that Sandpaw, who had become Sandstorm had feelings for him and they soon became mates.

Sandpaw's change in personality and her attitude towards Firepaw was a hint to show that she liked him.

- When Mapleshade trained Crookedstar, or Crookedpaw / Crookedjaw as he was known before, she fooled him into believing she was a honorable StarClan cat who had once been a RiverClan Warrior. However she was later revealed to be a former ThunderClan Warrior, who had become evil and roamed the Dark Forest. However there was a hint throughout the book that gave away her true identity. Crookedstar's Promise was based in RiverClan and they are a fairly unique Clan with the food they eat and the way they live. Because of this they also have their own unique terms such as 'frog-brain' and 'fish-brain'. The terms like 'mouse-brain' and 'mouse-dung' which have been commonly used throughout the series were specifically stressed as ThunderClan words in the book. Whereas the RiverClan cats would use their own words, while Mapleshade mentored Crookedstar she always used words such as 'mouse-brain' which were clearly words of ThunderClan, not RiverClan.

Mapleshade's use of ThunderClan words was a hint to show that she was originally from ThunderClan and not the innocent StarClan cat and former RiverClan Warrior Crookedstar believed her to be.

- Hollyleaf ran away from the Clans after she learned the truth of her parentage and fled into the tunnels under the lake territory. When she fled Lionblaze and Jayfeather saw the tunnel she entered collapse behind her. It was assumed she had died as it seemed unlikely that she could have escaped, however it was never confirmed, no cat ever said she was defiantly dead, not even StarClan, she was only said to be 'lost'. Later she returned to the Clans, and admitted she had escaped barely and with the help of Fallen Leaves had managed to survive in the tunnels for several seasons.

StarClan's use of the word 'lost' and never actually saying she had died was a clever way of covering up that she had survived. 'Lost' could have easily meant that she was dead but it could also mean she was 'lost' from the Clans and had gone off alone. By wording it like this many readers believed she was dead, however to the keen eyed reader who noticed they never said she was actually dead, this in a way gave away that she was in fact alive.
Spoiler Warning
This site may contain spoilers on the Warrior Cats series. I have tried to keep major information under the 'Inside The Story' menu. Please keep this in mind if you have not read all of the books.

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