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Forbidden Love

The Clan cats, just like other animals can fall in love and have mates. Medicine Cats are not allowed to have a mate as it can effect their duties to care for the Clan, but all other cats may find themselves a mate. However relationships should be kept within the same Clan.

If a cat falls in love with a cat outside of their own Clan it will usually end in trouble and heartbreak. Falling in love with outsiders, in particular other Clan cats is a violation of the Warrior Code:

"Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan."

Yes a cat can have a friend outside of their own Clan, but not a mate. having such a close relationship can test loyalties if they were to meet in battle or in any other conflict. It can generally cause trouble between the Clans, this is why it is forbidden.

But where there are rules and restrictions, there will always be those who break them. Below is a list of relationships that never should have been.

Cloudberry and Ryewhisker
Bluefur and Oakheart
Fallowtail and Reedfeather
Silverstream and Graystripe
Yellowfang and Raggedstar
Leafpool and Crowfeather

The Relationship That Made It Forbidden

Each part of the Warrior Code has a reason for being there, often only after a horrible incident which makes the Clans realize change is needed. This is one of those cases, only after a horrible incident was the rule to remain loyal to your Clan above all else created.

Cloudberry and Ryewhisker

Kit(s): Name(s) unknown, but assumed to have been born to RiverClan.

Cloudberry of RiverClan and Ryewhisker of WindClan fell in love after meeting each other in the forest, back even before the Warrior Code was created. Their relationship wasn't forbidden at the time as the Clans were not bound by the code. They met many times, and after a while Cloudberry became pregnant with Ryewhisker's Kits. They originally agreed that the Kits would be brought up in RiverClan, as Emberstar, Cloudberry's mother and Leader of RiverClan wanted strong Kits. Ryewhisker decided to live in RiverClan with his mate and Kits and perhaps when they were strong bring them to WindClan.

However the Clans soon learned that cross Clan relationships were doomed to tragedy. WindClan attacked RiverClan after being constantly accused of stealing fish. In the battle Cloudberry is almost killed by the WindClan Warrior Hawkfur, but Ryewhisker saved her and tells his clanmate he will not let his mate and Kits be killed by his own clanmate. But after saving Cloudberry he is attacked by a RiverClan Warrior and is killed.

Ryewhisker's tragic death is what created the first rule of the Warrior Code, to remain loyal to your Clan above all else. During the following full moon after the battle, Duststar the leader of WindClan proposed the rule, the other Clans accepted and the Warrior Code was born. This was also the time when they decided to meet every full moon for gatherings.

Cloudberry and her Kit(s) story is unknown from this point, but are assumed to have lived together in RiverClan.

Relationships With Cats From Other Clans

Although strictly forbidden, there have been occasions where cats have gone against the code for the love of a cat of another Clan. Relations of this nature have ended in disaster for all involved and this really shows why it is forbidden.
Kits born from these relationships are known as Half-Clan cats and are usually seen as untrustworthy by a lot of Clan cats.

Bluefur and Oakheart

Kits: Mosskit, Mistykit-Mistypaw-Mistyfoot-Mistystar, Stonekit-Stonepaw-Stonefur

Bluefur of ThunderClan and Oakheart of RiverClan fell in love after meeting several times at gatherings and other places. They decided to meet at Fourtrees in secret, but after one night they decided that they were wrong and that they could no longer meet and could not stay mates. Bluefur later gave birth to three Kits Mosskit, Stonekit and Mistykit. However because she believed she needed to become Deputy to save ThunderClan and knew a nursing queen could not become a Deputy, she secretly took her Kits to RiverClan for Oakheart to bring up. Mosskit died on the journey in the cold snow, but Mistykit and Stonekit grew up in RiverClan. ThunderClan assumed they were killed by foxes after Bluefur made a hole in the back of the nursery to fool them. Bluefur and Oakheart never got close again in case someone noticed the resemblance in her and her Kits.

After a long time the secret was finally revealed when Fireheart who had discovered the truth himself earlier, told the cats in a battle to save Bluestar from Mistyfoot and Stonefur. Mistyfoot and Stonefur hated Bluestar when they found out the truth, but finally forgave her when they saved her from the river after she saved Fireheart from dogs on the gorge. However she had taken in too much water and died at the riverside happy knowing that they forgave her.

Fallowtail and Reedfeather

Kits: Graykit-Graypool, Willowkit-Willowbreeze

Fallowtail of RiverClan and Reedfeather of WindClan most likely fell in love after meeting at gatherings. They met in WindClan territory, where Crookedkit once saw them, this was likely a common meeting. Later Fallowtail gave birth to two she-kits Graykit and Willowkit, her Clan did not know the father until he later walked into RiverClan and demanded the Kits were to be brought up in WindClan. Hailstar was willing to fight but Fallowtail gave them up, as she didn't want there to be bloodshed over her mistake.

Fallowtail was heartbroken after her Kits were taken away, and she became very depressed. Hailstar felt bad for her, so without telling her he led a patrol into WindClan and stole back the Kits. When Reedfeather pursued them, Hailstar in anger almost killed him in the river. Reedfeather escaped with his injuries and never claimed the Kits back again. The Kits grew into strong and proud RiverClan Warriors, Graykit became Graypool and Willowkit became Willowbreeze as a reminder that they came from both RiverClan and WindClan.

Silverstream and Graystripe

Kits: Stormkit-Stormpaw-Stormfur, Featherkit-Featherpaw-Feathertail

Silverstream of RiverClan and Graystripe of ThunderClan fell in love after Silverstream saved Graystripe from drowning in the river. Graystripe sneaked out of camp many times to meet Silverstream. Fireheart discovered the truth but being his best friend he didn't tell, however tried and failed to get them to stop seeing each other. Silverstream became pregnant with Graystripe's Kits, they had agreed to let them grow up as RiverClan Kits, knowing no one would question Silverstream about them. However when Graystripe met Silverstream again, she began her kitting early. Fireheart and Tigerclaw found them both near the river and they called for Cinderpelt the Medicine Cat apprentice, as Yellowfang the Medicine Cat was away. She helped with the kitting, but it went wrong and Silverstream died giving birth to Stormkit and Featherkit. Heartbroken, Graystripe would not give up his Kits, but did not want to let ThunderClan suffer by keeping them and fighting RiverClan, so he went to RiverClan with them. However he realized his heart lied in ThunderClan and later came back leaving Stormfur and Feathertail in RiverClan.

Relationships With Medicine Cats

Perhaps worse than a cross Clan relationship is that of a Medicine Cat. Medicine Cat's are sworn to protect cats who need them, mates can effect their work and cost lives so taking a mate as a Medicine Cat is strictly forbidden. However there are cases where this rule has been broken, love isn't simple and even Medicine Cats can fall in love, but it is their responsibility to remain loyal to their duties. These are example of those who seemed to forget this.

Yellowfang and Raggedstar

Kits: Brokenkit-Brokenpaw-Brokentail-Brokenstar and two un-named She-Kits who died.

Yellowfang and Raggedstar at first did nothing wrong. They grew up together in ShadowClan as Kits, Apprentices and even Warriors as they slowly began to fall in love with each other. However Yellowfang's destiny did not lie in being a Warrior and she soon decided to follow her destiny and become a Medicine Cat. However Yellowfang still loved Raggedpelt and when she became a Medicine Cat Apprentice under Sagewhisker she secretly met up with Raggedpelt as her mate. Yellowfang eventually realized she could not keep Raggedpelt as her mate, and when she was given her full Medicine Cat title she told Raggedpelt they could no longer be together. However it was already to late as she soon realized she was pregnant with Raggedpelt's Kits. Managing to keep it a secret she gave birth to three Kits. Brokenkit and two She-Kits, one was born dead and the other died shortly after their birth. Unable to raise him herself, they give Brokenkit to the nursing queen Lizardstripe to raise. The Clan never learned the truth about Brokenkit. The Clan assumed that Foxheart who had always liked Raggedpelt was his mother and when Raggedpelt became Raggedstar and made her his Deputy, they assumed Foxheart had given up Brokenkit to focus on becoming Deputy. Foxheart died shortly after and never revealed that she wasn't Brokenkit's mother keeping the secret safe.

Yellowfang was concerted about her Kit, she could see rage and hatred within him and was also unhappy about an ambitious and hostile queen raising him. She was right to fear, when Brokentail was a Warrior, after the death of Raggedstar's second Deputy Cloudpelt, he was made Deputy. Brokentail was not happy with merely being Deputy though and he killed his father so that he could become Leader. He claimed that he was killed in an ambush by WindClan. Brokenstar focused on making the Clan strong , but inevitably weakened the Clan and brought it to the brink of destruction, he focused on battle, made Kits Apprentices before they were six moons old, and failed to train his Clan with hunting skills which forced the Clan to live off little fresh kill and mostly crow food. He even exiled the Elders from the camp because they were weak and did not help in battle.

Brokenstar caused a lot of harm to all the Clans. He drove WindClan out of the forest and stole, completely ignoring the Warrior Code or even showing the slightest bit of compassion (however Fireheart and Graystripe later brought WindClan back to their home in the forest). Brokenstar was also responsible for the deaths of many cats, not just his 'enemies', such as Badgerfang who he made an Apprentice at three moons old. Badgerpaw fought in a battle against WindClan, however he deceived fatal injuries in the battle. Before he died, his mentor Flintfang granted him his Warrior name Badgerfang so he could go to StarClan as a true Warrior.

Brokenstar later framed Yellowfang for the death of Mintkit and Marigold Kit. He claimed that she had killed them and banished her from ShadowClan. After her exile Fireheart found Yellowfang and brought her to ThunderClan, she lived there as a guest (or prisoner in some cats eyes). While she lived in ThunderClan, a ShadowClan patrol broke into the camp to steal Kits for Brokentail's merciless battle training. They stole Frostfur's four young Kits and Clawface, a ShadowClan warrior killed Spottedleaf when she tried to stop them. Yellowfang realized the situation and pursued the Warriors, however ThunderClan thought Yellowfang had taken the Kits and fled with them. Fireheart believed in Yellowfang and was sent by Bluestar to find out the truth, he then found Yellowfang who told him the situation.

Fireheart joined a ThunderClan patrol and alongside Yellowfang and the ShadowClan elders who were exiled by Brokentail for being too weak to fight decided to raid the ShadowClan camp to save the Kits. They attacked the camp, and defeated Brokentail and his most loyal Warriors who all fled, the rest of ShadowClan were left scared and lost, as although they had at first believed in Brokenstars strength, in the end had only followed Brokenstar's evil ways through fear. The elder Nightpelt who helped defeat Brokenstar became the new ShadowClan leader. They saved the Kits and brought them back to ThunderClan, where Yellowfang was accepted as the new ThunderClan Medicine Cat after Spottedleaf's death.

Brokenstar and his followers later attacked ThunderClan when Fireheart was the only Warrior in camp, but Fireheart and the other cats in the camp defeated the invaders. Clawface was killed and Brokenstar, now renamed as Brokentail again by Bluestar as he was no longer a Leader, was held as a prisoner after being blinded by Yellowfang. Yellowfang was asked by Fireheart why she did not kill him, she tells him that she couldn't kill him because she was his mother, Fireheart is shocked but because of his respect for Yellowfang keeps her secret. After the battle the other Clans learned of Brokentail being held prisoner and wanted him dead, but Bluestar refused to kill him in cold blood.

Brokentail secretly talked to Tigerclaw and arranged another raid on ThunderClan, Tigerclaw lead the old followers of Brokentail into the camp and attempted to kill Bluestar so he could become Leader. The intruders were defeated and fled and Tigerclaw was exiled for betrayal. Brokentail was watched over by Yellowfang who now knew all about Brokentail's evil doings including that he had killed her mate and his own father Raggedstar. Yellowfang felt a lot of pain, to see her mistake of taking a mate bring such a monster into the Clans, she decided she could not let anyone else suffer and fed Brokentail deathberries knowing he was on his last life, but not before revealing to him that she was his mother.

Yellowfang then continued to live her life as a loyal Thunderclan Medicine Cat until she joined StarClan herself. However her suffering was not at an end. When The Dark Forest started rising under the influence of Brokenstar and Tigerstar, Yellowfang tried to protect ThunderClan by guiding Jayfeather. However the battle was inevitable and during the battle between the Clans and the Dark Forest, Yellowfang killed him once again with her own fangs causing him to vanish forever.

Leafpool and Crowfeather

Kits: Hollykit-Hollypaw-Hollyleaf, Jaykit-Jaypaw-Jayfeather, Lionkit-Lionpaw-Lionblaze

Leafpool of ThunderClan and Crowfeather of WindClan fell in love after meeting several times at gatherings and other places. Their love was particularly unique, sad and forbidden because Leafpool was the Medicine Cat of ThunderClan and not allowed a mate at all. Crowfeather had already fallen in love with Feathertail of RiverClan, but she died saving the Tribe Of Rushing Water from a mountain lion and he was still grieving when he began to have feeling for Leafpool. They met several times in secret around the border of ThunderClan and WindClan, but Leafpool knew she was breaking the Warrior Code and didn't know what to do. Crowfeather asked Leafpool to run away from the Clans with him but she wasn't sure. But after talking to Spottedleaf of StarClan in a dream who told her to follow her heart, she decided to go with him. She had felt unneeded in ThunderClan at the time so thought she would not be missed. Several days after they left, they met Midnight the badger who told them of a attack coming from his badger kin. This was when Leafpool realized that her heart actually lied with ThunderClan and not Crowfeather. They decided to return to the Clans where they would be enemies once more.

Leafpool felt a lot of pain for her choice when she realized Cinderpelt already knew of her death in the battle with the badgers, if she had not returned ThunderClan would have no Medicine Cat, and she desperately wanted forgiveness. Leafpool's pain continued when she soon became pregnant with Kits, as the only Medicine Cat of ThunderClan she knew she could not let the Clan find out or suffer because of her mistake. She planned with her sister Squirrelflight, they left the Clan when she was expecting her Kits, and gave birth in secret. They fooled the Clan into thinking the Kits Hollykit, Jaykit and Lionkit were Squirrelflight's and Brambleclaw's. The secret was kept well until Ashfur who was heartbroken when Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw over him had tried to killed Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze. She told him the truth to save them so that he would have a more dangerous way to get revenge on her, by telling her secret. Ashfur planned to tell all the Clans at the gathering, but Hollyleaf killed Ashfur thinking she was saving her Clan, who had already been attacked by WindClan and RiverClan for accepting outsiders into their Clan.

But Hollyleaf soon learned her mother was Leafpool, Hollyleaf had more trust in the Warrior Code than anyone else and learning that her birth broke the the rules of the code because her mother was a Medicine Cat destroyed her spirit. Her loss and her anger drove her to expose the secret herself at the gathering, she ran away, meeting Leafpool one more time and asked her to eat Deathberries, but when she realized she would suffer more alive, she ran away from the Clan. She fled to the underground tunnels, where she told Jayfeather and Lionblaze the truth of Ashfur's death which at the time was still a mystery to them. As she fled the cave collapsed and everyone assumed she died. Jayfeather and Lionblaze never told the Clan about Ashfur's death, deciding to keep it as one last secret to preserve her memory. Leafpool resigned as a Medicine Cat as she had broken the code and Jayfeather became the ThunderClan Medicine Cat.

Hollyleaf did not die in the tunnels, and she returned to ThunderClan after many moons of self enforced exile in the tunnels. She slowly began to get use to life in ThunderClan again, and gained respect when she helped defeat Sol and stopped his plot of leading WindClan and ThunderClan into battle. However there was still suspicions around her and some cats started to think she had something to do with Ashfur's death (although Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Leafpool who also knew the truth had kept it a secret). She had almost decided to reveal the truth, however Brambleclaw covered for her and claimed that he had seen Ashfur attack her and she had defended herself (although Brambleclaw never revealed whether he realised the truth or not). Hollyleaf went along with the lie and tried to continue life as a loyal Warrior once again.

When the final battle between the Dark Forest and the Clans began Hollyleaf thought with her Clan as a true Warrior. She helped Ivypool fight off Hawkfrost but she took a fatal wound to the neck, she was helped back to camp and Jayfeather and Leafpool (who was acting as Medicine Cat during the battle) tried to save her, but it was hopeless. Before she died hollyleaf said, "I’m glad I came back to ThunderClan." Her chest fluttered as she fought for breath. "I couldn’t bear to … to leave without getting to know my mother.". Leafpool had eventually made her peace with her Kits, Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf who had previously hated her for her lies and with her mate Crowfeather who told her he had no regrets, but she had suffered greatly and would never forget her mistakes as she watched her poor Kit Hollyleaf die before her eyes.

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