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Warrior Cats is a large series, with many characters, terms and places. So it is understandable that errors sometimes occur, and although the vast majority are most likely fixed before printing, there are a few that are missed. This page lists some of the errors that have been printed in the books.

Common Mistakes
Famous Mistakes
General Mistakes

Common Mistakes

With so many characters, places and events to remember, there was always going to be mistakes, some much easier to pick up in editing than others. Below is a list of the most common mistakes made in the series.

Eye Colour

This is probably the most commonly made mistake throughout the books. On many occasions cats have been described with the wrong colour eyes.


Tawnypaw is said to have amber eyes, when she has green eyes (The allegiances of this book however describe her correctly with green eyes):

"'The worst of Tawnypaw's fury was fading, though her amber eyes still burned.'"
- The Darkest Hour - page 153

Firestar is described as having amber eyes, when they are actually green:

'Jaypaw felt Firestar's amber gaze warm his pelt.'
- Dark River - page 263

Brambleclaw is the cat on the cover of the book Midnight, however he is illustrated with green eyes, when they are actually amber.

Pelt Colour(s)

This is also a common mistake, in the same way as eye colour, on many occasions cats have been described with the wrong pelt. Examples include times where the colour is simply incorrect, or in other instances cats may have been described incorrectly as a tabby or tortoiseshell. In some examples cats have have started with one pelt, and changed entirely to another later in the series.


Tigerpaw is described as having a golden pelt, when it is actually brown:

'"Hey, I look like you, don't I?" Tigerpaw interrupted, stretching out a paw to compare his golden pelt with Lionblaze's.'
- Long Shadows - page 84

Mousefur is called a tabby when she is just plain brown:

'"Sure, Fireheart." The wiry brown tabby got to her paws.'
- The Darkest Hour - page 30

In Rising Storm Tawnykit is described as ginger, but later in the series she is changed to a tortoiseshell.

Ivytail was originally described as having a brown pelt, however from Outcast onwards she becomes a tortoiseshell.

Past And Future Names

This is another common mistake. The Clan cats change their name as they grow from Kit to Apprentice and onwards. On many occasions cats have been referred to by the wrong name, such as a Apprentice being called by their Kit name, or an Apprentice being called their Warrior name before their Warrior ceremony.


The ShadowClan Leader Nightstar is called by his Warrior name Nightpelt:

'Tigerclaw snorted in disbelief and Nightstar glared down at him. "Do you doubt the word of ShadowClan, Tigerclaw?" The crowd murmured uncomfortably as Tigerclaw stared back at Nightpelt with unconcealed distrust.'
- Fire And Ice - page 246

The WindClan Apprentice Breezepaw is referred to as his Warriors name Breezepelt before his Warrior ceremony:

'"he and the kits are going to end up like Crowfeather and Breezepelt."'
- Long Shadows - page 216

Petal is called Petalnose before she becomes a Warrior:

'"You should go see Echosong" Petalnose told her. "I can look after the kits."' - Firestar's Quest - page 443


This is another simple but common mistake. On many occasions cats have been described with the wrong gender. In some instances cats begin as one gender, but are changed to another later on.


The she-cat One-eye is referred to as a tom:

'"But his name - hasn't he been accepted by StarClan yet?" asked One-Eye. "He plans to travel to the Moonstone tomorrow night," Tigerclaw told him.'
- Fire And Ice - page 32

Willowpelt is said to have two she-cats and one tom, but later in the series they change to two toms and one she-cat:

'"Willowpelt had two she-cats and a tom!" she announced.'
- Rising Storm - page 120

In The Sight Pouncepaw is referred to as a she-cat, however in later books she becomes a tom.

Famous Mistakes

There are a couple of mistakes that are fairly well known by fans and are seen as fun jokes.


Heavystep is the probably the most infamous cat in the Warrior Cats series. This is because he has been, as fans describe it, granted StarClan lives. This is said because he has unintentionally by the authors been killed several times over and returned in later books!

Heavystep first dies from greencough in Sunset, however he is still listed in the allegiances of the following book The Sight. He is then mentioned in Dark River, when he is described as flattening his ears at Hollypaw. Afterwards he is listed in the allegiances of the two following books Outcast and Eclipse. In the following book Long Shadows he dies a second time, again to greencough. In the next book Sunrise, he is again listed in the allegiances. Finally in the first book of the Omen Of The Stars series The Fourth Apprentice, he is neither listed in the allegiances or mentioned in the book, this suggests he must have died a third time between Sunrise and The Fourth Apprentice. He was not mentioned again.


Rowanclaw is another cat that is fairly infamous, as he was listed as a she-kit (when he was always suppose to be a tom) in the allegiances of three books, Midnight, Moonrise and Dawn. Fans find it amusing to think of him as a she-cat, as Rowanclaw is a proud ShadowClan Deputy.

General Mistakes

There are also a variety of other mistakes made in the books, such simple spelling mistakes, confusing certain cats with another entirely and mistakes that contradict previous events in the story. Below is a list of various other mistakes made in the series.

Crookedstar's Promise

In the allegiances Softpaw and Whitepaw are not listed under their mentors.

In the allegiances Fallowtail is listed as a queen with Kits, however she is a warrior with an apprentice at the start of the book.

Fresh-kill pile is written as fresh-kill pie:

'He ducked out of the den, looking around the clearing, releived when he saw Oakheart picking sleepily through the frosty remains of the fresh-kill pie'
- page 328

Softwing is said to have lost her Kits, but they are mentioned later in the book as Warriors named Dawnbright and Mallowtail:

'"I suppose we need new kits." they has lost so many. First Brightsky's, then Softwing's, and finally Graypool's.'
- page 452

Bluestar's Prophecy

Snowkit is called Leopardkit:

'Featherwhisker glanced at Bluestar and Leopardkit.'
- page 23

Stormtail is called Stormfur:

'Adderfang and Stormfur, sharing a thrush beneath High-rock, swung their broad heads to stare at Goosefeather.'
- page 96

The Thunderclan Deputy Sunfall is referred to as the ShadowClan Deputy:

'He called to the ShadowClan deputy, who has settled in a sunny splot outside Pinestar's den. "Sunfall?"'
- page 175

The Riverclan Leader Hailstar reports for WindClan instead of RiverClan at a gathering:

'Hailstar padded to the front. "WindClan has increased patrols to remind the barn cats to stay off our land." He looked expectantly at Pinestar.'
- page 231

Thing is written as think:

'"If they think they're going to hunt on ThunderClan territory, they've got another think coming."'
- page 349

I know, little one is written as I know,little one:

'Stonekit was staring up through the bare branches. "Wow! It's big out here!" "I know,little one." Bluefur nudged them on.
- page 478

Firestar's Quest

In the allegiances for (modern) ShadowClan, there is a section for Apprentices, however this is not listed for any of the other Clans. Oakfur is listed under this Apprentice heading, and he is a Warrior.

In the allegiances for the Ancient Clan, they have no Warriors section. The Warriors are listed under the Medicine Cats, making it appear that there are two Medicine Cats in every Clan. (It isn't the Medicine Cat Apprentices that recieved their full name, as they would be listed under the full Medicine Cat's name as an Apprentice)

Scratch is called Sky:

'They had almost reached the path down the cliff when Sky let out a sharp exclamation and bounded ahead.'
- page 309

Firestar is said to have six lives, when he should have seven or eight:

'Though he still had six lives, they could all be torn from him at once if his wounds were severe enough.'
- page 451

SkyClan's Destiny

In the allegiances it says that the father of Fallowtail's kits is Hunchfoot, however there is no Hunchfoot in the book, and Waspwhisker is the actually father.

Into The Wild

When Rusty first met Bluestar, he never mentioned his name, however Bluestar addresses him by it anyway:

'"You are an unusual kittypet, Rusty."'
- Page 20

Bluestar is called Blusetar:

'"How long will Blusetar sit with him?"'
- page 44

The word spinning is spelling 'spinnning':

'His head was spinnning with all the new smells and sights, and Lionheart was right; he was tired, and hungry.'
- page 63

Greypaw is called 'Grewpaw':

'"It must be Blackfoot," mewed Grewpaw.'
- page 141

Rosetail, an elder of ThunderClan is not listed in the allegiances, however she is mentioned briefly in the book after an attack by ShadowClan:

'"Our kits are all safe, thanks to Yellowfang. A ShadowClan warrior killed brave Rosetail and was trying to steal them from their nest, but Yellowfang fought him off."
- page 195

Tigerclaw uses the word 'hands', but the cats should not know what hands are, and it should really be paws:

'"She is in the hands of StarClan now."'
- page 211

Fire And Ice

Runningwind is mentioned in two different locations:

'"Runningwind and Dustpaw, you will take the dawn patrol."'
- page 33

"As they headed out of camp, the two young warriors nearly crashed into Whitestorm, who was leading Sandpaw and Runningwind into the forest for the dawn patrol."
- page 39

Forest Of Secrets

In Fire And Ice, it is said that Darkstripe saw Fireheart let Silverstream escape, however in Forest Of Secret, Tigerclaw claimed it was him:

'The deputy's voice was a low growl, and his ears flattened against his head as he spat, "I saw you let that RiverClan warrior escape."'
- page 8

Rising Storm

Then is spelt 'than':

'Darkstripe eyed Dustpelt with equal surprise, than narrowed his eyes dangerously.'
- Page 270

A Dangerous Path

The half moon is called the 'new moon':

'"Tomorrow night is the new moon. All the other medicine cats will be there too."'
- page 52

A Twoleg is called a 'Twolegs':

'Another Twolegs stamped past.'
- page 66

Ravenpaw is called 'Ravepaw':

'"I'm fine," Ravepaw replied.'

- page 159

Remembers is spelled 'remember':

'His friend remember how upset he had been when Cinderpelt had her accident.'
- page 207

Each other is written as 'eachother':

'sitting side by side, watching approvingly as a group of their apprentices scuffled playfully with eachother.'
- page 252

The Darkest Hour

The Medicine Cat Mudfur is called a Warrior:

'"In fact, most of the cats in the clearing came from ShadowClan, although he spotted the RiverClan warriors Mudfur and Heavystep. There was no sign of either medicine cat, and Firestar wondered if that was significant."'
- page 161 & 162

Tigerstar is written as 'TigerStar':

'"I don't expect TigerStar has left the ShadowClan camp unguarded."'
- page 197

The Highrock is written as 'High Rock':

'Firestar called the meeting to the end and descended from the High Rock.'
- page 201

Sandstorm is spelled 'Sandstrom':

'Sandstrom let out a purr.'
- page 202


The ThunderClan Warrior Graystripe is described as a RiverClan cat:

'"I know Feathertail and Stormfur felt the Clan still blamed them for having a father in RiverClan."'
- page 215


Stormfur is spelled 'Strmfur':

'"No, I'm fine on my own," Sormfur retorted.'
- page 16

Stormfur is called Stonefur:

'Brambleclaw was calm, his amber eyes meeting Stonefur's with a level stare.'
- page 134


Pierced is spelled 'pieced':

'The thought pieced her heart like a thorn.;
- page 120

Mousefur calls leafbare winter:

'"He won't last the winter if we stay here though," Mousefur commented.'
- page 136

Dustpelt is spelled 'Duspelt':

'Duspelt raised his voice that his deep meow rang around the rock.'
- page 137

The ThunderClan Leader's is written as 'The ThunderClan's':

'A shaft of pale sunlight sliced into the clearing and lit up the ThunderClan's golden pelt.'
- page 191

Ravenpaw mentions an old nest that Firestar had apparently rested in before, but he had never rested there:

'"Where you sheltered with Bluestar after the rat attack."'
- page 246

The ShadowClan Apprentice Smokepaw, is described as a RiverClan Apprentice:

'Fortunately Longtail was among the cats who had been ahead of the RiverClan apprentice.'
- page 279

Thought is spelled 'though':

'"But we never though this journey would be this hard!"'
- page 292

Leafpaw says that only Firestar, Cinderpelt, Graystripe and herself knew about the 'Fire And Ice' prophecy, however Firestar had also told Sandstorm previously:

'"I know" Leafpaw dipped her head. "And no cat really thinks you would-in fact, only Firestar, Cinderpelt, Graystripe, and I even know about it...."'
- page 134


In the allegiances Mousefur is listed as an Elder and Spiderpaw is listed as Cloudtail's Apprentice. However at the start of the book she is actually a Warrior and Spiderpaw is her Apprentice. She only becomes an Elder later in the book and Spiderpaw never had Cloudtail as a mentor.

In the allegiances Smokepaw is still listed and continues to be listed for several more books, however he fell off a cliff and died in Dawn.

The RiverClan Warrior Blackclaw is described as WindClan cat:

'"The journey has left us all tired and weak," Blackclaw of WindClan added.'
- page 7

Sun-drown-place is called 'Sun-drown-water':

'"We saw some of them on our journey to the sun-drown-water," Brambleclaw added'
- page 14

The ThunderClan Apprentice Whitepaw is called Whitetail, who is a WindClan Warrior:

'"Whitetail blinked as if she couldn't quite believe him.'
- page 14

The ShadowClan Leader Blackstar is called Blackclaw, who is a RiverClan Warrior:

'Trust Blackclaw to think that the other Clans were trying to steal an advantage before the new territories been devided up!'
- page 30

A underscore is used instead of a dash:

'"Sorry," Spiderpaw mumbled. "You said we were here, so I thought_"'
- page 160

Firestar is described with feet instead of paws:

'Firestar stared down at his feet as his claws sank into the ground.'
- page 297


In the allegiances, the barn cats Smoky, Daisy, and Floss are listed under 'other animals'. A dog named Pip is also listed here, but they are never mentioned in the books.

In this book the Horseplace is written as 'Horse place', while in later books it written as 'Horseplace'.

Brambleclaw is spelled 'Bramblelclaw':

'Bramblelclaw's words could have been approving, but his tone was critical as if he was remembering all the times on their journey when Squirrelflight had been furious with him for trying to protect her.'
- page 109

Shrewpaw is described as having died on the journey to the lake, however he died before they left the forest territory: 'Shrewpaw, who had died on their journey to the lake'
- page 152


Brightheart is described with having two eyes open eyes, however only one of her eyes work, whereas the other is closed under a scar:

'Brightheart's eyes gleamed, and she seemed to shake off some of her own weariness as she followed Leafpool to the den.'
- page 13

The half-moon is written as the 'quarter moon' twice:

'"At least tonight is the quarter moon, and I'll be meeting her at the Moonpool."'
- page 128

'Leafpool halted at the top of a swell of moorland and looked back to see the quarter moon shining over the distant lake.'
- page 131

The Sight

After Jaypaw becomes Leafpool's apprentice, Firestar promises Brightheart that she will get either Foxpaw or Icepaw. However, he gave Foxpaw to Squirrelflight and Icepaw to Whitewing.

Hawkfrost is described as being RiverClan Deputy, when he was only RiverClan Deputy for a short time before Mistyfoot returned before he died.

'He had heard Daisy and Ferncloud talking about Hawkfrost, the RiverClan deputy who had died on ThunderClan territory, impaled on a wooden spike from a fox trap.'
- page 57 Tallstar is called Onestar:

'Did that mean he couldn't tell her about Onestar's warning to Barkface?'
- page 276

Firestar is called 'Firestorm':

'Firestorm was grooming Sandstorm below Highledge.'
- page 325

Dark River

Mousefur is mentioned twice, however she is not actually in the scene and is actually back at camp:

'Be careful, Mousefur!'
- page 1

'"It's okay, Mousefur," Cinderpaw called. "There's nothing to be frightened of."' - page 2

Berrypaw is described with having a full tail, when he previously lost the end of his tail in a fox trap:

'"The tip of his thick cream tail stirred the surface of the lake."'
- page 14 Spiderleg is referred to as Ashfur:

'"Mousepaw, Ashfur, Cloudtail, and Brackenfur".'
- page 101



Tigerstar is called Firestar:

'"You don't have the weight to overpower every cat," Firestar told him.'
- page 105

Long Shadows

Dawnpaw says that she has a brother and a sister, when she actually has two brothers:

'"What are we going to do about our mother?" Dawnpaw asked her brother and sister.'
- page 124


In the allegiances Jayfeather doesn't have a description.

Ashfoot is called Ashfur:

'Ashfur flicked her ears toward a rough place.'
- page 49

Gray is spelled 'grey':

'a powerful tom with thick grey fur.'
- page 203

Tornear is called 'Turnear':

'and hard on their paws came Onestar and Turnear.'
- page 225

The Fourth Apprentice

Foxleaf is called Foxtail:

'Rosepetal, Foxtail, and Berrynose followed him; the cream-colored warrior was limping.'
- page 73

Fading Echoes

In the allegiances Bumblestripe is listed as Bumbleflight.

Lionblaze is described as standing next to himself:

'Thornclaw and Lionblaze squared up beside Lionblaze to face the, keeping their paws on their own side of the border, but baring their teeth'
- page 91

Night Whispers

Sign Of The Moon

Jay's Wing is called Jayfeather:

'"So the eagle let Jayfeather go, and flew off," Stone Stag finished. "We Won!"'
- page 258

The Forgotten Warrior

In the allegiances, several of the new Warriors from Sigh Of The Moon, are still listed as Apprentices.

In the Allegiances, Antpelt is listed dispite dying in Sigh Of The Moon.

Return from the mountains is written as return to the mountains:

He couldn't forget what Lionblaze had told him when he returned to the mountains: how Briarlight was so frustrated by being confined to the hollow, trapped by her damaged hindlegs, that she'd persuaded her brother Bumblestripe to carry her into the forest to look for herbs.' - page 6

Briarlight is called Brightheart:

'Focused on what was happening outside the den, Jayfeather hadn't noticed Brightheart dragging herself up to him'
- page 117

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