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Duslight's Origins

Dusklight is a Original Character of mine.

Dusklight | Tom | RiverClan | 13 moons

His story takes place in the future.

This story is about his past. Although if I choose to RP him, I may change some details.

Dusklight's Origins

Dusklight Origins. Dusklight was a young kit and as you may expect of a typical kit, he was adventurous and troublesome, however he was a bit more so than others. Early one morning when his mother was asleep he decided to explore. Being so small he managed to sneak out of a small gap in the side of the camp without being noticed. It wasn’t as if he was trying to escape, he knew no better. He simply saw the hole and curiosity moved him forward and into the forest.

He explored the vast world of the forest sniffing around with wide eyes at all the new things and scents around him. After a long trek he found himself getting tired and wanting to return to his mother’s warm flank to enjoy some sweet milk. But as he thought this he heard a terrifying noise, or one which should have been for a kit that wasn’t quite so curious and naïve of the new world he found himself in. His weariness forgotten, he walked towards where the loud sound had come from and found himself at the edge of a thunderpath. As he slowly padded towards it and was about to walk onto the strange surface, he heard the loud noise again as a monster flew past a mouse length in front of his nose.

This seemed to be a bit too much adventure for the poor kit as he froze on the spot, terrified. He didn’t know where he was, or what to do, and even if he did he was too afraid to move, or even wail for his mother. His curiosity forgotten, he was now a scared helpless kit who needed his mother.

As the kit stood frozen to the spot, the monster that had come so close to ending his short life had stopped up ahead and a twoleg climbed out. The twoleg slowly walked back towards the kit and let out a breath. The kit looked up at the twoleg, unsure what it was but all his instincts were yowling for him to run. Yet his body did not listen as he still remained stuck on the spot, as the twoleg bent down and gently picked him up.

The kit did not struggle and just allowed the twoleg to hold him, he was terrified, confused, tired and unsure what to do or what this creature holding him was. The twoleg walked around with the kit, turning, bending down as if searching for something. But after a while he let out another breath and held up the kit to look at him.

“You poor thing, it seems your parents are not around.. I can’t just leave you here, I suppose you should come home with me”

Of course the kit did not understand a word of this and just blinked at the twoleg, slightly relaxing as the twoleg seemed to show no signs of aggression.

Cradling the kit in his arms once more, the twoleg returned to his monster and placed the kit on the passenger seat only to find that he had fallen asleep, seemingly his weariness had finally won over. With a smile, the twoleg sat down in his monster and returned to his twoleg nest.

From then on the twoleg began to care for the kit the best way he could. He fed him milk realising he should still be feeding from his mother’s milk.

The kit was confused, but no longer afraid as he slowly became use to the twoleg that he now knew he meant no harm. So he took to exploring the huge twoleg den instead, once again curious sniffing around the strange new world he yet again found himself in, all the while the twoleg watched with his strange facial expression which the kit thought meant he was happy.

For several sunrises the twoleg would take the kit out again in his monster, which at first made the kit unsettled but knowing the twoleg meant him no harm he relaxed and became use to the loud noise it always made. The twoleg would drive to where he found the kit, and would again search around while leaving the kit in the monster.

Each time the kit would wait patiently until the monster’s side opened and the twoleg climbed in with a shake of his head. Each time saying the same thing.

“No luck, there is no signs of any cats around here. I’m sorry; your mother may not be around here anymore” The kit would simply look at him, tilting his head and blinking still not understanding a word. Eventually the twoleg gave up and took to caring for the kit alone.

The twoleg was an elderly man, his family had long moved away and he lived alone in a remote area far away from other twolegs.

Unlike many twolegs, the elderly man respected animals and loved nature. So he raised the young cat in his own way. He seemed to understand the kitten was no lost or abandoned pet to begin with, he was wild.

So although he gave him milk to begin with, he also tried to encourage him to hunt. He would use some of the ornaments he had in his garden of squirrels and such for the kit to play with in hopes he would retain his wild instincts to hunt. And sure enough as he became old enough he began trying to hunt for himself and after a few failed attempts he caught his first prey, a small shrew.

He walked up to the man dragging along its limp body in his mouth before dropping it at his feet proudly. The man then gave the small kit a gentle pat on the head before nudging the prey towards him encouraging him to eat it. After a few sniffs of uncertainty the kit was soon digging in relishing his first taste of fresh prey.

It had now been over three months since the man had found the kit. He had grown very attached to it, but he was determined not to show it. He chose not to give it a name for if he did it would be as if he was keeping him as a pet, and he did not want that. He knew he wasn’t a kittypet and he knew even if he were he would not be able to care for him.

After the first successful catch the elderly man did not feed the kitten milk, and left him to hunt for his own food which thankfully seemed successful. Although the kit often looked at him expectantly at first, wanting some milk, he soon caught on and went to find more food like the juicy shrew he had already caught. He secretly kept some cat food in case the young tom failed in his hunts, and the little kit often smelt the strange animal prey smell, but never found where it came from and soon gave up looking for it. Thankfully it was not needed as the area was bursting with prey, even small prey the young kit could catch.

As the tom grew, he would spend more and more time exploring the area around the twoleg’s home, but never strayed too far despite his growing yearning to travel into the forest. He was loyal to the old twoleg, and although he no longer needed him for food, he was still young and the twoleg was kin to him. He could not remember his true kin, but even though he was a twoleg, the young tom saw him as his kin and did not want to leave him. However his yearning to travel into the forest where he thought he may find more of his kind continued to grow.

This was partly his own instinct; he knew he belonged out there, not in a twoleg den. But also thanks to the elderly twoleg. Ever since he found the young tom, he continued to talk to him. Of course the little kit could not understand the twoleg, but he watched and listened intently anyway. The twoleg would sit behind his den with the young tom on his lap, often pointing to the forest as he would speak his weird twoleg words.

The man told the young tom about the forest. The man had explored many places around the world in his younger days so often spoke of his tales in the vast wildernesses he had explored. Although the old man knew nothing about Clans and Warriors and the battles they fought, he had seen cats around the area, wild cats, not pets. He seemed to know the young kit must have been a lost kitten of one of these wild cats. So he would tell him, go to the forest, that is where you belong, go find your family. He knew where the young cat truly belonged and even though he knew the kit did not understand his words, he hoped his message would get through.

Perhaps the tom began to understand a little of what the man was saying, as every time the man would sit down and talk the toms eyes would never leave the forest, sometimes he would fall asleep and dream of what the forest was like, and about his other kin, did they look like him? Did they miss him? The desire to travel into the forest had become strong, but he couldn’t go, he could not leave his twoleg. The man lived alone, the only other humans that the young kitten ever saw were young women in white clothes who would come once in a while, he would hide and watch as they spoke to the man and touched him with various weird twoleg things, but they never stayed long and left the man alone again. He didn't understand why they always left him alone.

Despite only knowing life with the old twoleg, the kit yearned for more, he wanted to find more of his kind, his kin. He instinctively felt that one should never live alone, they needed kin… But this was why he couldn’t search for them; he loved the twoleg as kin and could not leave him alone. He thought or at least convinced himself he could live happily with the twoleg forever, even if he had a yearning for the forest. He loved the twoleg and enjoyed his time with him, it was enough.

However nature made the decision for the young kit. One day as they always did, sitting behind the twoleg den as the sky turned to dusk, the old man seemed to act a bit strange, rather than just sit and talk to the kit like he usually did, he picked him up. The young kitten was now five moons old and was a lot bigger than when he had first found him, but he still cradled him like he had all those moons ago.

As he held the kit in one arm, he pointed to the forest as he boomed in his raspy voice.

"Go, to the forest, find your kin and live".

Although he did not understand the words, the young tom seemed to understand the meaning.

The twolegs face seemed different than usual, this wasn’t just another story, somehow the tom knew he was very serious this time.

The cat blinked at the man, his scent had changed quite a lot over time but it had got much stronger over the last few sunrises, but the young tom did not understand why. The man’s face softened again as he held the young tom close and wrapped his arms around him. He then sat down looking out into the forest as time seemed to freeze for the twoleg and the kit. After a few moments the twoleg let out a breath which settled into steady breathing indicating he had fallen asleep. The young tom curled on his nap, as he often did. Lulled by the old twoleg’s heartbeat that now seemed ever so faint, the young kit yawned and joined him in sleep.

As the tom woke and stretched on the twoleg’s lap, he turned to him and climbed up to lick his cheek to see if he was awake, but as he did, he realized the twoleg felt cold, the usual warmth that comforted the young kit was gone, the heartbeat that had lulled him to sleep so many times was silent. No breath escaped his mouth and his scent was all wrong, it was no longer the scent of his precious kin, it was a horrible scent, one he would come to know as the scent of death.

The kit stayed by the towleg for two sunrises, he continued to hunt and return just before dusk as he always had, hoping the twoleg would greet him and tell him one of his stories, but he remained where he always was, unmoved and unchanged except for the horrid scent growing stronger.

On the third sunrise , the tom woke to the sound of a monster to see one of the women in white climbing out from it. He quickly ran off to hide and watch her. She knocked on the front of the twoleg den with her forepaw and when no one responded she walked around the back of the den. As she saw the elderly twoleg, she called out to him. She quietly approached him after he did not reply, perhaps thinking he was asleep. When she got to him, she called to him again and nudged the man with a forepaw. The women let out a small yowl as she raised a forepaw to her mouth. After a moment she seemed to calm down, and gently put her forepaw to his neck, after a moment she took out a twoleg object, touched it a few times and started talking into it. The tom watched curiously as the women returned to the front of the twoleg den. Shortly afterwards another monster appeared with other twolegs inside. He watched as they walked around the twoleg den and picked up the old twoleg.

Part of him wanted to yowl, attack them, stop them from taking his precious kin away, but he sat in the bushes and didn’t move. Although he did not entirely understand, he knew the twoleg was gone and would not return. He did not understand the ways of twolegs, but he could tell these twolegs did not seem to show any signs of aggression and so he decided to leave the twoleg to his own kind, he knew he could not help his twoleg now. He was alone. All he could do now was leave, he would leave for the forest like the old twoleg had wanted, and he would find his kind, his kin. But he would never forget his twoleg kin. He took one last look at his twoleg as he was taken by the twolegs into the monster, he dipped his head in goodbye and turned towards the forest.

And soon after Duskpaw, and then Dusklight was born.

Dusklight was originally a Clan kit called Stoatkit, he found his kin in RiverClan, his father Otterstar and his mother Sleekpelt who had searched long and hard for him, but had since thought he was dead after finding his scent trail disappear at the thunderpath.

RiverClan celebrated his return as he shared his story with his Clan. As he was now almost 6 moons old so he was almost ready to become an Apprentice, although he needed some time to adjust to the Clan.

After a few sunrises of living with the Clan, he was ready to become an Apprentice.

But before the ceremony he made a request from his father. He told him he was happy to be home and be with his true kin, but he never wanted to forget his other kin. So he requested a new name.

Otterstar purred and agreed, and so as the ceremony began he received his chosen name.

“Stoatkit you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Duskpaw. I ask StarClan to watch over you and guide you until you find in your paws the strength and courage of a warrior."

The Clan looked around in surprise at the new name, but only for a moment before they started cheering his new name.

He may have now been with his true kin, but he would forever carry the memory of his twoleg kin in his name, which in turn would always remind him of all the dusk’s he sat and watched with his twoleg kin listening to his strange twoleg words.

After his first day as an Apprentice, Duskpaw sat and watched the sky turn to dusk, knowing his kin was out there somewhere in his own twoleg StarClan, he meowed “Thank you for looking after me, I will never forget you”.

Perhaps the twoleg saw him and smiled back knowing he had returned to his true home. He had known his time was coming even when he first found the young kit. Knowing Duskpaw had found his true home surely let him rest in peace.

He went on to be a strong Apprentice and later a Warrior named Dusklight.

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