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The saddest part of Warrior Cats, when a cat dies. Death is a natural thing and in a world where it is a constant fight for survival, whether fighting for food, fighting the elements or fighting for territory, death is sadly a likely and common thing. There have been many deaths in the Warrior Cats series, and this page tells of them.

This page lists the memorable deaths that are currently known of in the order that they occurred in the timeline, as well as several deaths that are unconfirmed but are assumed. This list only contains cats in the main series timeline starting from the beginning of mainly starting from Crookedstar's Promise going onto The Last Hope. As well as the earlier years starting in The Sun Trail. Other characters may have died in the background, such as Elder's dieing of old age, or Kits that were never named, and therefore may not be mentioned here.

Confirmed Deaths
Unconfirmed Deaths
Other Deaths

Confirmed Deaths

Cat(s) Clan Rank Death Mentioned In Description
Fluttering Bird The Old Tribe of Rushing Water Unconfirmed The Sun Trail Many moons after the Tribe had moved to the mountains, they began to struggle to find enough food for all the cats. Fluttering Bird did not get enough food and died from hunger. Her death seemed to convince the cats that their plan of sending some cats to travel to a new home to allow those who stayed a better chance at catching enough food was the right decision.
Bright Stream Old Tribe cats who travelled to find the forest. Unconfirmed The Sun Trail When they were travelling from the mountains, Bright Stream and Gray Wing spotted an eagle. Bright Stream helped Gray Wing escape under a bush, but before she could get under cover herself, she was caught by the eagle. By the time Gray Wind noticed what had happened, it was too late and the eagle flew away with Bright Stream in it's grasp. Bright Stream's death was never confirmed, but it was suggested it was inevitable.
Shadow Moss Old Tribe cats who traveled to find the forest. Group Leader The Sun Trail On the journey to the forest, the travelling Tribe cats were chased by dogs. When trying to escape, the cats tried to flee through a row of bushes. Gray Wing was one of the first cats through and he found a thunderpath on the other side. He tried to call an alarm to stop the other cats coming through but it was too late. Shadow Moss came running through the bush and straight into the path of a incoming monster. His body was hit into the air and he was killed.
Fox/td> a Loner who joined the forest cats Unconfirmed The Sun Trail Fox confronted Gray Wing, claiming he was stealing prey from Clear Sky's territory. When Clear Sky arrived, Fox attacked Gray Wing. However Gray Wing quickly realized it was no light scuffle as Fox quickly draws blood which trickled into his eye, and in a panic tried to push Fox off. Gray Wing staggered to his paws onto to see fox lying still on his side, blood gushing over his paws, in his panic to fight him off, Gray Wing had landed a fatal wound to his throat and killed him. Gray Wing shocked at what had happened pleaded that it was an accident, but Cleat Sky defuses to listen stating that he did what he had to do but he no longer considered him a brother.
Storm Loner who joined up with Clear Sky's group but left again. Loner The Sun Trail Storm was a loner who met Clear Sky and became his mate. But after she saw the harsh way he had the group of cats he lead lived, she felt threatened and left to have their Kits alone. She hid in a abandoned Twoleg building, where she cared for the three Kits she had given birth too. However Turtle Tail soon learned that the Twoleg den she was in was being demolished by Twolegs. Turtle Tail warned Gray Wing and they went to try and help her, but it was too late. By the time they found he, she was already dieing, she told them to tell Clear Sky she was sorry and then died. Two of her Kits also died in the collapsing rubble of the building but somehow one little Kit survived, and Gray Wing and Turtle Tail saved him. In remembrance of his mother Storm and the storm of stones and dust he survived from, they named him Thunder.
Misty None Loner Thunder Rising Misty was a loner who had made her den on the edge of Clear Sky's territory when he wanted to expand his borders. After finding her at his border, he tried to scare her off, but she refused to leave. When Clear Sky attacked her again, Thunder begged his father to give her mercy, but Misty was determined and refused to leave, which Clear Sky saw as a threat and he killed her. They then discovered that she had had Kits and she was simply trying to protect them. Feeling guilty, but believing he was only protecting his 'tribe' Clear Sky allowed Petal to take care of the Kits.
Bumble None Kittypet Thunder Rising After Turtle Tail left twoleg place, Tom her mate took it out on Bumble and constantly bullied her, saying she drove her away. So Bumble left her twolegs and asked to join the Tribe cats on the moor, but she was rejected as she never could have lived the life of a wild cat. Soon after she was found dying by Turtle Tail, Clear Sky claimed he had found her trespassing and warned her off, but didn't do anything to painful. After leaving her he heard a fox, and quickly returned, but it was too late. Bumble died shortly after from her injury's. Turtle Tail denied Clear Sky's claim, and believed he killed her.
Moon Shadow None Unconfirmed Thunder Rising During the fire in the forest, Moon Shadow is trapped and attempted to leap over the fire to escape, however his paws do not clear the fire and he instinctively curled up and fell to the floor as his pelt began to catch fire. Thunder, Gray wing and Tall shadow raced to him and tried to put out the fire coursing through his fur, but Moon Shadow panicked and tried to flee before the fire was put out. thunder managed to hold him still by leaping on him and the cats pulled his burnt form out of the fire. However the injuries were too much and he died shortly after.
Turtle Tail The group of Tribe cats who settled on the moor Unconfirmed The First Battle After Turtle Tail returned from twoleg place with her Kits, she had become mates with Gray Wing, who acted as their father. However their real father, the Kittypet Tom came to the forest to find Bumble, only to find she was dead. but having found Turtle Tail and her Kits, he decided to steal them and take them back to twoleg place. When Turtle Tail realised he had taken them, she desperately tried to follow him to get her Kits back but when she entered twoleg place she was hit by a monster and died. Her body was found by Thunder, Lightning Tail and River Ripple who hid her body by a twoleg nest where it lay peacefully covered in petals, which was how they chose to remember it, as they were unable to bury her properly.
Emberkit The group of Tribe cats who settled on the moor Kit The First Battle Shortly after Wind Runner and Gorse Fur had settled in with the moor cats, Wind Runner gave birth to Gorse Fur's Kits. However one of her Kits who she named Emberkit died shortly after birth. Gray Wing tried to comfort Wind Runner by saying perhaps it was better than a life of suffering, although Wind Runner disagreed and told him he would never know the feeling of losing a Kit because he was not a real father.
Fircone A Loner who joined the forest cats Unconfirmed The First Battle When Gray Wing went to try and a final attempt to settle the borders with words, Clear Sky refused and ordered the forest cats to attack, Thunder escaped and called for reinforcements and the war of the moor and forest cats began. During the battle Fircone attacked Thunder. Thunder tried to reason with him, saying that he was the one who wanted him to stop Clear Sky's ambitious ways, but Fircone would not listen. Tall Shadow came to help Thunder and quickly fought him onto his back as she sliced his belly open killing Fircone. Thunder was shocked that she hat killed him, but Tall Shadow said that they must fight or die.
Frost A Loner who joined the moor cats after being rejected by Clear Sky because of an injury Unconfirmed The First Battle During the battle between the moor and forest cats Frost fought fiercely against the forest cats who had abandoned him to die. In a fierce fight against Snake, Frost was knocked onto his side when Snake mercilessly sliced his throat, Frost twitched and fell limp, dead.
Rainswept Flower A Tribe cat who settled on the moor Unconfirmed The First Battle During the battle between the moor and forest cats Clear Sky confronted Rainswept Flower and asked if it was worth it, to die just to stop him making borders. Rainswept Flower told him he would never stop stealing land, to which Clear Sky said he was just stopping his cats from starving. Rainswept Flower said there was more than enough food and that he was just greedy, Clear Sky then leaped at her grabbing her throat in his jaws and shook her like fresh prey until she went limp and died.
Falling Feather and Jackdaw's Cry Tribe cats, Falling Feather joined the forest cats and Jackdaw's Cry joined the moor cats Unconfirmed The First Battle During the battle between the moor and forest cats Falling Feather attacked Thunder. However Thunder was more concerned about Gray Wing who was at the mercy of Clear Sky, he pleaded with her that he could not let her old Tribe mates kill each other but she just ignored him and clawed at his belly, but Jackdaw's Cry came to his rescue knocking his sister to the ground. Thunder having been distracted by Leaf, turned as he heard Falling Feather's yowl, Jackdaw's Cry had bitten into her spine, she jerked and fell onto her belly dead. However Jackdaw's Cry was covered in blood, he staggered and then collapsed lifeless onto his sister's body. The two littermates had killed each other.
Hawk Swoop's A tribe cat who settled on the moor Unconfirmed The First Battle After Clear Sky called the battle to an end, Thunder spotted an orange pelt sticky with blood, the dead body of Hawk Swoop. He was soon joined by his adopted brother Lightning Tail as they sat by body the cat who had nursed them together as Kits sharing their grief. Thunder refused to leave her side until she was buried and the other moor cats agreed to stay too. Clear Sky asked them why, and Wind Runner simply said they would sit with their camp mates while they still had warmth in their bodies. Perhaps the first ceremony the future Clans would come to call sitting vigil. It is unconfirmed how Hawk's Swoop died, but she was very likely killed by one of the forest cats, but it is unconfirmed who killed her.
Tom Kittypet None The Blazing Star After learning her father was a Kittypet who was staying with Clear Sky's group, Sparrow Fur went to visit him. But as she entered the forest, she was challenged by One Eye, another outside cat Clear Sky had taken into his group. One Eye told her to fight him if she wanted to see Tom, and she accepted. Clear Sky watched the development believing that One eye would just teach the young cat a little lesson, but to his dismay he went after the she-cat with full force. Before Clear Sky could come to his sense and save her, One Eye was about to go in for the killing blow, when Tom appeared. He shouted to him to stop and tackled One Eye. Tom fought valiantly, but was easily beaten and killed by One Eye, who said he fought well.. for a Kittypet. Sparrow Fur was saved, although she was badly injured. Tom who had once tried to steal his Kits from their mother, had proven his love for them by giving his life to save his daughter.
Morning Whisker Moor Cat Kit The Blazing Star After the battle between the moor and forest cats, piece had finally been restored, however a dangerous sickness started to spread. Without knowing how to treat the illness, many cats suffered and Morning Whisker sadly passed away after being infected. Wind Runner was devastated after losing another one of her Kits after returning to the moor.
One Eye Rogue who joined the forest cats Leader (With force not officially) The Blazing Star Shortly after then incident with Sparrow fur and Tom, One Eye drove Clear Sky out, and took over the Forest. Clear Sky went top the forest cats and together they devised a plan to take down One Eye. However after trying to ambush him by using Clear Sky to bait him out to fight, they realized they had been betrayed by Star Flower as One Eye's rogue's joined the battle. After a lot of confusion where the forest cats along with River Ripple who had come to help escaped into the tunnels, but Clear Sky was cornered by One Eye and his rogues. Gray Wing quickly came up with another plan to ambush him and Sparrow Fur lured him into the sun where the cats jumped down from a tree while he was blinded from the sun. After fierce fight, Cloud Spots and Lightning tail managed to pin One Eye down, when Thunder called out that he was his to kill. Thunder charged at One Eye.while Star Flower tried to intervene but she was stopped by a strong kick from Gray Wing, as suddenly all was quiet, Thunder, Lightning Tail and Cloud Spots stood over One Eye's body as Thunder declared he was dead.
Petal Rogue who joined the forest cats Unconfirmed The Blazing Star After the battle with One Eye, Clear Sky made his way back towards the forest to claim back his leadership. However along the way he met Acorn Fur who told him to come with her quickly. She took her to a an area away from the camp where Petal and the three Kits she had taken in lay alone, after One eye had forced them out of the camp to be left alone to die, as Petal was infected by the deadly sickness. Although the cats had discovered a cure for the illness, it did not grow in the forest and the cats who went to fetch it had yet to return. But for Petal it was too late, she had been infected too long and had refused to eat, having given all her food to the Kits, that were not even her own. As Clear Sky arrived, she told him she had to get better so she could repay him for all he had done for her, but it was too late she died shortly after. Clear Sky full of regret of the way he had treated her and the other cats thought that he never deserved her, and ordered for her to be buried.
Quiet Rain Mountain Cat Unconfirmed A Forest Divided After the group of mountain cats left to find a new home, in order to allow those who stayed behind to have enough prey to eat, Quiet Rain was left without her family. Her son Clear Sky had chosen to leave, and after her other son Jagged Peak sneaked off after them, she sent her last son Gray Wing to go and look after him knowing none of them would return. This must have left her very lovely, especially after just losing her daughter Fluttering Bird. In A Forest Divided she travels from the mountains with Moon Shadow's son Sun Shadow. Wishing to see her sons and Sun Shadow his father, they finally make it to the forest only to find stories of death and destruction, with many of their old tribe mates dead from the battle and sickness. Weak from the traveling, and infection Quiet Rain becomes very weak and settles in Tall Shadow's camp. She calls for her three sons, who despite the difference come to see their sick mother together. After They tell her the truth of the battle, fights and sickness, she is at first devastated, even disowning Clear Sky as her son for his murderous actions. But as she sees a vision of her old friend Moon Shadow, she claims he told him, it was all destined to happen. She forgives her son Clear Sky and tells him he must also forgive himself. Despite all the fighting and hardships, the friction between the siblings slowly melts away as they watch their mother slowly die from the weakness she could no longer overcome. Quiet Rain dies shortly afterwards, as she was too weak to fight the infection. The brother's and the other cats bury her at four trees where many of her old Tribe mates also lie dead. The Brother's all went their separate ways, despite Clear Sky's insistence to stay together, but the friction between them had mostly been melted away as they lay their mother to rest.
Gray Wing Moor Cat / WindClan Unconfirmed Path Of Stars Gray Wing had slowly suffered breathing issues since he tried to save Clear Sky's group from a fire many moons ago. Gray Wing and those around him had hoped it would pass, but as time went on his breathing became worse and worse. In Path Of Stars, his breathing has made him unable to do much running or fighting without losing his breath. Despite knowing this, Gray Wing pushes himself hard, running around trying to save Clear Sky's Kits and passing on messages to and warning. In the final confrontation with Slash's Rogues, Gray Wing almost dies because of his lack of breath but he is saved and lives on to see the groups return to peace. But as he returns to his den on the moor with his mate Slate and his precious Kits, he realizes his time had come. He talks to his Kits and he realizes that the word 'groups' didn't describe the closeness of the campmates, and so says they should be called 'Clans', he and his Kits come up with names for the Clans, naming them ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan and SkyClan, his final gift to the Clans. He then starts to see the cats who he had lost over his journey. As his mate and Kits as well as Clear Sky and Thunder stay with him, he tells them what he can see.and that they have come for him. He tells his Kits never to forget how much he loves them, and Black Ear says that it sounds like you are saying good bye, which he simply replies I am. As his last breath leaves him, his mate and Kits huddles close to his body not wanting him to go, but Gray Wing stands looking back at his body he no longer needed as he whispered I will always be watching over you, but whether his mate and Kits heard this is unknown. He had finally passed away in peace, as his spirit joined his long dead friends.
Micah SkyClan Medicine Cat Moth Flight's Vision Micah was a farm cat who joined the Clans after meeting Moth Flight, after having had dreams of her, he knew it was his destiny to follow her. He followed StarClan's guidance and joined SkyClan as their Medicine Cat, despite his reluctance to leave Moth Flight. He and Moth Flight began traveling to the other Clans to learn medical knowledge from the, during this time they became closer and chose to become mates. However shortly after, they returned to WindClan to find Rocky very sick with redcough. Moth Flight and Micah ran to SkyClan to get some bark which would help cure him, but they meet Clear Sky, who tries to stop them. Red Claw from Sky Clan also appears as well as Willow Tail of WindClan. Willow Tail attacked and chased Red Claw up a tree, as Micah followed, climbing the tree to try and stop them. But to Moth Flight's helpless dismay, the branch they stood on was rotten, but as she realized and called out it was too late, the branch broke, Red Claw and Willow Tail managed to survive the fall, but Micah fell on his back. He called out to Moth Flight telling her he was happy he followed her, that he loved her and that this was his destiny. His spine was broken, he could feel nothing but pain but held out to say a final goodbye to Moth Flight. Moth Flight was devastated having lost her new mate and went on to grieve for a long time.
Tiny Branch SkyClan Kit Moth Flight's Vision As SkyClan were traveling to the full moon gathering, they encountered a fox. Although the details of how it happened exactly are unknown, but Tiny Branch was seriously hurt. They took him back to camp as Acorn Fur tried her best to save him, but she was still a new Medicine Cat and did not know how to save the Kit. Clear Sky did not call for help straight away, for he felt SkyClan should not ask for help unless desperate, but as things looked worse he sent word to Moth Flight and the others at the gathering of what happened. Moth Flight wanted to rush to the Kit, but she was stopped by Wind Runner, who had decided they should abandon SkyClan, for Clear Sky could not be trusted. Eventually Moth Flight managed to convince Wind Runner and the others as she ran to save the Kit, but it was too late to save him and he died. It is unknown whether he could have been saved if help was called for earlier, but it is likely this event made the leaders realize than Medicine Cats should not be held by borders like other cats. No sick cat who be ignored, no matter the Clan.
Willow Tail WindClan Unconfirmed Moth Flight's Vision As Moth Flight went into SkyClan territory with Spotted Fur to get bark again, they were stopped by Clear Sky. Still grieving from his Kit's death, he was angry and took them hostage, wanting to talk to Wind Runner when she came to retrieve them. But Wind Runner did not take the act so kindly and attacked the SkyClan camp with full force to save her precious daughter and Clan mate. As the battle went on Moth Flight begged everyone to stop to no avail. As the battle went on Clear Sky confronted Willow Tail who he knew had been lying about SkyClan stealing prey from WindClan, in his fury he blinded the she cat and gave her severe injuries. As the rest of the cats stopped their fighting to watch the scene, he explained that she had lied about prey stealing and she admitted it was all to get back at Red Claw who had killed her precious friend by leading dogs into the camp many moons ago. She died shortly after from her injuries. Moth Flight reflected how the fight could have been avoided if Clear Sky simply tried to speak to Wind Runner without taking her hostage and if Wind Runner had sent a patrol rather than attack the camp.
Moth Flight WindClan Medicine Cat Moth Flight's Vision Moth Flight had a important destiny as the first Medicine Cat, she found the moonstone and set the other Medicine Cats on their own destinies, gave up her Kits for the sake of all the Clans, but after all of this she continued to live as a loyal Medicine Cat to WindClan. Many moons after giving up her Kits, Moth Flight goes to see her daughter Blue Whisker was expecting Kits. Only expecting to visit, she was surprised to find herself helping her own Kits kitting as the ThunderClan Medicine cat was collecting herbs. After s safe kitting, her other Kits appear, just because they felt they needed to be there. Moth Flight greets her Kits all together for the first and last time in moons. She watches them in pride and tells them how truly proud she is of them all, for she had once again seen that old moth who led her on the first pawsteps of her destiny, but this time she knew it was leading her on her final pawsteps of that destiny. As she left her Kits behind for the last time, she followed the moth. It is assumed she died of old age as she joined Micah in StarClan.
Lightning Tail ThunderClan Deputy Thunderstar's Echo After ThunderClan was attacked by some stray dogs, Thunderstar begins to panic, afraid of the dogs returning. So he decided to go and find the dogs himself to find out where they came from. He visited SkyClan to warn them about the dogs first, where he is told by Skystar that a faint scent of dog was on their territory. After showing him the faint trace, Thunderstar traced the scent and found a wrecking yard and realised that was where the dogs came from. He later returned with Lightning Tail and they tried to block up the hole the dogs were escaping from with brambles, however the dogs were let out of the twoleg building and charged at Thunderstar and Lightning Tail. They tried to escape by splitting up and confusing them but Thunderstar was unable to outrun them and the dogs pounced on him. Lightning Tail could have escaped, but saw Thunderstar and ran back to save him. However it was no good the dogs were too strong. Thunderstar and Lightning Tail had both been too seriously injured and died. They both entered StarClan where they were told Thunderstar would return with his second life, but Lightning Tail would not. However Lightning Tail's life was not given in vain, without his help, Thunderstar would have lost all his nine lives. Thunderstar recovered with his second life, and after tricking the humans into fixing the hole for him, buried his dear friend and deputy and sat vigil for the night, the first vigil of the Clans.
Petalfall SkyClan Elder Cloudstar's Journey When the Twolegs started destroying SkyClan territory, prey became very scarce. Petalfall refused to eat because she wanted other cats to eat they little prey they had. She passed away peacefully in her sleep after Cloudstar promised that SkyClan would not be driven from their home. However Cloudstar could not keep that promise.
Leafshine WindClan Warrior / Tunneler Tallstar's Revenge Leafshine died in a cave-in while working on a tunnel below WindClan territory. Lilywhisker was crippled in the same cave-in but survived.
Birchface ThunderClan Warrior Mapleshade's Vengeance During a fight over sunningrock's, Birchface fought with Appledusk. During the struggle Appledusk knocked Birchface back causing him to fall and die. Although Appledusk claimed it was an accident, ThunderClan believed it was intentional, and it was not confirmed either way.
Petalkit, Larchkit and Patchkit Loners kicked from ThunderClan Kits Mapleshade's Vengeance After the truth about Mapleshade's Kits being half Clan was revealed, they were exiled from the Clan along with Mapleshade. Mapleshade tried to take them to RiverClan, but they drowned when a flood of water hit them as they tried to cross the river. Riverclan also rejected Mapleshade and blamed her for the Kits death. Mapleshade left, swearing revenge on both ThunderClan and RiverClan who betrayed her.
Ravenwing ThunderClan Medicine Cat Mapleshade's Vengeance After Mapleshade was banished by both ThunderClan and RiverClan, she swore her revenge. She blamed Ravenwing who told the clan about her Kits, and waited by the moon stone during the half moon. She knew that Ravenwing went earlier than the other Medicine Cats and she killed him in front of the moon stone, before hiding and letting the other Medicine Cats find his body and take it away.
Appledusk RiverClan Warrior Mapleshade's Vengeance After seeing Appledusk for some time, Mapleshade became pregnant with Appledusk's Kits. When she was banished by ThunderClan, she went to Riverclan, but her Kits died in the river flood despite Appledusk's attempt to save them. He told his clan he made a mistake by being with Mapleshade and blamed her for the Kits deaths. Mapleshade was then banished from RiverClan for which she swore revenge. Shortly she waited for a chance to attack Appledusk in RiverClan territory. After a confrontation, Maplesahde tried to kill Reedshine the mate Appledusk had left her for, but Appledusk saved her by sacrificing himself, as he died by Mapleshade's claws. Reedshine declared it was the worst thing any clan cat had ever done.
Frecklewish ThunderClan Warrior Mapleshade's Vengeance and Pinestar's Choice As Mapleshade declared her revenge on ThunderClan, she also rent after Frecklewish who she found on a patrol at snakerocks. She confronted the Warrior and made her back up towards the rocks, where an adder spat venom right at her eye. Mapleshade felt bile rising in her throat at the sight of Frecklewish being burned by the venom, happy to know she would never see again she fled, sparing Frecklewish's life. It was later confirmed in a story told in Pinestar's Choice that she died several days later in the Medicine Cat's den from her injury.
Harepounce, Flashnose, Stagleap, Hollypelt and Nettlebreeze ThunderClan Warriors Goosefeather's Curse As leafbare began, ThunderClan received three litters of Kits. Usually a blessing but in leafbare it was a bad time to have Kits. Goosefeather had a vision of his Clan starving and warned his Clan Leader, Doestar, they believed him and tried to store prey by burying it for the hard leafbare ahead. but after some heavy rain all the stored prey had gone rotted. Goosefeather realized with dismay that his Clan would starve, just like he had seen in his vision and he could do nothing to stop it. Harepounce, Flashnose, Staagleap, Hollypelt and Nettlebreeze all died one by one from starvation and illness.
Deerpaw ThunderClan Apprentice Pinestar's Choice When Doestar had lost her last life and was dying, Deerpaw appeared before her to take her to StarClan. Pineheart remembered that she was Doestar's sister who died as an apprentice. Victoria Holmes confirmed that she actually died over a fight with RiverClan for sunningrocks.
Doestar ThunderClan Leader Pinestar's Choice On her ninth life Doestar was seen as being tired as resting in her den, however it turned out she actually had an illness. Goosefeather did his best to care for her but in the end she passed away, telling Pineheart he would be a great leader just like his father who she was honoured to serve. the illness was unconfirmed.
Finchkit WindClan Kit Tallstar's Revenge Finchkit died shortly after birth. Usually a Kit who died this way would not be named by their mother or father, but would instead be given one by StarClan. However Finchkit's mother decided to name her anyway.
Brackenwing WindClan Warrior / Moor Runner / Queen Tallstar's Revenge While the tunnellers were working on a tunneller, ShadowClan attacked the WindClan camp. Without the tunnellers, the WindClan Warriors struggled to fight off ShadowClan, but with the help of the visiting rogues, they managed to fend them off. However Brackenwing was badly injured, Hawkheart tried to save her, but she lost too much blood and died. Tallpaw blamed himself for her death, as on a border patrol he had found ThunderClan cats on Windclan territory and tied to attack them, but had been scolded for it because they were travelling to the moonstone and were free to pass through. Later on the same patrol, Tallpaw smelled ShadowClan scent over the border, but afraid of being wrong a but ignored it thinking they must have been travelling to the moonstone as well. But ShadowClan did not need to go through WindClan to get to the moonstone, and they had crossed the border to attack WindClan. He told them a little later after they noticed some more scent further up the border, his mentor Dawnstripe told him he should have said something and the patrol rushed back to camp, where ShadowClan were attacking. Tallpaw felt that if he had told the patrol about the scents sooner, Brackenwing wouldn't have died.
Sandgorse WindClan Warrior / Tunneler Tallstar's Revenge When WindClan was visited by a group of rogues, one of the rogues; Sparrow showed interest in a tunnel that the tunnellers had been working hard on finishing. Although it was dangerous to take an inexperienced tunneller into the tunnellers, Sandgorse, who was very proud of the tunnels decided to take him anyway. Shortly after they entered the tunnel, the tunnel began to collapse, the cats above ground who had realised what was happening waited to see if they would escape. But only Sparrow emerged from the tunnel unscathed. Sandgorse's son Talltail dived into the tunnel to try and save him, but had to be saved by Woollytail. The other tunnellers tried to get to him, but the tunnel had completely collapsed and he could not be saved, Sandgorse had died. Although most of the Clan beleived it was just an accident, and that Sandgorse had been foolish to take a inexperienced tunneller into the tunnel, Talltail blamed Sparrow for abandoning him, who had escaped without harm. After the rogues left WindClan, Talltail unable to control his anger hunted Sparrow down, intending to kill him in revenge. However after finally finding Sparrow, he learned that Sandgorse had died holding back the earth so that Sparrow could escape, he had died a hero. After hearing this Talltail let Sparrow go and made peace with his fathers death.
Shrewclaw WindClan Warrior / Moor Runner Tallstar's Revenge While on a hunting patrol, Talltail noticed strong ShadowClan scents coming from the path leading under the ThunderPath that led to ShadowClan territory. He alerted his patrol, and shortly after a ShadowClan patrol attacked. During the fight Shrewclaw went after Cedarstar because he wanted revenge for his mother, Brackenwing. Talltail helped him, and the pair started to drive the Cedarstar towards the thunderpath. But Newtspeck jumped to Cedarstar's rescue, sinking her teeth deep into his shoulder, she hauled Shrewclaw away. Redclaw then pinned Cedarstar, who shouted the call for retreat as he fought free of Redclaw and ran back to ShadowClan territory with his Clan. Although WindClan had won the fight, Shrewclaw's injury was too great, Talltail called for Dawnstripe to get Barkface, but it was too late, Shrewclaw was loosing too much blood. With his last words, using his usual insult for Talltail 'Wormcat', he told him to avenge Brackenwing, he twitched and his eyes rolled and he fell still dead. Shrewclaw died just like his mother, fighting ShadowClan to defend the moor.
Heatherstar WindClan Leader Tallstar's Revenge During her ninth life, Heatherstar caught a bad case of greencough, it was too much for her and she died. But before she died, between painful coughs she told Talltail to have courage, to always follow his heart and that WindClan was now his.
Silverflame ShadowClan Elder Yellowfang's Secret Silverflame died peacefully in the Elder's den. She was mentioned to have been thirsty and also had a cough, so cause is assumed to be purely old age or some unknown illness. However Yellowkit was devastated and for a long time blamed Sagewhisker for not saving her.
Yellowfang's Unanmed Kit's ShadowClan Kits Yellowfang's Secret When Yellowfang was kitting she actually gave birth to three Kits; Brokenkit who survived and two unnamed she-cats. One of the Kits was born dead, while the other died shortly after birth.
Sagewhisker ShadowClan Medicine Cat Yellowfang's Secret Sagewhisker was late in choosing an Apprentice, as she was already getting old when she choose Yellowfang as her Apprentice. She died in the Medicine Cat den. She felt pain in her stomach as she died, so it is assumed she died from purely old age or some unknown illness.
Lizardfang ShadowClan Elder Yellowfang's Secret Lizardfang is simply said to have died, but it is assumed to be most likely from old age.
Cedarstar ShadowClan Leader Yellowfang's Secret Cedarstar passed away in his den. The cause is assumed to be some unknown illness or perhaps old age.
Foxheart ShadowClan Deputy Yellowfang's Secret During a raid on the carrionplace led by Brokentail, Foxheart was caught off guard by two frightened rats, they knocked her to the ground and slashed her neck, causing her to die. Despite losing Foxheart, the Clan, having been influenced by Brokentail believed the rat raid to be a success and that Foxheart died as a brave Warrior.
Cloudpelt ShadowClan Deputy Yellowfang's Secret When Brokentail returned to camp with a rabbit that he claimed was killed on ShadowClan territory by WindClan Warriors, he convinced the Clan to attack WindClan to teach them a lesson. However the attack did not go well and Raggedstar was forced to order them to retreat. However Cloudpelt was seriously injured, with a slash wound to his neck. Despite Yellowfang's best efforts to save him, he died shortly after from blood loss in the Medicine Cat den. Yellowfang believed that Brokentail had lied about the rabbit and simply caught it himself as an excuse to attack WindClan. It is possible Brokentail killed Cloudpelt in the confusion of the battle in order to take his spot as Deputy, but this is not confirmed.
Stonetooth ShadowClan Elder Yellowfang's Secret Stonetooth died peacefully in his sleep.
Duskwater RiverClan Elder Crookedstar's Promise When RiverClan's camp was hit by a bad storm and their camp was flooded, they tried to evacuate. Everyone escaped to higher ground safely, except Duskwater who disappeared after she went to make dirt. Later when Crookedstar received his nine lives she told him she died in the storm in which he was born in, and gave him the life of a mother's love.
Moonflower ThunderClan Warrior Bluestar's Prophecy When ThunderClan attacked WindClan, Moonflower attacked their medicine supply as ordered by the ThunderClan Leader Pinestar. However Hawkheart, WindClan's Medicine Cat stopped her and killed her.
Goosefeather ThunderClan Medicine Cat Bluestar's Prophecy Goosefeather prophesied his own death saying he would die on the first snow of leadbare, this was confirmed to be true. However it was never confirmed how he died.
Brightsky RiverClan Warrior / Queen Crookedstar's Promise When Brightsky became pregnant with Mudfur's Kits, she became ill. When she began her kitting she was too weak and she died along with three of her unnamed Kits. However her fourth Kit survived, Leapardkit, who later grew into the powerful RiverClan Leader Leopardstar.
Sweetpaw ThunderClan Apprentice Bluestar's Prophecy Sweetpaw shared a rotten mouse with Rosepaw and Bluefur and they all got bellyache. Rosepaw and Bluefur recovered, but Sweetpaw became very ill and soon died.
Mistkit and Nightkit ThunderClan Kits Bluestar's Prophecy After Leopardfoot gave birth to her three Kits Mistkit, Nightkit and Tigerkit, they were all very weak. Shortly after their father Pinestar left the Clan to become a Kittypet, Mistkit and Nightkit died. However despite being born the weakest of the three Tigerkit survived and later grew into the horrible Tigerstar.
Snowfur ThunderClan Warrior / Nursing Queen Bluestar's Prophecy After Snowfur gave birth to Whitekit, her sister Bluefur encouraged her to go into the forest so she could get out of the nursery for a while. When they were in the forest they found ShadowClan Warriors on their territory. They chased them to the thunderpath that marked the border between ThunderClan and ShadowClan, but Snowfur wanted to teach them a lesson and carelessly ran onto the thunderpath, where she was hit by a monster and killed.
Rainflower RiverClan Warrior Crookedstar's Promise When a dog was found near the RiverClan camp, Crookedjaw, Oakheart and Beetlenose tried to lead it away. However as the dog chased Crookedjaw they found Rainflower who was drinking from the river. The dog tried to attack Rainflower and knocked her into the river. Oakheart and Beetlenose lure the dog away as Crookedjaw checked on Rainflower. She was unconscious after she hit her head on a rock in the river, he tried to take her back to the camp, but Mapleshade spoke to him and told him to leave her and save his Clan from the dog. He hesitated but left her. They managed to lure the dog back to its Twoleg but by the time they returned to Rainflower she was dead. Oakheart was furious at Crookedjaw for leaving her, and Crookedjaw felt guilty. It is slightly ironic that she died from hitting a rock in the river, which was the same way Crookedjaw broke his jaw, which made Rainflower neglect him and seem to stop loving him.
Shellheart RiverClan Elder Crookedstar's Promise Shellheart was RiverClan Deputy for a long time, but he became weak in his old age and retired to the Elder's den. Shortly after he retired he developed a lump in his stomach. It was a unnamed condition but the Medicine Cat Brambleberry had seen the condition before and knew that she could not save him from dieing. He died shortly afterwards, after telling Crookedjaw that he was proud of him.
Hailstar RiverClan Leader Crookedstar's Promise When there was a long period of rain, RiverClan found it hard to keep their bedding dry. So Hailstar led a patrol to a old barn that Twolegs stored dry grass in, which they could use for bedding. However while they were in the barn, trying to hunt the mice, a group of rats attacked the patrol. They were quickly overwhelmed and Hailstar was badly hurt. Brambleberry was treating another cat, so Crookedjaw tried to stop the bleeding, but Mapleshade appeared to him and told him to let him die. He refused and Mapleshade tackled him away, he ran back but it was too late, Hailstar had died. Brambleberry said that the wound was too deep to heal but Crookedjaw felt guilty for his promise with Mapleshade and wondered if he could have saved Hailstar if she didn't stop him.
Splashkit and Morningkit RiverClan Kits Crookedstar's Promise After Graypool gave birth to her two Kits Splashkit and Morningkit, they were very weak and ill. They died less than a moon after their birth.
Mosskit ThunderClan Kit Bluestar's Prophecy Shortly after Bluefur gave birth to Mistykit, Stonekit and Mosskit, she decided to take them to their father in RiverClan to be raised so she could become ThunderClan Deputy. It was Leafbare and the forest was covered in snow, and when Bluefur took the three Kits through the forest to RiverClan they got very cold and weak. Mistykit and Stonekit made it safely to RiverClan but Mosskit died of the cold on the way.
Tanglewhisker RiverClan Elder Crookedstar's Promise Tanglewhisker died peacefully from old age.
Willowbreeze, Minnowkit and Willowkit. RiverClan Warrior / Queen and Kits Crookedstar's Promise When Willowbreeze was pregnant with Crookedstar's Kits, she became ill. When she kitted she had three Kits, but she was weak and she knew she was dieing so she asked Crookedstar to help name the Kits. The named them Minnowkit, Willowkit and Silverkit. Crookedstar refused to accept she was dieing and slept with her and kept her warm, but when he woke up she was dead. Minnowkit and Willowkit had already caught their mothers greencough and Silverkit was moved away from them. Crookedstar chose to sleep with his sick Kits rather than sit vigil for Willowbreeze, but they died shortly after as well. Crookedstar was devastated, he had lost almost everyone he loved and he blamed it on Mapleshade's promise. So at first he chose not to see Silverkit, who was never sick as he feared if he loved her she would die as well. But after some time, he and Oakheart argued, and Crookedstar realized he was wrong and finally talked to his only daughter.
Poppydawn ThunderClan Elder Code Of The Clans During a long and cold Leafbare when Poppydawn was an elder, she caught greencough. Spottedleaf said that if she didn't get fresh kill soon, she would die. Longtail caught a squirrel but Darkstripe convinced him to eat it so he could keep his strength for more hunting. If he had brought back the squirrel for Poppydawn she may have lived, but he listened to Darkstripe and Poppydawn died. After learning that she died, Longtail felt responsible for her death.
Raggedstar ShadowClan Leader Into The Wild / Yellowfang's Secret Raggedstar's son Brokentail saw Raggedstar as a weak leader and wished to lead the Clan his own way. Brokentail rushed back into camp from a night patrol and claimed that they had been ambushed by WindClan. Raggedstar had died with a slash to his throat, despite still having nine lives the wound was so bad he lost all of them at once. The other members of the patrol; Blackfoot, Scorchwind and Boulder who supposedly chased off the WindClan Warriors claimed to have no idea Raggedstar was hurt. It was later revealed to be a fake ambush, where Brokentail killed his father and made it look like an attack from WindClan. Brokentail was his father's Deputy so he then became ShadowClan Leader and became Brokenstar.
Mosspaw ShadowClan Apprentice Yellowfang's Secret Mosspaw was an Apprentice, but was only four moons old. He was appointed a Apprentice by Brokenstar despite the fact the Warrior Code says that a cat must be six moons old to be an Apprentice. During a training session between him and the Clan's Kits set up by Brokenstar the Kits attempted to a double-attack tactic but intentionally break Mosspaw's neck causing him to die. Brokenstar showed regret that he had lost a potential Warrior, but showed no grief and even made the other Kits apprentices for being brave.
Volepaw ShadowClan Apprentice Yellowfang's Secret Volepaw is said to have died from a rat bite.
Oakheart and Redtail RiverClan and ThunderClan Deputies Into The Wild During a fight between ThunderClan and RiverClan over the disputed territory sunningrocks, Redtail the Deputy of ThunderClan fought with Oakheart the Deputy of RiverClan. While they fought, a giant rock dislodged from above them, Redtail escaped but Oakheart was crushed and died. In the confusion Tigerclaw confronted Redtail and killed him. Tigerclaw wanted to become ThunderClan Deputy so he used the confusion and claimed Oakheart killed Redtail and he killed Oakheart in revenge. However Bluestar chose Lionheart instead of Tigerclaw as her new Deputy.
Badgerfang ShadowClan Warrior Code of the Clans / Yellowfang's Secret Badgerfang was only three moons old. He was made an Apprentice by Brokenstar and mentored by Flintfang. When ShadowClan attacked WindClan to drive them out of the forest, Badgerpaw was sent to fight with them. However he was gravely injured by a WindClan cat. Flintfang would have attacked the culprit but Badgerpaw woke up and told Flintfang that he just wanted to make Brokenstar and his mother; Fernshade proud. Flintfang told him how ShadowClan would always remember him for being brave, and Badgerpaw asked if StarClan would make him a Warrior and what his name would be. Flintfang told him that StarClan would probably let him choose his own name. Badgerpaw then said that he wanted to be called Badgerfang after Flintfang, because he had been such a great mentor. Badgerpaw then made a soft sigh and died. After the battle Flintfang brought Badgerpaw's body back to camp. He told Yellowfang that before he died he had made him into a Warrior called Badgerfang and swore he would never train a under age Apprentice again.
Mintkit and Marigoldkit ShadowClan Kits Yellowfang's Secret Mintkit and Marigoldkit deaths have two conflicting stories. In Yellowfang's Secret, Yellowfang find their bodies after they had been savagely killed. Yellowfang could smell fox nearby so it is assumed that the fox had killed them. However Brokenstar and the Kit's mother Brightflower (also Yellowfang's mother) found her with the dead Kits and Brokenstar took her back to camp. He called a Clan meeting and claimed that there was no fox and said that Yellowfang must have killed them. the rest of the Clan began to believe him, including the Kits mother Goldenflower even though Yellowfang was also her daughter. Yellowfang was then banished from ShadowClan by Brokenstar who claimed it was for her own protection, however Yellowfang realised it was all a plot to get rid of her for opposing him. However in Into The Wild, it is mentioned that Goldeflower's Kits (although not actually named) were killed in a training session. Brokenstar brought the bodies back to camp and blamed Yellowfang for their deaths and banished her for it. But in Into the Wild Yellowfang confronts Brokenstar and he admits that he had killed the Kits with his own claws.
Lionheart ThunderClan Warrior Into The Wild Shortly after ShadowClan drove WindClan out of their territory, they attacked ThunderClan. ThunderClan drove them off, but Lionheart was injured, he was treated by Spottedleaf but she could not save him and he died from his wounds.
Rosetail ThunderClan Elder Into The Wild When ShadowClan attacked ThunderClan, Rosetail tried to protect the nursery, but the ShadowClan Deputy Blackfoot killed her. Yellowfang then fought off Blackfoot and protected the nursery. Frostfur said that Blackfoot killed the "brave Rosetail", but she isn't mentioned again and her assumed vigil was never told about.
Spottedleaf ThunderClan Medicine Cat Into The Wild When Clawface broke into ThunderClan to steal Frostfur's Kits, Spottedleaf tried to to stop him. But she was killed by Clawface and the Kits were stolen. Yellowfang was the first to learn what happened and pursued him, which made the Clan suspect it was her who killed Spottedleaf. But with Firepaw found her, and with a ThunderClan patrol, they attacked ShadowClan, drove out the evil Leader Brokenstar and saved the Kits.
Whiteclaw RiverClan Warrior Fire And Ice When Fireheart and Greystripe returned from bringing WindClan back to the forest, they traveled through RiverClan to get back to ThunderClan territory. But they met a RiverClan patrol who attacked them on the edge of the gorge. During the fight Whiteclaw lost his footing, Greystripe tried to save him but it was too late and Whiteclaw fell to his death. His death was prophesied earlier by the WindClan Medicine Cat who said "this day shall bring unnecessary death". Greytripe felt guilty for his death and was also blamed for it by Leopardfur and many other RiverClan cats.
Silverstream RiverClan Warrior / Queen Forest Of Secrets When she was pregnant with Greystripe's Kits, she met with him at the ThunderClan and RiverClan border. However her Kits started to come earlier than she expected. Greystripe called for Yellowfang, but she was in the forest so Cinderpelt went to help. The birth had difficulties and Silverstream died giving birth, but Cinderpelt saved her two Kits, later named Featherkit and Stormkit. Cinderpelt blamed herself for not saving Silverstream.
Brokenstar ShadowClan Leader Forest Of Secrets Brokenstar helped Tigerclaw attack ThunderClan, when Tigerclaw attempted to kill Bluestar. Tigerclaw was then exiled and Yellowfang, Brokenstar's mother fed him deathberries. She was a Medicine Cat and had a forbidden love with Raggedstar. Brokenstar hurt all the Clans and she felt guilty for his actions and felt it was her responsibility to deal with him in the end.
Runningwind ThunderClan Warrior Rising Storm Runningwind, Mousefur and Thornpaw were on a patrol when they were attacked. Mousefur and Thornpaw escaped and ran back to the camp to tell the Clan, but they said they didn't see who attacked them and that Runningwind was missing. Fireheart took a patrol to find him and they found his body dead on the thunderpath between ThunderClan and ShadowClan territory. Whitethroat was seen standing over his body and was assumed as the one who killed him, but it was later revealed he had only passed by and it was Tigerclaw and the his rogue followers who killed him.
Yellowfang and Halftail ThunderClan Medicine Cat and Warrior Rising Storm When the ThunderClan camp caught fire the camp was was evacuated. Yellowfang and Fireheart stayed behind to find Patchpelt and Halftail. Fireheart found Patchpelt and helped him escape, but before he could help Yellowfang he found Bramblekit on a branch and helped him. However by the time he helped him a flaming branch had fallen and blocked Yellowfang's only escape route. She had found Halftail and she dragged him back into the camp to try and escape the flames, but she wasn't strong enough to save him, he died and she had to leave him and hide in her den. Fireheart finally managed to reach her, but it was too late, she had breathed in too much smoke and was dieing. She gave her last words saying she was not scared of dieing, that she was proud of Fireheart and with her last breath told Fireheart she wished she could have seen him grow into cat he was destined to be, and then died from the smoke.
Nightstar ShadowClan Leader Rising Storm When ShadowClan had an outbreak of disease when they started eating from carrionplace because of a lack of prey, Nightstar became very ill. Nightstar was an elder, but was a new Leader. However unknown to the Clan was that he never received his nine lives from StarClan. They kept the secret because they feared that the Clan would lose trust in Nighstar, and that would destroy the Clan after all the trouble with Brokenstar. Nightstar and Runningnose assumed he was denied his nine lives because their old Leader Brokenstar was still alive at the time. By the time they learned of Brokenstar's death, Nightstar was to weak to travel to the moonstone and died. The rest of the Clan cats believed that the illness was so great it took all nine of his lives.
Crookedstar RiverClan Leader A Dangerous Path Crookedstar lost his last life from a bad case of greencough.
Brindleface ThunderClan Warrior / Nursing Queen A Dangerous Path When Tigerstar tried to destroy Thunderclan by luring a pack of dogs to the camp he used fresh killed rabbits as bait and lead a trail to the camp. However in order to give the dogs a taste for cat he murdered Brindleface and left her body at the end of the trail. The Clan found her before the dogs reached the camp and worked together to stop the dogs.
Bluestar ThunderClan Leader A Dangerous Path After Tigerstar tried to lure the dogs into the ThunderClan camp, the camp was evacuated and several cats tried to lure the dogs off the gorge. Bluestar who after Tigerclaw's betrayal and the fire had lost her faith in StarClan and her trust in her Clan. Only after seeing the Clan working together and risking their lives to stop the dogs did she regain her faith and trust. She ran through the forest to the gorge to see where the dogs were, and she saw Fireheart caught in the jaws of the lead dog. She charged at the dog knocking Fireheart clear and her and the dog fell off the gorge into the river below. Fireheart jumped in afterwards and tried to save her from drowning, but he had no strength left. Before they drowned Mistyfoot and Stormfur, Bluestar's Kits saved them. But it was too late, Bluestar had swallowed too much water and was dieing. With her last moments she begged her Kits forgiveness for giving them up, and they forgave her, knowing she did what she thought was best. She was finally at peace and she told Firestar how he would be a great Leader and how he was the fire that was prophesied to save the Clan. She died at the side of the river in front of Fireheart, Mistyfoot and Stonefur as her former RiverClan mate Oakheart guided her to StarClan.
Stonefur RiverClan Deputy The Darkest Hour After Tigerstar convinced Leopardstar to join him in making TigerClan, he started treating half-clan cats as outcasts. Stonefur was ordered to kill Featherpaw and Stormpaw, but he refused, so Tigerstar ordered Stonefur to be killed. Darkstripe attempted to kill him, but even though Stonefur was half starved, Darkstripe could not defeat him and Tigerstar ordered Blackfoot to do it instead. Stonefur could not defeat Blackfoot and was killed.
Tigerstar ShadowClan Leader The Darkest Hour After ThunderClan and RiverClan refused to join TigerClan, Tigerstar recuited BloodClan to help drive them out of the forest. When TigerClan and BloodClan met the newly formed LionClan, Firestar who led them told Scourge, the Leader of BloodClan about what Tigerstar had done to the Clans and that he would betray him. After he heard his story, he decided that BloodClan would not fight. Tigerstar saw that as betrayal and tried to attack him, but Scourge avoided his attack and struck his belly with his claws that were enforced with dog teeth. The wound was so great Tigerstar lost all of his nine lives. Although Tigerstar didn't seem to realize that Scourge had planned to kill him all along and only joined him so he could seek his revenge for when Tigerstar scared him when he was a Kit and he wondered into the forest.
Whitestorm and Bone ThunderClan and BloodClan Deputy and assumed Deputy The Darkest Hour During the final fight between LionClan and BloodClan, Whitestorm faced off against the BloodClan 'Deputy' Bone. Whitestorm was close to becoming an elder and he could not wmtch Bone's strength and Bone struck him with a fatal blow. With his final words he told Firestar that Greystripe was his true Deputy and Firestar appointed him. Whitestorm then died and in a rage over his death several ThunderClan cats attacked Bone, overwhelmed him and killed him.
Scourge BloodClan Leader The Darkest Hour After Bone was killed Firestar found Scourge and faced off with him. Scourge was too stealthy for him however and he killed Firestar, but the injury was not as great as Tigerstar's was. Firestar lost the first of his nine lives and went back into the battle with the support of StarClan in his paws to face off against Scourge again. Scourge was shocked to see him alive and attempted to do the same move he used to kill Tigerstar, but Firestar was prepared and avoided the attack, and then killed Scourge. As BloodClan was not a true Clan and did not believe in StarClan, Scourge only had one life and remained dead. After seeing the death of Scourge and Bone, BloodClan gave up and fled the battle.
Willowpelt ThunderClan Warrior Firestar's Quest Willowpelt went on a patrol with Firestar, Ashfur, Thornclaw and her son Sootpaw, when the patrol scented a badger and then found it. Sootpaw was caught by the badger, but Willowpelt pushed him out of the way and saved him, however she was then killed by the badger.
Skywatcher SkyClan Elder Firestar's Quest After Firestar successfully brought back SkyClan from its scattered remains, he went to visit Skywatcher who chose to live in his old den instead of the SkyClan camp. Skywatcher thanked him for all he had done, and told Firestar the prophecy "There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws.". The next day Firestar returned to find Skywalker had died, assumed to have been because of old age.
Rainfur SkyClan Warrior Firestar's Quest After SkyClan learned about the rats that had destroyed the ancient SkyClan Firestar planned an attack to destroy them. Rainfur joined the attack and the fight led into the barn where the rats lived. Firestar and Rainfur were both surrounded by rats, Sandstorm was the only one able to help and she only had time to help one, and she chose Firestar. Rainfur was killed by the rats, and Firestar also lost one of his nine lives.
Lichenfur SkyClan Warrior SkyClan & The Stranger #2 - Beyond The Code After a long heat wave, SkyClan was hit by a powerful storm and all the cats fled to high ground. After the storm died down, and the cats were being accounted for, Cherrytail found Lichenfur, but it was too late as she was already dead, the Clan was devastated, especially Leafpool, who had known the she-cat all her life. She was found next to a log, soaking wet, it is assumed she drowned, perhaps crushed by the log, preventing her from saving herself.
Feathertail RiverClan Warrior Moonrise On the way back from the great journey to find Midnight the badger, the traveling cats found the Tribe Of Rushing Water. The Tribe had been told a prophecy by their ancestors The Tribe Of Endless Hunting which told of a silver cat who would save them from the mountain cat Sharptooth. It was believed to be her brother Stormfur at first and the Tribe refused to let him leave. Brambleclaw and the other traveling cats helped him escape, however he felt that he should have helped them and they all returned only to find Sharptooth attacking the Tribe. Feathertail managed to dislodged a large spiked rock from the roof of the Tribe's cave and it dropped on and killed Sharptooth, but the fall killed Feathertail as well. The cats could not take her body back to the Clans, so she was buried in the Tribe's land where she was honored by The Tribe Of Rushing Water and then went on to both the ranks of The Tribe Of Endless Hunting and StarClan.
Dappletail ThunderClan Warrior Moonrise During a prey famine, many cats went hungry. ThunderClan learned that WindClan's rabbits had been contaminated by Twolegs and Firestar banned rabbits from being eaten. However when Firestar told Dappletail she could not eat a rabbit, she refused to listen and ate it. She later had a bad stomachache and died shortly after.
Frostfur and Speckletail of ThunderClan and Loudbelly and Shadepelt of RiverClan ThunderClan and RiverClan Elders Last seen in Dawn They decided to stay behind in the forest before the great journey as they were too old to travel and wanted to spend the last of their lives in the forest they loved. They lived on until they all died peacefully from old age.
Mudfur RiverClan Medicine Cat Dawn Mudfur was weak of illness when the Clans prepared to leave on the great journey, Frostfur and Speckletail, who had chosen to stay in the dieing forest offered to take care of him. Leopardstar said it was unnecessary as he was already on his way to StarClan. Mudfur asked Cinderpelt to let him die in peace and she gave him a large amount of poppy seed to help him on his way to StarClan. He died of his illness just before the Clans left on the journey.
Shrewpaw ThunderClan Apprentice Dawn After a hunting patrol, Shrewpaw's mentor, Thornclaw returned to the camp with Shrewpaw's body. He said that Shrewpaw had chased a pheasant onto the thunderpath and was hit my a monster. His neck was broken and he died instantly.
Deadfoot WindClan Deputy Midnight Deadfoot was seen as a member of StarClan, and he was the one who represented WindClan and chose Crowpaw to go on the journey to find Midnight the badger. However it was never mentioned how he died. He was last seen, assumed injured in the battle against TigerClan in The Darkest Hour.
Tallstar WindClan Leader Starlight After the great journey, shortly after the Clans arrived at the lake, Tallstar was very weak. He was a very old cat and the journey had been hard for him. He and the other cats knew the inevitable and that he was about to join StarClan. After several days of rest Tallstar was close to death and called for Firestar and Onewhisker. He told Firestar how thankful he was for everything he did, and that Brambleclaw would make a good Deputy. His last words were of Onewhisker, and he appointed him as his new Deputy over Mudclaw, who he felt was too violent to be the Leader of WindClan. Tallstar did not use the correct words for the ceremony but Firestar and Onewhisker accepted it. Tallstar then died, however when the other cats learned of Onewhisker was the new Deputy many WindClan cats were angry and it created a big rift in the Clan.
Boulder ShadowClan Elder The Ultimate Guide Boulder was last mentioned in Dawn, when ShadowClan were deciding where to go once they left the forest. He was mentioned as having been part of BloodClan and that he knew good hunting spots if ShadowClan moved to Twolegplace. But they later chose to join the other Clans on the great journey instead. After they arrived at the Lake territory where he said goodbye to Birchkit who he became friends with on the great journey, he is not mentioned again. However in The Sight Littlecloud told Leafpaw that an elder had died, this was likely to have been Boulder. In 'The Ultimate Guide' it was confirmed that Boulder died of old age in the Elder's den in their new home by the lake.
Mudclaw WindClan Warrior Starlight After Onewhisker was chosen as Tallstar's new Deputy, Mudclaw was very angry. He felt betrayed and he led a revolt against Onewhisker and also allied several RiverClan cats who agreed he should have been Leader. However during the fight a large tree was struck by lightning and it fell and killed Mudclaw. It was seen as a sign from StarClan that Onewhisker was the rightful Leader. The tree that killed Mudclaw also became the bridge that led to the island where gatherings were then held.
Cinderpelt ThunderClan Medicine Cat Twilight When the Clans first moved to the lake, they drove off several badgers from the territory. Later the badgers gathered their kin and attacked ThunderClan for revenge. During the fight Sorreltail started giving birth and Cinderpelt went to help her. She tried her best to protect the nursery from the badgers but she got severely wounded. Leafpool who had ran away from the Clan to be with Crowfeather, returned after she learned about the attack. With her last words Cinderpelt told Leafpool that StarClan had told her she was going to die and she was not afraid because she knew the Clan would be cared for. Leafpool asked her that if she knew she was going to die, why didn't she force her to stay. Cinderpelt told her that she had to make up her own mind. Cinderpelt died shortly after. Leafpool blamed herself for Cinderpelt's death. However Cinderpelt did not join StarClan and was reincarnated as Cinderkit, now known as Cinderheart.
Sootfur ThunderClan Warrior Twilight When the badgers attacked ThunderClan Sootfur tried to fight the badgers, but he became overwelmed and badly injured. Squirrelflight attempted to save him, but by the time she got him to safety, he had died from his injuries.
Hawkfrost RiverClan Warrior Sunset Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost had been meeting Tigerstar in the Dark Forest and they decided to meet up in the Clan forest to further talk about their ambitions. However Hawkfrost and Tigerstar had planned it as a trap to test Brambleclaw as they doubted his ambition. Hawkfrost lured and trapped Firestar into a fox trap before the meeting and then brought Brambleclaw to him and told him to kill him to become ThunderClan Leader. Brambleclaw hesitated but decided his loyalty was to Firestar and ThunderClan and not to his evil brother. He told Hawkfrost to go back to RiverClan and tried to free Firestar, but Hawkfrost attacked him. As they fought Brambleclaw used the fox trap and pierced Hawkfrost's neck. Hawkfrost's blood spilled into the river and thus the prophecy "blood will spill blood" was fulfilled and Hawkfrost died. They kept the truth about his death secret and told the other Clans they found him dead on ThunderClan territory on a patrol.
Goldenflower ThunderClan Elder Between Sunset and The Sight After the badgers attacked ThunderClan Goldenflower was treated by Leafpool. However in the following series starting in The Sight she was not mentioned in the book or the allegiances, which suggested she died between Sunset and The Sight, most likely of old age. This was later confirmed by Victoria Holmes who said she died peacefully of old age between The New Prophecy and Power of Three.
Rainwhisker ThunderClan Warrior The Sight It was told that he was killed by a falling tree branch in a storm during the time between Sunset and The Sight.
Ashfur ThunderClan Warrior Sunrise The ThunderClan camp caught on fire and Ashfur attempted to kill Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze by stopping them from escaping, by blocking their only escape route. Squirrelflight found them and told him she was not their mother so that he would let them go. Ashfur hated Squirrelflight for not choosing him as her mate and he was hurt, and he felt that killing her Kits would hurt her like he felt hurt by her. However after he learned that she was not their mother he planned to tell all the Clans at the next gathering, knowing it would hurt her even more. Hollyleaf discovered his plan, and thought if he told the truth it would destroy ThunderClan as WindClan and RiverClan had just attacked ThunderClan for excepting too many Kittypets into the Clan. She decided that she needed to stop him, or ThunderClan would be attacked again for having more cats who did not have true clan blood, as at the time she did not know her true parents and assumed she was not from ThunderClan. She stalked Ashfur and pounced on him while he was in the forest, she cut his neck and left him to die in a stream on the WindClan border. The Clan assumed it was a WindClan cat, then later assumed it was Sol. Only Leafpool, Jayfather and Lionblaze learned the truth of Ashfur's death
Honeyfern ThunderClan Warrior Sunrise Honeyfern was sharing tongues with her mate Berrynose, when she and Lionblaze who was near them noticed a snake near Briarkit. Lionblaze was ready to attack the snake but Honeyfern was faster, she managed to save Briarkit and scare the snake away but she got bitten. Leafpool looked at Honeyfern, but she could not save her and she soon died from the snake's venom.
Leopardstar RiverClan Leader Fading Echoes Leopardstar, who was a very old cat had become very ill and died. Mistyfoot, who was now Mistystar visited ThunderClan after reveiveing her nine lives and told Firestar of that Leopardstar had died. Although Dovepaw, Jayfeather and Lionblaze already learned of it through Dovepaw's power. It was confirmed she died of diabetes.
Dawnflower, Blackclaw and Voletooth RiverClan Elders Fading Echoes When Mistystar traveled to ThunderClan with Mothwing after she received her nine lives, she told Firestar that Dawnflower, Blackclaw and Voletooth had died from hunger and thirst after the drought.
Barkface WindClan Medicine Cat Sign Of The Moon At a gathering it was announced that Barkface had died from old age.
Longtail ThunderClan Early retired Warrior because of his blindness. Fading Echoes Dovepaw using her power learned that a large tree was going to land on the ThunderClan camp, so Firestar evacuated the camp. As the Elders were evacuated Mousefur attempted to return to get a mouse, as she said it was an insult to StarClan to waste food. Longtail refused to let her go, and he went to get the mouse instead. However he was too late and the tree fell. Lionblaze and several others later attempted to find Longtail and Briarpaw who had also gone missing. Lionblaze found Longtail but he was dead, after being caught by the falling tree. Briarpaw survived but his spine was broken and he lost use of his back legs. All of the Clan grieved for Longtail, but especially Mousefur who felt responsible for making him go to get the mouse.
Russetfur ShadowClan Deputy Night Whispers Ivypaw who had been trained in the DarkForest was tricked by Tigerstar, he told her that ShadowClan were going to take ThunderClan territory for cat mint Jayfeather had been growing. Tigerstar told her she needed to attack them first, so Ivypaw convinced Firestar to attack ShadowClan for the territory he gave them when they first went to the lake, by saying she received a sign from StarClan. During the fight Russetfur attempted to kill Firestar, but Lionblaze attacked her and freed Firestar. However Firestar lost a life from her attack and she died from Lionblaze's attack. Lionblaze did not mean to kill her, and many cats told him that she was too old, and should not have been in the fight. Blackstar accepted defeat and gave up the territory and said it wasn't worth it.
Flametail ShadowClan Medicine Cat Apprentice Night Whispers In a cold leafbare the lake froze completely over. Flametail and several other cats went on the ice to play. However Flametail went too far and the ice cracked and he fell in the icy water. Jayfeather saw him fall and attempted to save him, but as he tried to, a sign, assumed to be from Rock, told him that it was Flametail's time to die and not his, so Jayfeather let him go and Flametail drowned.
Antpelt WindClanr Warrior Sign Of The Moon During a training session in the Dark Forest, Antpelt was told by Thistleclaw to attack Ivypool, and to try and drive her to the top of a heap of logs. At first he attacked half heartedly with his claws sheathed, but Thistleclaw shouted at him to stop fighting like a Kit. He then attacked with all his strength with claws unsheathed, and Ivypool slipped and fell down the pile of logs. Antpelt gave Ivypool a sympathetic look, but Thistleclaw saw this as a moment of weakness, and attacked Antpelt, dealing him a near fatal wound. He disappeared from the Dark Forest, and shortly after he died from the wound he had received in front of his helpless WindClan clan mates.
Stoneteller The Tribe Of Rushing Water Stoneteller / Healer Sign Of The Moon After the Tribe had been attacked and they had been forced to take on help from the Clan cats, Stoneteller lost his faith in The Tribe Of Endless Hunting. However he was old and the Tribe were afraid because he refused to choose a his successor. Shortly after his time came and he realized he was wrong and regained his faith, but it was too late to named a successor. The Tribe OF Endless Hunting spoke to Jayfeather and told him to choose the next Stoneteller. Jayfeather chose Crag Where Eagles Nest, and told the Tribe that he was told by Stoneteller before he died, even though it was truly him who had been made to choose.
Bettlewhisker RiverClan Warrior The Last Hope During a meeting in the Dark Forest, Beetlewhisker and many other cats who believed they had been being trained to become strong Warriors for their Clans, started to learm the Dark Forest's true motives to destroy the living Clans. Beetlewhisker decided it was time for him to leave the Dark Forest. He thanked them for the training and made his way to leave. However Brokenstar told him that no cat leaves the Dark Forest unless he says so. Beetlewhisker told him that he would leave, and he could not stop him, but Brokenstar jumped and blocked his path. Applefur tried to convince Beetlewhisker to stay, but he would not change his mind. Brokenstar then reared up and dived at Beetlewhisker, knocking him backwards, then leaped at him and clamped his neck in his jaws, until a crack split the air and Beetlewhisker fell limp and died. RiverClan could not find Beetlewhisker after he died, his body must have vanished from the living world.
Pinenose's Unnamed Kit ShadowClan Kit The Last Hope During the battle with the Dark Forest, Pinenose is seen grieving over her dead Kit, who is assumed to have been killed by a Dark Forest Warrior.
Redwillow ShadowClan Warrior The Last Hope During the battle with the Dark Forest Redwillow confronted ShadowClan alongside the Dark Forest Warrior Shredtail and confessed he was loyal to the Dark Forest, and not ShadowClan. Snowbird the ShadowClan Warrior was shocked and threatened to kill him. But Blackstar stops her, and confronted Redwillow. Redwillow said his time was over, and that he was just a elder, Blackstar told him, he was still the Leader of the Clan and called him a traitor. Blackstar then lunged at Redwillow quickly with a paw and slashed deep into his chest. Redwillow stared in astonishment, then glanced down at the gash, as he collapsed and died.
Hollyleaf ThunderClan Warrior The Last Hope During the battle with the Dark Forest Ivypool searched for her Clanmates Birchfall, Blossonfall and Mousewhisker, who had been training with her in the Dark Forest, to convince them to fight for the Clans. She found them in WindClan and convinced them it was the right thing to do despite Brokenstar's threats to kill traitors, she also convince Applefur another Warrior who trained in the Dark Forest. However Hawkfrost and Thistleclaw overheard her confession of being a spy and being loyal to the Clans and wanted to kill her for being a traitor. Ivypool and the loyal Warriors struggled against the Dark Forest Warriors as Ivypool bumped into Tigerheart. She asked him if she had to fight him as well, but he said he was Warrior and would fight for the Clans. As the Warriors fought, Ivypool got separated and got cornered by Hawkfrost, ThistleClaw and Snowtuft, where things looked bleak. But Hollleaf flew into the battle and slammed into Hawkfrost sending him flying away. Ivypool and Hollyleaf fought back together. Ivypool fought off Thistleclaw and Snowtuft, and Hollyleaf fought off Hawkfrost, but not without taking a dangerous wound to her neck. Ivypool ran to her and with Tigerheart's help took her back to ThunderClan's camp to be treated. However it was too late, Jayfeather and Leafpool tried to save her, and Hollyleaf said it was ok, she said she was glad she returned to ThunderClan, and that she could not bare to leave without getting to know her mother. Ivypool screeced for them to save her, but it was too late. Jayfeather and Leafpool realised the wound was too great, she had lost to much blood. Leafpool called to her daughter and pressed her muzzle to her cheek, as Hollyleaf's head fell back and her eyes dulled, her breathing stopped. She was dead.
Mousefur ThunderClan Elder The Last Hope During the battle with the Dark Forest, members of StarClan joined ThunderClan to fight the Dark Forest Warriors. Longtail joined the fight and immediately looked for Mousefur. He found her defending her den against a Dark Forest Warrior and asked to help, and she told him that he took his time, and that he was always late, and he responded not to late, I hope. As he said it, a Dark Forest Warrior lunged from behind them, he knocked Longtail out of the way and grabbed Mousefur in his jaws. Mousefur stumbled and fell and the Warrior let her drop. Longtail shouted for her to get up, and tried to drag her to her paws but just slumped to one side with her head twisted. Mousefur was dead. Purdy then saw what happened and said she died a Warrior's death after all. He promised to watch over her body, as the younger Warriors went back into the battle to avenge her death.
Ferncloud ThunderClan Warrior / Kit watcher The Last Hope During the fight with the Dark Forest, The Dark Forest Warriors fought hard to try and kill the Kits. While Brightheart and Daisy were occupied fighting other Dark Forest Warriors, Ferncloud was left to defend Brightheart's Kits against Brokenstar. She fought hard and tried to grab his neck, but Brokenstar dodged her attack and grabbed her by the scruff, and dragged her from the den. Ferncloud tried to snap back at him, but it was in-vane as Brokenstar sank his teeth into her neck and with a grunt she fell still and died. Firestar tried to attack Brokenstar in vengeance, but Yellowfang stopped him. She jumped at Brokenstar, and grasped his throat in her jaws and killed him. Her mate Dustpelt entered the camp shortly after and saw Ferncloud's body, he shouted for help, but Firestar told him it was too late. He said he would have protected her if he had been there.
Firestar ThunderClan Leader The Last Hope At the end of the battle with the Dark Forest Tigerstar walked into the ThunderClan camp. Firestar asked him what it was all for, what was worth the life of so many Warriors and Tigerstar told him it was to defeat him. They argued, Firestar said he would not let him harm another cat, and Tigerstar said he would have to kill him then. Tigerstar attacked Firestar hooking his claws in his shoulders, Firestar twisted free and they continued to struggle. Graystripe and Sandstorm watched on anxiously, but they were forced to stay back. This was Firestar's battle. Firestar told Tigerstar that he lived like a Rogue, so he would die like a Rogue, flashing like lightning, he flew at Tigerstar, and gripped Tigerstar's neck and sank his teeth into his flesh. He held on while Tigerstar thrashed, and finally collapsed to the ground and faded away. The Clan prepared to celebrate when thunder cracked the sky. Lightning struck a fallen beech beside Firestar. The clouds opened and rain pounded down, making the fire crackle and fade. It looked like it was over, but Sandstorm yowled Firestar's name, the Clan looked on in astonishment. Firestar's body lay in a lump, he was dead, he had died from his battle wounds. The Clan looked on and grieved for the life of their Leader. Fire had saved the Clan for the final time. The Clan talked of the lives he had lost throughout his leadership and Bluestar appeared to take him to StarClan. Firestars spirit stood up from his body, he glanced around his former Clan, nodded to Brambleclaw, who would succeed him as the ThunderClan Leader, touched his muzzle to Sandstorm's and alongside the spirits of Hollyleaf, Mousefur and Ferncloud he turned and went to join the ranks of StarClan.
Duskpaw SkyClan Apprentice Hawkwing's Journey When Hawkpaw was hunting with Ebonyclaw, they heared a yowl from a twoleg place, as they went to investigate they found Duskpaw and Pebblepaw trapped in the twoleg place after it has mysteriously caught fire. Hawkpaw at a loss of who to try and save first, looked at his sister Dovepaw, who he believed was trying to say to save Pebblepaw. So he went and saved Pebblepaw, But too late realized he would have no time to save Dawnpaw afterwards and she died from breathing in smoke. Hawkpaw felt horrible about his sisters death blaming himself for not saving her first. He shunned Pebblepaw trying to blame her but he knew deep down he was just pushing the blame onto her and he never really blamed her.
Billystorm SkyClan Warrior Hawkwing's Journey Shortly after accepting Darktail into the Clan, he claimed to know how to find the other Clans. So believing him a patrol was sent out following his instructions. However his directions actually led to a trap, where badgers lived. The patrol fought bravely trying to escape, but Billystorm was fatally wounded. Too far to carry his body the patrol could only return to their Clan and pass the new onto their leader Leafstar that their quest to find the other Clans failed and her mate was dead.
Honeytail SkyClan Warrior Hawkwing's Journey While the patrol was out searching for the other Clans, they returned to find the Clan in horrible shape. They were told they were attacked by strange animals, later revealed to be raccoons and Honeytail was killed in the fight with them.
Stormheart, Bouncefire, Patchfoot and Sharpclaw SkyClan Warriors and Deputy Hawkwing's Journey After the attack by the raccoons and the failed missions to find the Clans, the cruel truth that it was all because of Darktail was revealed when he lead a band of rogues to attack SkyClan. It was a fierce battle, but the weakened SkyClan stood no chance and were ultimately drove out of their home, scattered and separated. However it was no without loss of life. Stormheart and Bouncefire were killed by rogues, while Bouncefire was slaughtered by Darktail himself. Finally Sharpclaw despite fighting ferociously was killed by Darktail with help from Rain.
Snipkit SkyClan Kit Hawkwing's Journey After the battle with the rogues, Curlykit, Snipkit and Fidgetkit were separated from their parents. Shortly after they find them but they are across the river, so they attempted to cross. Curlykit and Fidgekit managed to cross but Snipkit was washed away and drowned
Pebbleshine SkyClan Warrior Between Hawkwing's Journey and Shattered Sky Pebbleshine who was pregnant with Hawkwing's kits when was separated from SkyClan after being trapped in a monster and being taken far way. It is unconfirmed what happened exactly, but it is suggested she escaped the twolegs and was killed by a monster shortly giving birth to Violetkit and Twigkit who were found by a Thunderpath near the lake territories. She was unable to go to StarClan however as she still felt she had to watch over her kits and SkyClan. It was not until much later in the events of 'The Raging Storm' that she finally felt knew her family was safe enough for her to go to StarClan.
Rileypool and Firefern SkyClan Warriors After the battle with the rogues and most of the remaining SkyClan cats regain travelling to try and find the other Clans, the group was hit by a sudden mysterious illness. As they had still not found Echosong no one knew how to treat them and the infected cats got worse. Fortunately Echosong found the group and managed to treat the sick cats as best as she could, however it was too late for Rileypool and Firefern, who passed away from the illness.
Echosong SkyClan Medicine Cat After the illness, the travelling SkyClan cats continued to travel hoping to find the other Clans. Unfortunately along the way Echosong was caught an infection which takes her life.
Toadfoot, Shrewfoot, Starlingwing, Olivenose, Applefur, Cedarheart, Tallpoppy and Weaselkit of ShadowClan. Ashfoot, Owlwhisker, Swallowtail and Thistleheart of WindClan ShadowClan and WindClan Warriors and Kits Bramblstar's Storm During a gathering in Bramblestar's Storm, Blackstar began listing the dead from the battle against the Dark Forest, it is unconfirmed exactly how they all died, but most likely from injury's. The list would most likely be longer, but Blackstar was interrupted and he never finished listing the cats.
Sorreltail and Foxleap ThunderClan Warriors The Ultimate Guide / Bramblestar's Storm During the battle with the Dark Forest, Sorreltail and Foxleap were badly wounded, despite surviving the battle itself, Sorreltail wounds proved too great and she passed away while Bramblestar traveled to the moonpool to receive his nine lives, Foxleap's wounds also proved fatal and he died some time after the battle. Sorreltail actually hid her injury's so that she could protect the Kits, it is unclear whether she could have survived if she had been treated right away.
Toadstep, Ivecloud and Hazeltail ThunderClan Warriors Between The Last Hope and Bramblestar's Storm After the battle with the Dark Forest when ThunderClan was beginning to return to normal, they suffered from an outbreak of greencough and all three warriors died from it.
Ravenpaw ThunderClan / Loner Loner The Ultimate Guide During Bramblestar's nine lives ceremony Ravenpaw gave him one of his lives and revealed he had died before his dear friend Barley. Is is unknown how he died however, but it would be strange to be old age as Barley is older than Ravenpaw.
Blackstar ShadowClan Leader Bramblestar's Storm In Bramblestar's Storm, the Clans were hit by a storm which caused the lake to flood and destroy a large amount of the Clan territory, including their camps. Blackstar was mentioned to have died during the flood, although it is unconfirmed how he died, but most likely he drowned as he may have been to old to escape.
Seedpaw ThunderClan Apprentice Bramblestar's Storm During the flood, the memorial stick which had scratch's for each cat that died in the battle against the dark forest was washed away. It was later found lodged in the bank, but it was too far away and Bramblestar claimed it was too dangerous and said to wait for the water to go down. But Seedpaw and her sister Lilypaw tried to retrieve it anyway. Bramblestar was suspicious, since their had been an omen about injury related to a stick, so he followed the Apprentices, but was too late. He swam to the Apprentice's aid but Lilypaw got trapped in ivy, Seedpaw swam down to free her and Bramblstarswam Lilypaw to safety. But when hen finally managed to go back for Seedpaw, it was too late, as he brought her pack to the bank, her body was lifeless, she died saving her sister.
Dustpelt ThunderClan Warrior Bramblestar's Storm In Bramblstar's Storm, both ThunderClan and ShadowClan were forced to move to higher ground. Since so much of their hunting ground was under water both Clans began hunting beyond their Clan territory's for food, however they were not the only ones who had to move their home and several badgers moved into a old set in this new territory. ShadowClan who had suffered more than ThunderClan were in no state to fight the badgers alone. Despite Rowanstar's insistence they had no right to interfere, Bramblestar decided to lead a patrol to help ShadowClan, after his sister requested his help. The badgers were fought off, but Dustpelt had taken severe injuries. Bramblestar wanted to call for help, but Dustpelt stopped him and told him he was ready, and the Elder's den was not where he wanted to be. Ferncloud his former mate and all the other cats who died in the battle against the Dark Forest briefly appeared to welcome him to StarClan. Dustpelt died, but everyone knew he would be happy as he was reunited with Ferncloud in StarClan.
Pebblefoor and Grasspelt RiverClan Warriors Bramblestar's Storm After the flood waters began to recede the Clans managed to go to the island for a gathering. Mistystar told Bramblestar that Pebblefoot and Grasspelt had died in the flood, most likely having drowned.
Spiderleg ThunderClan Warrior The Apprentice's Quest It is mentioned that Spiderleg died of greencough, this must have taken place sometime between Bramblestar's Storm and The Apprentice's Quest.
Juniperkit and Dandelionkit ThunderClan Kits The Apprentice's Quest Between Bramblestar's Storm and The Apprentice's Quest Squirrelflight gave birth to four Kits. Alderkit and Sparkkit loved, Juniperkit died shortly after birth, while Dandelionkit was born weak and grew weaker and eventually died two moons after birth.
Sandstorm ThunderClan Elder The Apprentice's Quest After Alderpaw was given a quest to secretly find SkyClan, Sandstorm, despite being an Elder and many cats telling her she should not go, insisted on going with him as she was the only cat who knew the way to SkyClan. However on the journey they met a fox, which gave Sandstorm a bite on the shoulder. Although it was not immediately fatal and Alderpaw treated it as well as he could, she insisted on moving on with the quest. but as she travelled she knocked the wound on a fence and got mud into it, eventually causing an infection Alderpaw was unable to heal. She told him she was going to die and had no regrets, she would see Firestar and wanted to die on an important quest, not stuck in camp as an Elder. She died shortly after to the infection, to Alderpaw and the other travelling cats dismay, they buried her, sad vigil and continued on their quest.
Mistfeather SkyClan Warrior The Apprentice's Quest As Alderpaw and the other cats finally found SkyClan territory, they were shocked to find the cats who lived there were savage and rogue like. Alderpaw was confused as they were not the same cats in his vision, and as he explored the forest to try and hunt he came across Mistfeather, who he noticed from his vision. He explained that SkyClan had been driven out of their territory by the rogues and he was the only one who had not completely fled. Shortly after Darktail, the leader of the rogues found them and provoked Mistfeather into a fight. Alderpaw mentioned how Mistfeather is a excellent fighter, but was far to weak to put up a fight against the well fed Darktail. Darktail defeated him and despite Alderpaw's plead to stop, he rips out Mistfeather''s throat with his claws, causing him to spasm before falling limp, dead.
Littlecloud ShadowClan Medicine Cat Thunder and Shadow Littlecloud was an old Medicine Cat and his help had been in decline for a long time. Rowanstar finally came to ThunderClan to request for help in looking after the weakening Medicine Cat. Leafpool agrees to go and doe's all she can but Littlecloud is too ill and dies shortly after. Rowanstar despite not being chosen by Littlecloud or StarClan appointed the new Apprentice Puddlepaw as the new Medicine Cat who Leafpool reluctantly agreed to train. She did so for two moons after which gave him his full Medicine Cat name Puddleshine, despite having far less training than a Medicine Cat would usually receive.
Furzepelt WindClan Warrior Thunder and Shadow Shortly after a patrol sent by Bramblestar, thought by the rest of the Clan to be searching for Twigkit and Violetkit's mother but in fact were sent to find SkyClan returned unsuccessfully, the rogues who chased SkyClan out of the gorge appeared in by the lake, most likely having followed the patrol back. the first to find the rogues was WindClan along the border with ThunderClan. WindClan supposedly challenged the Rogues and a fight broke out leading onto ThunderClan territory. A ThunderClan patrol found them and intervened but not before Onestar and Furzepelt had been seriously. They both died from their injuries shortly after, Onestar was not on his final life so did not truly die, but Furzepelt could not.
Kinkfur, Wasptail and Crowfrost ShadowClan Warrior's and Deputy Thunder and Shadow Shortly after the Rogues appeared and most of the young ShadowClan apprentices went to join them, a terrible illness broke out the in Clan known as yellowcough, unlike greencough this could not be cured by cat mint, and the young Puddleshine had no idea how to cure it despite trying every herb he knew. Rowanstar refused to ask ThunderClan for more help, however Puddleshine had a dream with StarClan who told him that a herb called lungwort would cure yellowcough. He was told it only grew in WindClan, so Rowanstar sent a patrol to go to WindClan go request to collect it. However Onestar had grown paranoid after losing a life, and didn't trust ShadowClan who let the Rogues live near their territory and had it's apprentices join them and refused to let them have the herb. Despite pleading and even trying to kidnap Twigkit to force ThunderClan to get it for them, Onestar refused. Only when Kestrelflight and Harespring secretly let other the Medicine Cats collect some lungwort at the half moon gathering did the illness finally subside. However it had already cost the lives Kinkfur Wasptail and later Crowfrost. After Crowfrost's death, ShadowClan saw their leaders as weak, Tigerheart was named the new deputy but as the Clan were meant to attend the full moon gathering, the Rogues entered the Clan and took over, Rowanstar was told that if he left for the gathering never to return. Only he, Tigerheart and Tawnypelt left, the rest of the Clan chose the Rogues, including a reluctant Puddleshine who could not abandon his Clanmates and Violetkit who after losing her sister again felt the only one who cared for her was Needletail.
Perchwing RiverClan Warrior Shattered Sky When the Clans agreed to work together to fight off the rogues, they decided to attack together. However during the battle Onestar has Darktail cornered and what looked like defeated but After Darktail whispered something in his ear (later to be confirmed as 'What do you think will happen to a cat who rejected, and then killed, his own son? Surely that cat would end up in the Dark Forest. Think of that when you are on your last life!') he froze and in panic called his Clan to retreat. This left all the other Clans shocked and confused. The other Clans also tried to retreat but Perchwing died in the battle. It can't be said if she would have survived if WindClan stayed, but perhaps she may have.
Rain Rogue Kin Shattered Sky Shortly after the battle with the Clans, Darktail was injured from his fight with Onestar and had to recover in his den. Rain offered to watch over him in his den, but little did the other 'Kin' know, Rain intended to kill him while he was weak. He attempted to suffocate him just as Violetpaw appeared to bring Darktail prey. She starred in shock unable to move, as Darktail grew still under Rain. To both Rain and Violetpaw, he appeared dead and as Violetpaw stood still unable to move, expecting Rain to kill her next, Darktail got up and before Rain could react he sliced his throat open with his claws, killing him.
Purdy Elder ThunderClan Shattered Sky Purdy had previously told Alderheart about a bellyache, but told him it wasn't a problem, thinking he was just getting old. However later, a while after the failed battle with the 'Kin' Berrynose and Tigerheart were arguing in ThunderClan's camp. Percy attempted to break up the fight, but as he stood between the two fighting cats he gasped that his foreleg hurt and fell to the ground, jerking and spasming. Alderheart rushed over and asked what happened but Purdy was barely conscious. He attempted to get up, but was unable to as he complained about how much it hurt. He weakly explained how he thought that his aches and pains were normal for his old age, and didn't think he needed to be looked at by a medicine cat with all the chaos they were facing. But as he seemed to realise his it was his time to join StarClan, he uses his last breaths to assure Alderheart it was not his fault. He calmly told Alderheart that he was a good medicine cat, and that he would be fine. He let out a final sigh before going motionless and dying. Alderheart desperately attempted to help him, claiming that "He can't be dead!", although he felt the his legs begin to stiffen. Jayfeather softly tells him that he was gone. It is unsure if he could have been saved if the Medicine Cats could have saved him or at least give him some more time.
Foxnose, Heronwing, Petalfur, Shadepelt and Pinenose Warriors RiverClan and ShadowClan Shattered Sky When the 'Kin' attacked RiverClan to take their territory, RiverClan was taken completely off guard and were outnumbered. Despite their fierce fighting, Mistystar was left no choice but to retreat and give up their territory. However the territory was not the only thing lost, Foxnose, Heronwing, Petalfur and Shadepelt of RiverClan all died in the battle, along with Pinenose of ShadowClan.
Onestar and Darktail Kin/Rogue and WindClan Leaders Shattered Sky In the final confrontation between Darktail's kin and the Clans Onestar confronted Darktail, determined to end him with his own paws to make up for his mistakes. The two toms were watched by the Clans as they battle fiercely into the lake. Although it is not confirmed they drowned. Harespring is later said to be going to his nine life ceremony which suggests they really died.
Dawnpelt ShadowClan / Kin Warrior Shattered Sky Dawnpelt attempted to leave the Kin to join the remaining members of ShadowClan in the ThunderClan territory. However she never made it. It is believed she was caught and drowned to death by Darktail but it was not confirmed at first. Not until Tigerheart's Shadow where Tigerheart saw her in StarClan was it confirmed.
Spiresight Guardian Cat Guardian Cat Tigerheart's Shadow When travelling back to the lake territories with Tigerheart, Dovewing, their Kits and some of the Guardian Cats, they came to a drawbridge. As they watched the monsters stop moving they decided to try and cross, not knowing it was about to open. As they made it half way the bridge began to open and Pouncekit was trapped on the edge. Spire jumped up grabbing Pouncekit and dropping her down to safety, however he was unable to keep his own balance and fell into the river below. The other cats of the patrol watched in horror as he failed to surface, particularly Blaze who had looked up to him like a mentor. But the Guardian Cat never surfaced and was assumed dead. Tigerheart then went on to hold a warrior ceremony as an act of respect for saving his Kit. The ceremony was later confirmed to have worked as Tigerheart sees him in StarClan with the new name he gave him Spiresight.
Snowbush ThunderClan Warrior Darkest Night After a long period of heavy rain the gorge ThunderClan used as their camp was getting very water logged. Shortly after Ivypool suggested evacuating the camp in case rocks fell from the ledges like what killed Longtail, the rocks above the cliff started to shift. Most of the Clan evacuate safely but Snowbush was caught behind. He was knocked by the impact and was sprawled on the floor not breathing. Alderheart was then able to get air into his lungs as he spat out muddy water. After he managed to walk with help out of the camp. He was later treated by Jayfeather and Alderheart in ThunderClan's temporary camp, but his leg was badly infected and they were unable to save him. He died shortly after.
Beenose, Mistcloud and Lioneye ShadowClan/Kin Warriors Darkest Night After Tree is brought to the Clans by Violetpaw and the returning SkyClan cats, he reveals he has an ability to which Leafpool and PuddleShine ask him to use. Inviting the Medicine Cats and ShadowClan they reveal he has the power to make dead cats appear, specifically those who are still stuck to the earth, unable to move on. Tree walks to the lake where Violetpaw watched Nettletail die and attempts to use his power, after a short wait Beenose, Mistcloud, Lioneye, Dawnpelt and Nettletail appear. It is unconfirmed how Beenose, Mistcloud and Lioneye died, but seeing as they appeared at the lake, it is suggested that they were killed by Darktail by drowning. Beenose however was suffering from Yellowcough, it was previously suggested he died from that, but Darktail may have killed him before it could.
Briarlight ThunderClan Warrior (in name at least) River of Fire After an outbreak of sickness many of the cats in ThunderClan and the other clans experienced illness. After Alderheart managed to retrieve some watermint from the border of WindClan and RiverClan most of the cats began to recover, however towards the end of the illness outbreak Jayfeather was the last one in ThunderClan who was still ill. He was recovering, but Ivypool began kitting earlier than expected and he had been left as the only Medicine Cat in the camp and was forced to help with the kitting putting Ivypool, the kits and Briarlight at risk. It seemed fine at first, but Briarlight had caught the illness from him and had kept it a secret as she didn't want to be a bother as the Clan was also suffering from a storm at the time. Sadly her already weakened body was unable to fight the illness, and even with watermint she was dying and she knew it, so she asked if she could say goodbye. Alderheart reluctantly called her kin and the clan who all gave their goodbyes before she eventually passed. Jayfeather in a rare show of emotion was surprisingly hurt as he had always cared for her and blamed himself for passing on his sickness.
Juniperclaw ShadowClan Deputy The Raging Storm During the tension between ShadowClan and SkyClan where ShadowClan wanted to it's territory back SkyClan attacked a ShadowClan patrol that trespassed on their land. In retaliation ShadowClan attacked SkyClan's camp during the night, destroying their dens in the process. Juniperclaw was part of this attack and was caught by Violetshine near the fresh kill pile. Shortly after Sparrowpelt was almost poisoned after consuming prey which was later confirmed to have been contaminated by Juniperclaw with deathberry seeds. Although Alderheart was suspicious Tigerstar ignored him until it was proven and immediately stripped the tom of his Deputy position and put him under guard. Just after this the Clan realised that Shadowkit was missing and made efforts to search for him allowing Juniperclaw to slip away in the confusion. As SkyClan were returning to the lake territory they came to the flooded river and Violetshine fell into the torrent just before Shadowkit was washed down the river. Violetshine was prepared to let go of the root she was clinging onto to save the kit, but Juniperclaw jumped in and grabbed him the three of them then dangled from the root together. They successfully managed to get Shadowkit to the bank and Juniperclaw caught have also escaped but when he overheard that Violetshine was pregnant he insisted she escape first. She did but Juniperclaw was unable to hold on and was swept away in the torrent of water and died. Although his choice to poison SkyClan was wrong and broke the code many cats knew he only did so for his Clan and to prevent a fight. He was honoured for his heroic death.

Unconfirmed Deaths

Cat(s) Clan Rank Book Description
Marshkit ShadowClan Kit Death assumed to have happened between Starlight and Outcast. Marshkit was last mentioned in Starlight after they arrived at the Lake terriory, where he said goodbye to Birchkit who he became friends with on the great journey. He is not mentioned again until Outcast when Lionpaw and Brambleclaw went to see Tawnypelt. Lionpaw asked Toadfoot on behalf of Birchfall how Marshkit was. He never replied but it was said that there was longing in the warrior's eyes, but he pushed it away, which implied that Marshkit had died since they reached the Lake territory.

Other Deaths

Cat(s) Clan Rank Book Description
Heavystep RiverClan Elder Sunset, Long Shadows, and between Sunrise and The Fourth Apprentice Heavystep has been mistakenly killed three times. He became an Elder early because of a kidney disease but this surprisingly wasn't what killed him. He was first said to have died of greencough in Sunset after Leafpool chose to stay with Berrykit instead of going to tell Mothwing where to find catmint. Leafpool blamed herself for his death. However he was still listed in the later books allegiances. Later in Dark river he was mentioned when Hollyleaf left the island gathering and he was flattening his ears in disapproval. He was then said to have died of greencough again in Long Shadows. But again he was still listed in the allegiances afterwards, despite having died twice. He was not listed in the allegiances of The Fourth Apprentice, which suggests he died again some time between Sunrise and The Fourth Apprentice.


After a cat joins StarClan or The Dark Forest, they remain there for as long as their memory lives on in the living Clans. Once a cat is forgotten they fade away, this happens to all cats eventually. However a cat from StarClan or The Dark Forest can also fade if they are 'killed' a second time. Whether they are killed in StarClan, The Dark Forest or amoung the livings Clans, if a member of StarClan or The Dark Forest is 'killed' they will fade away and disappear forever.

Below is a list of significant 'fadings'.

Cat(s) Clan Rank Book Description
Antpelt The Dark Forest Warrior The Forgotten Warrior After dieing in Sign Of The Moon Antpelt returned to The Dark Forest as a Warrior rather than joining StarClan, despite having been killed there. When Ivypool asked to become a full Dark Forest Warrior, Brokenstar told her that she could become a Warrior if she defeated Antpelt in battle. Although reluctant, Ivypool knew she could not show weakness, and Ivypool and Antpelt had a fight to the death. After a fierce struggle, Ivypool managed to beat Antpelt, after a last fight with her conscience, Ivypool told herself he would be better off without being in the battle to come, and that she was doing it to save her Clan. She delivered the final blow, and watched as the blood flowed from Antpelt's body, and then as his body slowly faded into nothing.
Shredtail The Dark Forest Warrior The Last Hope During the fight with the Dark Forest, Blackstar killed Redwillow for being a traitor. Shredtail challenged him and said he killed his loyal Warrior. Blackstar told him he had killed one traitor and would now kill another. But before they could fight Lionblaze jumped in and confronted Shredtail. Shredtail leaped at Lionblaze and the two struggled, however Shredtail seemed to have the edge as a better fighter. Shredtail asked him when he would start fighting like a Warrior, but when Lionblaze attacked again he was caught from behind by one of Shredtail's Dark Forest Clanmates. But as Shredtail began to gloat, Midnight came and freed Lionblaze from the enemy's grip. Midnight said, some can choose their destiny, but some have their destiny chosen for them. Lionblaze then seemed to regain his composure and sweared to himself he would kill Shredtail. He exploded from the ground and sunk his teeth deep into Shredtail's throat. He clamped down hard until his body went limp, and then dropped him and watched his body fade. Blackstar, who seemed impressed told Lionblaze he was proud to fight beside him.
Spottedleaf StarClan Warrior / Medicine Cat The Last Hope During the battle with the Dark Forest, Mapleshade attacked Sandstorm. She told her she would make her pay for all the blessings StarClan gave her and all the blessing they stole from her. She said that she had everything she ever wanted, a mate that loved her, Kits she could watch grow up and have Kits of their own and respect from her Clanmates. Mapleshade had Sandstorm pinned and grasped her throat in her jaws, when Spottedleaf leaped at her and shouted for her to let Sandstorm go. Mapleshade asked Spottedleaf why she didn't let her kill her, that she had stolen Firestar's love from her. But Spottedleaf told her there was nothing to steal, that she made Firestar happy. Mapleshade lunged at Spottedleaf and Spottedleaf rolled under her weight paws flailing. With a snarl, Mapleshade sliced open her throat. Firestar screeched out and grabbed Mapleshade and threw her backwards. Sandstorm joined him and together they fought her off, and Sandstorm chased her away. Firestar crouched by Spottedleaf's side, he begged her not to go, and told her she had promised she would be there to welcome him to StarClan. She told him it was never going to happen, and that she could not journey with him anymore. He said he still needed her, but then Yellowfang came and told him to let her go, it was her destiny. Firestar told her that she had promised to wait for him in StarClan, Spottedleaf looked up at him and opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, a small gasp escaped her and then she fell limp. Her body began to fade and then she was gone. Sandstorm returned and saw that she was gone, she sat next to Firestar and together they grieved for their lost friend.
Brokenstar The Dark Forest Warrior The Last Hope During the battle with the Dark Forest, Brokenstar killed Ferncloud as she tried to defend Brightheart's Kits in the nursery. Firestar cried out but was too late to save her, he challenged Brokenstar and leaped at him, but lost his footing and fell. Sandstorm begged him to stop fighting because he was on his last life, but Firestar told her that every warrior had only one life. Brokenstar said he would shred Firestar so there would be nothing left to join StarClan, but before they could fight Yellowfang stopped them. She dived at Brokenstar and grasped his throat, she held him until his neck snapped, then dropped him and watched him fade in the moonlight. After seeing Brokenstar had been killed, Thistleclaw and the other Dark Forest Warriors retreated.
Hawkfrost The Dark Forest Warrior The Last Hope At the end of the battle with the Dark Forest, Brambleclaw led Hawkfrost back to the ThunderClan camp after finding him trying to flee with his Clanmates. Ivypool jumped at Hawkfrost shouted that he killed Hollyleaf. Dovewing pleded for her to stop, but Firestar told her to let Ivypool settle it. Ivypool called him a murderer, a liar and a betrayer as she gouged his eyes and raked his belly, but Hawkfrost flung her off and crushed her to the earth with his paws. Hawkfrost said that she was the traitor and that he would kill her, but Brambleclaw said no he wouldn't and flung himself at Hawkfrost. He peeled him away from Ivypool, and before he could get free Brambleclaw sunk his teeth into his neck until a snap echoed through the hollow, and Hawkfrost fell dead and faded to nothing.
Tigerstar The Dark Forest Warrior The Last Hope At the end of the battle with the Dark Forest, after Hawkfrost was killed, Tigerstar walked into the ThunderClan camp. He told Brambleclaw well done for beating Hawkfrost, turned to Firestar and told him they would fight but only after he killed all of his Clanmates. Firestar told him the battle was over, but Tigerstar said the Dark Forest was endless, and it was only the beginning. Dovewing said that they had no Leader without Brokenstar and Hawkfrost, but Tigerstar just said they had him. Firestar told him he was no Leader and never was, and Tigerstar said he was a better Leader than he would ever be. They continued to argue and Tigerstar said he only had to kill him and then he could kill everyone else one by one and rule the Clans. Firestar asked him what is was all for, and Tigerstar told him it was just to kill him. Firestar asked him if it was all worth it and Tigerstar said every moment. Tigerstar then attacked and hooked his claws in Firestar's shoulder and raked his spine. Firestar twisted free and slashed back but Tigerstar ducked back, grabbed Firestar's hind paw and drgged him onto his belly then reared up and slammed his forepaws onto Firestar's spine. Tigerstar said when Firestar was dead, he could rule the Clans or kill them. Graystripe shounted in protest and attempted to dart forward but Whitestorm stopped him and told him it was Firestar's battle. Firestar heaved himself up and said he would not die until the forest was safe from Tigerstar. He leaped at Tigerstar and landed a whisker away from him, as Tigerstar spun to defend himself, Firestar smashed his paws into his side and he lost his balance and fell as Firestar slashed blows on his head. Tigerstar struggled up and lunged at Firestar's throat, Firestar lurched backwards but Tigerstar clung on, his claws spiked on Firestar's neck. Sandstorm leaped forward but was stopped by Sorreltail who told her she could not change his destiny. Firestar thrust Tigerstar off, tearing fur from his own neck. Firestar jumped to his paws and said that Tigerstar lived like a rogue so he could die like a rogue. Flashing like lightning across the clearing, he flew at Tigerstar and sank his teeth deep into his throat. He held on while Tigerstar struggled and finally collapsed. He held on tight as blood poured over his paws and when he finally stopped moving, Firestar let go and watched as Tigerstar faded away. Dovewing cheered that Tigerstar was dead, as a flash of lightning hit a tree and fell towards Firestar. Rain poured down and cleared the rain, and the Clan looked on to see that Firestar had died. The wounds from the battle with Tigerstar had taken his life, their long battle finally over. The prophecy of fire finally over, Firestar had saved the Clan from the evil threat of Tigerstar for the final time.
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