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Cat Themed Movies

If you are a fan of Warrior Cats, then its likely you like cats and felines in general.

So here you can find a list of cat / feline themed movies I have enjoyed (there is likely many more out there, but this list only contains movies I have watched) and hopefully you will enjoy as well.

The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns is a Japanese animated movie originally release in Japanese theatres in 2002. It was made by the company Studio Ghibli and directed by Hiroyuki Morita.

It originated when a Japanese theme park requested a twenty minute short story about cats. The short was worked on and a manga version of the short was commissioned and released which was titled 'Baron: The Cat Returns'. However the short was then cancelled by the theme park. The work already done on the project was later picked up once again and it was decided to be developed further and eventually became the full length feature film The Cat Returns.

Plot Summary

The story follows the main protagonist Haru, a normal school girl. The story picks up after she saves a cat from being hit by a car. Haru is shocked as the cat stands up and thanks her before taking its leave. Confused at what had happened, she soon learns that the cat she saved was actually Lune, the Prince of the Cat Kingdom, as his followers shower her with gifts in the form of mice and catnip. She is also told she is to have the Prince's hand or paw rather in marriage. Haru not wanting such a fate panics when she hears a mysterious voice which tell her to go to the Cat Bureau. She finds the Cat Bureau and that is where she meets the Baron, who offers to help her escape the persistent cats who want her to be married. Shortly after they find themselves in the cat paradise where the preparations are being made. Haru then learns she will soon turn into a cat in order to become the perfect Princess for the Prince. The adventure continues as Haru with assistance from the Baron and some other friends take on the hectic task of saving her from her potential fate of becoming the cat Princess.

The Aristocats

The Aristocats is an animated movie made by Walt Disney, and was released in 1970. It is known as the last movie approved by Walt Disney himself before he passed away.

Plot Summary

The story follows a mother cat called Duchess and her three kittens, Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse, who live with their wealthy owner Madame Adelaide Bonfamille. The story picks up as Madame Adelaide Bonfamille writes her will, when she decides to leave her inheritance to her cats. Her butler Edgar, who expected to be the first to inherit is shocked and angry. He plots to get rid of the cats, leaving him to take the inheritance. After a rather clumsy job of ditching the four cats, he returns feeling successful. However Duchess and her kittens find help in the form of Thomas O'Malley, a stray cat. The story then continues as with Thomas' assistance they make their may back home, while having some adventures along the way.

Oliver & Company

Oliver & Company is an animated movie made by Walt Disney, and was released in 1988. The story was actually inspired by the classic story Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, and makes several references to it.

Plot Summary

The story follows a young kitten named Oliver. He is left in a box with his littermates so they can be adopted by passers by. However Oliver watches as each of his brothers and sisters are taken away, leaving him by himself. Alone, he decides to explore by himself. He meets a dog called Dodger, who tricks him into stealing some sausages for him and runs off. Oliver follows him all the way back to his home, a old barge where he, his dog friends and their owner live and get by through scavenging. After meeting with a loan shark who tells the owner that he has three days to pay off his depts, they go into the city to try and sell some of their scavenged goods. However after some trouble, Oliver is caught inside a car where he is taken away by a young wealthy girl called Jenny Foxworth. Jenny is a lonely girl as her parents are always away and she is watched over by her butler. So she decides to adopt Oliver for company (no pun intended). Dodger and his friends who are worried about Oliver's safety find Oliver and help him escape with the help of Jenny's jealous poodle Georgette. Oliver explains how he was happy with Jenny, Dodger and the others are upset but let him leave freely. But before he can, their owner discovers he had been taken in by a rich owner and uses him to try and get a ransom to pay off his dept. However it fails, as Jenny comes herself with her piggy bank. Feeling guilty, the owner returns Oliver. The loan shark then appears and fed up of waiting for the dept to be repayed he kidnaps Jenny and tries to get a ransom himself. The adventure continues as Oliver, Dodger and the others try to save Jenny from the loan shark.

Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature

Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature is a Japanese animated movie written by Osamu Tezuka and released in 1984. The movie was written to show Osamu Tezuka's feelings against the Japanese government's approval of recombinant DNA research.

Plot Summary

The story begins with a Japanese hunter called Ryosuke (or Ryo for short) in the South American jungle. With a local boy called Chico, Ryo is hunting a monster that has apparently been terrorizing the local countryside. Ryo however is not just an everyday hunter, and in fact has past experiences with this monster. The story then cuts back to the past and begins to tell of Ryo's past and how he came to be hunting this monster. We are sent back to when Ryo was a teenager, a delinquent who hangs out with a motorcycle gang. The motorcycle gang run into a women and some of the motorcycle gang try and approach her, however she is no ordinary women, and is revealed to be some sort of cat-women who attacks the gang for harassing her. The gang are seriously injured and later go after the cat-women for revenge, however they are torn apart by the cat-women, except for young Ryosuke who is spared. The cat-women later finds Ryosuke at his home and reveals herself to be a kitten Ryo had saved when he was younger called Bagi. As Bagi's human intelligence and ability's started to develop, people started to treat her strangely and she ran away to grow up on her own. Only now after seeing Ryo in the motorcycle gang has she decided to confront him again. After Ryo accepts this strange development, he and Bagi decide to try and discover the truth behind Bagi's origins. They learn of a factory that was experimenting on animals when Bagi was found, and Ryosuke's mother was one of the employees there. The story continues as they slowly learn the truth behind Bagi's past, where she came from and why she was born. The story concludes as the secrets are revealed and leads up to the where we first see Ryo hunting the monster, which we know know is Bagi in the present, with the final truth revealed and a rather sad conclusion.


Felidae originally began as a German book written by Akif Pirinηci published in 1989. The book was later translated into English by Ralph Noble and was published in 1993. The book has a total of six sequels, Felidae II (also known as Felidae on the Road in English or Francis in the original German version), Cave Canem, Das Duell, Salve Roma, Schandtat and Felipolis. However only the first two books Felidae and Felidae II were translated to English.

However Felidae is probably more well known for its German animated movie adaptation directed by Michael Schaack. It was originally released in 1994 and it was also released with an English dub. Felidae is the most expensive animated film produced in Germany to date, reportedly costing 10 million marks.

Felidae stands out for its strong and graphic story and also touches upon ethical issues such as the relationship between mankind and animals.

WARNING: Both the book and movie of Felidae is very adult themed, despite the misleading Disney like style and the apparent original rating of 12a for the film when it was release in Germany. Both the books and movie are very violent and contain adult themes.

Plot Summary

Felidae has a surprising story, and is very different to what you would expect from simply seeing the cover of the book or movie. If I were to ever use the saying 'never judge a book by its cover' this would be a perfect example.

Felidae is in fact a murder mystery type story, but with cats.

The story begins with a cat called Francis who moves to a new neighbourhood with his owner. Being a cat who is used to moving about with his owner, he felt confident with getting use to what he expected to be a generic neighbourhood. However Francis is very mistaken as soon after arriving he comes across a dead body of a local cat. This is the start a big mystery that Francis soon gets himself stuck into. Francis meets many local cats, both friends and some foes. With his friend or perhaps sidekick Bluebeard, Francis soon takes on the role of detective and starts investigating the death, which he believes was murder. Many cats blame the humans, but Francis thinks differently. The story continues as Francis starts to uncover the dark secrets of the neighbourhood as he learns that it was not just one murder but many. He slowly uncovers the facts bit by bit and learns truly how big of a case he has gotten himself into.

Felidae is a very dark and adult story and is not for the light hearted.

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