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Cat Themed Anime and Manga

If you are a fan of Warrior Cats, then its likely you like cats and felines in general.

So here you can find a list of cat / feline themed anime and manga I have enjoyed (there is likely many more out there, but this list only contains anime or manga I have watched/read) and hopefully you will enjoy as well.

Mikan Enikki

Mikan Enikki began airing in 1992 and finished airing in 1993 spanning thirty one episodes.

Plot Summary

The story follows a cat called Mikan or as he was once named Tom. When he hears a young boy, also named Tom being called by his friends, he decides to follow the boy who shares his name. He quickly decides he wishes to live with the young boy and his family and using all his 'cat charm' convinces them to keep him. His new owner Tom then names him Mikan after his orange fur, and everything seems happy until Tom discovers Mikan's secret. He can talk! from there the story simply follows Mikan's adventures with his new family, where he gets into mischief here and there, while always trying to keep his secret from being revealed.

Chi's Sweet Home

Chi's Sweet Home originally began as a manga in 2004, and has so far spanned eight manga volumes and is ongoing. It has also been made into an anime, which is made up of two series, series one was aired in 2008 and season two, renamed Chi's New Address in 2009. Each series is made up of one hundred and four small two and a half minute episodes (which would roughly work out as thirteen standard twenty minute episodes).

Plot Summary

The story is very simplistic, it follows the life of the young cat Chi, as she is separated from her mother and found by a young boy called Youhei and his mother. They decide to look after her despite the fact their apartment forbids pets. The story then just follows her life with her new family and some other friends she meets along the way as she gets into many little mischievous adventures.


Nyanpire originally began as a is a dōjinshi (self-published) manga written by yukiusa. The manga started in 2009 and is ongoing, however it is more well know for the anime adaptation which aired in 2011 which spanned twelve four minute episodes.

Plot Summary

The story and animation is very simplistic, Nyanpire who was an abandoned kitten is found by a vampire who happens to have a liking for cats. The vampire saves Nyanpire by turning him into a vampire, therefore earning his name Nyanpire (nyan is a Japanese term related to cats while pire obviously coming from the word vampire). The story just follows Nyanpire as he lives out his everyday life as a vampire cat with his owner Misaki as he meets other cats, Masamunya Dokuganryu, Nyatenshi and Chachamaru and even two bats called Mori and Komori.

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki originally began as a manga in 2004, and has so far spanned thirteen volumes and is ongoing. It has also been made into an anime, which began in early 2012 and ended in December the same year spanning fifty two episodes. The series is made up of short three minute episodes.

Plot Summary

The story is very simplistic, it follows the life of Moe Sato and her family after she finds a very strange round male cat which she takes in and decides to name Poyo after his unusual shape. The story then just follows the family's and some of their friend's day to day lives in somewhat bizarre and random three minute episodes.

Nyan Koi

Nyan Koi originally began as a manga in 2007, and has so far spanned five manga volumes and is ongoing. It was aired as an anime in 2009, and spanned one twelve episode series, with suspected rumors of further series.

Plot Summary

The story follows the main protagonist Junpei Kosaka who is in his second year at high school. He has a strong dislike for cats, mainly due to his strong allergy to them. He accidentally breaks a sacred cat statue which is said to hold a curse. He soon learns that the curse is not a folks tail as he finds himself able to talk with cats. He then discovers that he must help one hundred cats with their personal wishes, if not he will turn into a cat himself and inevitably and ironically die from his allergy.

The story follows his life as he tries to balance his normal student life with the potentially fatal curse placed upon him.

Cat Paradise

Cat Paradise is a manga which began in 2006 and ended in 2008 spanning five volumes.

Plot Summary

The story follows the main protagonist Yumi and her cat Kansuke as they begin their student life at the Matabi Academy, a special school which allows every student to have one cat on campus. They soon learn that the cats have more significance than they appeared as Yumi and Kansuke are dragged into an ancient war. They are put face to face with an ancient demon, but when things seem bleak, mysterious figures appear before them in the form of Princess Kiri and her cat Shirayuki. They offer Yuki and Kansuke power in exchange for their devotion in the ancient war, as once accepted one cannot escape their fate to fight. Yuki and Kansuke accept the power and fight off the ancient beast, shortly after which they meet with the student council, who reveal themselves to be 'the pairs', which are humans and their cat partners chosen to fight the ancient demons. The story progresses as Yumi and Kansuke along with the other 'pairs' slowly discover the secrets of the ancient war and fulfill their role to end it forever.

Spoiler Warning
This site may contain spoilers on the Warrior Cats series. I have tried to keep major information under the 'Inside The Story' menu. Please keep this in mind if you have not read all of the books.

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Chat Rules

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