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BloodClan, unlike the name suggests is not a real Clan. It is in fact a group of rouge cats who live together in the Twolegplace next to the forest territory.

BloodClan do not believe in StarClan, they show no respect for other cats, and are blood thirsty and cruel. They are also known to wear cat and dog teeth on their claws and collars. Which makes their name fitting.

However it isn't truly the members of BloodClan that are evil. The leader of BloodClan, Scourge is a feared cat who leads BloodClan purely through the fear he strikes into the rogues it is made up of.

This page tells about Scourge and BloodClan's story.

Notable Members

Name Position Description
Scourge Leader He is a small black tom with one white paw and blue eyes. He has a high pitched voice and wears a purple collar with dog teeth embedded in it, as well as dog teeth attached to his claws.
Bone Assumed As A Deputy He is a large broad-shouldered and strong musted tom. He has a black and white pelt with green eyes. He has many scars and has a collar with cat and dog teeth embedded in it.
Boulder A former follower of BloodClan who left and joined ShadowClan / TigerClan, and later LionClan. He is a skinny tabby tom. He has a silver-gray pelt with a ragged ear and bright blue eyes.

The Origins Of Scourge And BloodClan

Tiny a Kit born to the Kittypet Quince was a unusually small and feeble looking cat. He was often teased by his healthier looking litter mates Socks and Ruby. After being scared by his sister Ruby, who told him he would be thrown in the river because no Twoleg would adopt him, he ran away from his home.

He ventured out into the forest, which unknown to the tiny Kit was ThunderClan territory, where he ran into a ThunderClan patrol. The patrol was made up of Tigerpaw, Bluefur, and Thistleclaw. Thistleclaw ordered Tigerpaw to attack Tiny and almost killed him, but Bluefur stopped him and they allowed Tiny to escape. Traumatized by the ordeal, Tiny ran back to Twolegplace.

Still to afraid to go home, or go into the forest, Tiny tried to remove his collar with a dog tooth he found, but accidentally got the tooth impaled in it. He later found a group of cats eating and he asked them if he could join them. They asked him about the tooth is his collar and he lied and said he killed a dog and took it, scared the other cats let him eat.

Later Tiny was visited by two cats called Bone and Brick, who after hearing about how he apparently killed a dog, asked him to drive out a dog. Tiny was scared but did not want to let them know he had lied, so he went to face the dog. As the dog attacked Tiny, it saw his large shadow which was deflected by the sun and ran away in fear. The other cats praised him, thinking that he really defeated the dog and Tiny decided to give himself a new name. He thought about what his mother had once said about the Clan cats, "Those savages are a scourge on the name of all cats". So he decided that his new name would be Scourge.

Scourge then is acknowledged as a sort of leader over the other rouges in Twoleg place. He often talked to Bone, who was acknowledged as a sort Deputy to Scourge. Over time Scourge became consumed in hate and and lust for revenge for the hatred he had experienced as a Kit, mainly towards Tigerstar, who traumatized him as a Kit. His old litter mates Socks and Ruby asked to join him after their Twolegs abandoned them. They told him how they were family and asked if blood meant anything to him. He responds by saying "Oh, yes. Blood is everything. But the only blood I'm interested in flows from my enemies. Look around you! These cats are bathed in blood. It soaks their fur and laps at their paws. This is why we survive! We are BloodClan!". He let them eat, but then banished them from his territory.

Shortly after Scourge had visitors, visitors who were from the Clans. Bone brought the visitors to Scourge and he learned it was Tigerstar! The one cat he wanted revenge of over any other. He had been shown to BloodClan, by Boulder, a former BloodClan member who left to live in the forest with Tigerstar. Tigerstar asked Scourge and BloodClan to help his newly formed TigerClan take over the forest, and offered BloodClan territory in return. Scourge accepted but unknown to Tigerstar, who seemed not to notice Scourge as the scared Kit he once almost killed, his motive was revenge on him, not territory for BloodClan.

TigerClan, which was made up of ShadowClan and RiverClan confronted LionClan which was made up of ThunderClan and WindClan. Tigerstar who lead TigerClan asked them to join him or to be destroyed, Firestar who lead LionClan refused and as they prepared to fight BloodClan revealed themselves. Firestar told Scourge how Tigerstar was deceiving them and not to trust him, which Scourge accepted and said BloodClan would not fight. However Tigerstar felt betrayed and called Scourge a traitor and attacked him, but Scourge avoided his attack and struck him down his belly, the wound was so great, Tigerstar lost all nine of his lives.

Although Scourge had finally had his revenge on Tigerstar he was hungry with power and claimed the forest for BloodClan. He told the other Clans to leave or die fighting.

LionClan Vs BloodClan

After the death of Tigerstar, the four Clans, ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan joined together and formed LionClan to fight BloodClan for the forest.

The battle was fierce. Bone was a powerful cat and few cats could appose him. Whitestorm the ThunderClan deputy faced him, but he was close to becoming an elder and could not match Bone's strength and Bone killed him. After Whitestorm was killed several other ThunderClan cats avenged him by overwhelming Bone and they killed him together.

The battle was long and BloodClan seemed to have advantage even after Bone's death, but Firestar, the Leader of LionClan and ThunderClan met Scourge in battle. Scourge was stealthier and managed to kill Firestar, however he wasn't injured like Tigerstar. Firestar lost one of his nine lives and met Scourge in battle again. Surprised to see Firestar alive, Scourge was then defeated by Firestar.

After seeing Scourge and Bone dead, BloodClan were afraid and they all fled the forest, LionClan defeated BloodClan in the greatest battle the forest ever knew.

After The Battle

BloodClan was never the same again, Scourge had lead them with fear and without his leadership no one could control the rouges and they scattered.

Cats who were part of BloodClan often caused trouble by stealing prey and even took over Barley and Revenpaw's barn until ThunderClan helped them take it back.
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