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Ancestors, everyone should respect their ancestors, however for the cats of the Clans and the Tribe, their ancestors are particularly close to them.


StarClan are the Warrior Ancestors of the Clans. When loyal Clan cats die they join StarClan, they stay in the Stars where they watch over the living Clans.

StarClan exist like a real Clan, they have their own hunting grounds, but have no fear of Leaf-bare, lack of prey or of sickness. It is truly the paradise for cats. Their pelts glow like stars, and they join StarClan as they were in their prime, free from old age or any injuries or disabilities they may have had in life. However StarClan never forget the Clans they once lived in and watch over them, protecting them.

However StarClan cats do not go on forever, and eventually they fade away. It is said that a cat of StarClan will fade when their memory within the living Clans is lost, which suggests that those who had a more significant life (such as being a famous clan Leader) within the living Clans would stay longer in StarClan.

StarClan is very mysterious and no living cats truely understand the limits to their power. But they have complete faith in their ancestors, and follow their guidance and follow the Warrior Code they passed down to them.

StarClan can visit living Clan cats, usually the Medicine Cats, although other cats can share dreams and receive signs as well if StarClan have a special destiny or need for them. They can walk the living world as starlight figures as spirits or even in solid form, however how this works or its limits is a mystery. They can also bring living cats to StarClan in their dreams, however this is only in spirit. They will guide these cats and send them signs of danger or just guidance to protect their Clan.

StarClan also have the power to grant the Clan Leaders nine lives.

StarClan are worshipped and relied up on by the living Clans. However even they have their limits, sometimes StarClan are powerless to help the Clans. Sometimes cats have felt abandoned my their ancestors as they failed to help save them from Twolegs or other disasters, but this is merely because no cat truly understand the power of StarClan and its limits and sometimes expect too much from them.

The Place Of No Stars - The Dark Forest

Not all Clan cats go to StarClan when they die. There have been many cats who have betrayed their Clans for their own ambitions and were not accepted into StarClan. These cats go to The Dark Forest.

The Dark Forest is mysterious and not too much is known about it. As the name suggests, there are no stars, the stars remain with StarClan. The forest is nothing like StarClan, it is dark and dead, the opposite of the paradise of StarClan.

The Dark Forest cats like StarClan cats do not go on forever, and also fade away as their life within the living Clans is forgotten.

Dark Forest cats also have the power to visit living cats, appearing as shadow like figures in spirit or solid form in the living world. They also have the power of taking living cats to the Dark Forest forest in their dreams, however unlike StarClan who seems to purely take a cats dreaming spirit, cats who have been taken to the Dark forest have been known to bring injuries from their dreams of the Dark Forest to the living world when they wake up, how this works or its limits is also a mystery. The cats of the Dark Forest are evil and usually only contact living cats who show hints of darkness in their heart or cats who they feel they can manipulate, in order to try and use them for their own ambition.

The Dark Forest cats are mostly feared by the living cats, often remembered in horror stories told to scare Kits.

The Tribe Of Endless Hunting

The Tribe Of Endless Hunting are the warrior ancestors of The Tribe Of Rushing Water. They are very similar to StarClan, they stay in their own paradise and watch over the living Tribe.

However unlike StarClan, their pelts do not seem to glow like stars, and they do not return to their prime, remaining as they were before death. It also seems they fade with age rather than from the memories of the living.

They have powers like StarClan, but not so much is known about them. They send signs to the Tribe Stoneteller to help protect and guide them.

Rock And Midnight

See the Rock And Midnight page.
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