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After The Last Hope

The last book in The Omens Of The Stars has ended, and with it the storyline that started all the way back in Into The Wild with Rusty the Kittypet.

However there are still a lot of things we do not know!

Some of the things you may still be wondering about were mentioned in some confidential notes exclusive to the The Last Hope Ebook.

I bought the Ebook purely for these notes, and since not everyone can get the Ebook, I have linked these notes below, rather than explain them myself:

Simple click the PDF story link you wish to view and it will open in your browser. Alternatively to save them to your computer, right click either the PDF or Doc files and choose the save option, you can then view the saved PDF file in your computers PDF reader or the Doc file in your Word Processor.

Title PDF Download Doc Download
Erin Hunter's Confidential Notes 1: The Curtain Falls: Choosing Which Cats Would Die View / Download Download
Erin Hunter's Confidential Notes 2: Unhappily Ever After? Ending the Doomed Romances View / Download Download
Erin Hunter's Confidential Notes 3: The Truth About Midnight View / Download Download

These notes are very interesting, however they do not answer everything, so below are some questions I would personally like to know the answer to.

My Questions

Why did they have to fight alone anyway?

Yellowfang claimed that when Lionblaze chased off the fox from ThunderClan territory by himself, that this was a sign that the Clans had to fight alone. Why? Usually signs or omens are sent from StarClan to the Clans to guide them. why was this significant? Why did use such a odd 'sign' and make the Clans fight alone at all?

What exactly was the Three’s destiny?

They did help in many ways building up to the fight. But it was built up to suggest that them, and only them (along with the fourth) would truly save the Clans with the power of the stars in their paws, but they didn’t really do all that much in the battle. What exactly was their destiny the ancients were no anxious that they fulfil?

Why was a fourth needed, and why was it Firestar?

Firestar did help unite the Clans, and he did help in the battle, defeating Tigerstar. But why did he need to be the fourth? Couldn’t he have done what he did without being called the fourth? He already knew about the three. Why was it so vital that the fourth needed to be found? What was the purpose of Firestar being the fourth? (Although I think it was an effective way to end Firestar’s story, by giving him an important role, it just seemed unnecessary for the progression of the story).

How exactly did the Three grant their ancestors strength?

Why did cats long forgotten appear when the three were born? Why did Rock blame them for being born because of this? When he had made it clear it was always destined they would be born, and save the Clans.

“This is all your fault!” Rock yowled. "You are the Three. If you had never been born, the Dark Forest would not have risen!" Jayfeather stiffened in shock. "We never asked to be born!" "But you were!" Rock spat. "You fulfilled a prophecy written at the beginning of time and gave power to enimies who should long since have faded from the memories of all cats!"
- The Last Hope - Rock - page 124

Who exactly are Rock and Midnight?

We know they are ancient, from a time before the dawn of the Clans or Tribe, but what are they? Are they immortal (in spirit at least)? Were they the ones who granted the three their power?
It has been confirmed both Rock and Midnight are dead; Rock is more of a spirit, while Midnight is a ghost. But how did they end up how they are? Who and What exactly are rock and Midnight?

Why did Midnight and Rock tell Sol about the Clans and the eclipse?

Midnight previously told Sol details about the Clans by the lake, and she also told him about the eclipse of the sun. Why did she do it? What purpose did it serve? What reason did Rock and Midnight have to assist Sol in hurting the Clans?

Where did the prophecies truly originate from?

Where did the sign sent the sign in the first sunrise come from, which told Rock and Midnight of the future prophecies? Who or Want sent it? Did the one who sent the sign grant Rock and Midnight the power to live on (in spirit at least) forever, so they could watch over the Clans and Tribe to come and guide them to completing the prophecies?

Who sent the sign of the burning reed?

Who sent the sign of the burning reed that told of Firestar being the fourth? StarClan were said to be unable to see the Clans. Was it Rock? Or could some StarClan cats see the Clans after all? Was it Bluestar, who suggested she knew it was Firestar all along?

What happened to the Dark Forest cats who escaped?

What happened to the Dark Forest cats? Thistleclaw and the other dead cats may have returned to the Dark Forest but what about the living cats who allied themselves with them? What happened to Breezepelt and the other living Dark Forest followers, surely they could not return to their Clans after betraying them, and they could not live in the Dark Forest all the time could they? Did they run away as rogues?

Why did the Dark Forest cats get so overwhelmed by the Clan cats?

The Dark Forest cats had been training viciously for a long time in anticipation of the battle. It seemed to suggest that the Dark Forest cats should have been able to beat most of the Clan cats in one on one fights quite easily. However except in a few instances the Dark Forest cats seemed to struggle against the Clan cats, and it actually seemed that they were overpowered by the Clan cats. Brokenstar and Hawkfrost in particular were killed off very quickly and easily. What happened to their training?

Why did the Dark Forest not watch Ivypool if they were suspicious?

It was suggested that the Dark Forest cats could see their apprentices and other living cats pretty much whenever they wanted, if so, why did no one discover the truth about Ivypool being a spy? Surely Mapleshade, who was suspicious could have watched her as she talked to Donewing and the others?

Why did Dovewing never try to use her ability to look into the Dark Forest before?

When the Clan Leaders met with the Medicine Cats to reveal the truth, I found it odd and amusing that Dovewing was asked to try and use her power to see into the Dark Forest, and she did so without much effort. Why didn't she try this before? Ivypool could have been saved from risking her life, by spying there herself. I imagined something like this happened after the battle:

Dovewing padded up to Ivypool "Uhh..Ivypool, you know the whole thing about you risking your life in the Dark Forest every single night to spy?"
Ivypool titled her head "What about it?"
Dovewing looked at her paws "Well turns out you didn't need to bother, because I could just have used my powers to see into the Dark Forest all along, if I had just tried, funny huh?"

Why did it take StarClan so long to join the battle?

Many cats died before StarClan set a paw into the battle, and why did so few join it? Bluestar only showed up after the battle, surely she could have fought with ThunderClan. Perhaps some were fighting with the other Clans or even in StarClan, but many more StarClan cats could have fought with them. I suppose it could have been to do with how StarClan were unable to see the Clans properly.

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