Mod Poll Results!

Well I think I have left the poll open long enough and I have had some excellent feedback. So thank you too all that voted ^^.

I have between the votes and my own judgement chosen 5 new moderators.

Now keep in mind to both these mods and those who did not get picked. First off this is not about who is better it is just choosing people to keep the chat free of spam and trolls.

These mods simply have the power to remove messages. And all I ask is from the new mods, is to do just that, delete spam and troll messages, and just generally watch the chat. Kindly ask people to stay on topic if it is disturbing RP, or to move to the general chat below.

I may add consider more admins down the road as to give power to ban when I or the other admins are not here, but I will decide this myself.

Keep in mind I will not reveal who got how many votes to anyone. these choices naturally got a good amount of votes, but I also used my own judgement, so please do not be upset if you were not chosen. Many others got votes, I just can’t pick everyone.

So anyhow here are the new mods:







That is all for the current time. So please let me know if you are happy to be mods by commenting below, if for whatever reason you do not wish to be a mod, that is absolutely fine.

Again I don’t expect anything special, I don’t mean to make this role seem something special, all I want is the chat to stay spam free :).

If anyone has any comments on these choices or anything else please comment below ^^.

I will update the mod permissions once I confirm you all agree to it 🙂

New Hosting and Update Feed

Hey everyone ^^.

So as most of you know the site went down a little while ago, this was because I used a free hosting package which while it held up for several years, the sheer volume of traffic I now get flagged up and they suspended my account. I then tried to quickly upload the site to another free host, which worked fine and has yet to go down, however I did get an email a week or so ago saying I had already hit half my traffic limit, so it seemed likely the site was at risk.

But basically I have now set up a paid hosting account with unlimited traffic, so it should be safe for the foreseeable future.

I am playing around with ideas atm, currently I am using WordPress for this newsfeed rather than the previously used cutenews, whether I will stick with this I don’t know.

Comments will lead the the blog page, but you can just click the header to return :).

I am considering a new layout design. I am also considering adding mods for the chat.

I shall update info from the new books soon, as I am currently reading them.


And well that’s about it, any questions, comment below ^^.