I have a teeny problem…

(I’m sorry if this got posted in the wrong place I am new here) Hi, I don’t mean to criticize (because I love this site it is amazing!) but I just got banned for 15 minutes because I was apparently sending “meaningless messages” in the role play chat, then it also said I was banned because I was “spamming”!! All I was trying to do was role play with someone 🙁 Whyyyyy

3 thoughts on “I have a teeny problem…”

  1. By the way, the person I was role playing with was @leafheart, sorry about that :< RIPPLESPOT WILL RETURNNNN

  2. Hello! I’m just replying to this to tell you that is the Automod! It can’t be changed, sadly, and after 15 minutes, it’ll be fine, just remember not to spam 🙂

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