How are you still here

I seriously have no idea how anybody stays on this site, apart from the few waward children who still come here. I doubt anybody here recognizes my name, not as twisted anyways.
Clawfee says hi :3

25 thoughts on “How are you still here”

  1. Silverpelt is great ok -_-
    People probably just don’t find it
    The way I found Silverpelt was when i was googling the word, ‘silverpelt’ for school.
    That was a lot of good luck

    1. oh heck if you’re the amberheart i’m thinking of we haven’t talked in a long time. were you friends with a “pandory” at some point?

  2. No, i don’t remember you and YES it is difficult to come on here, but even when I do I kill the chats anyway

  3. I am going to start coming to this site more often because I happen to be writing a Warrior book myself. Also the chat is broken I know you have been banned in the past but I would like to use that as a template for my story.

    I will Commint again soon! (:

    1. I fell like… there is no one left on this website other than me… Please don’t leave Twisted07

  4. Hi! I just joined because I have used this website for over 6 months and I only thought it was a name generator but now I see you can do this 👀 lol

  5. *Horizonpaw had padded into the clearing and sat next to Nightpaw who was in the shadows being a grump as usual* “Hi Nightpaw!!” *He looked at her* “GO away” he hisses “Is featherpaw still scared of you??” horizon asked “STOP PITTYING ME! I DONT WANT YOUR PITY I ONLY WANT YOU BY ME IF YOU SEEN ROCKSTORM” *he stalked out angrily “I-I h-hey wait “

  6. I actually found this today! I was looking for someone who was on WordPress a lot to be picked for a warrior cats award! It might just be you!

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