Banned for no reason

Hello, I have been banned for no reason what so ever from chat 2. I think for something my brother did, plus his user was close to mine like ‘Badrawer’ Or something like that but anyway one day my brother said “Hey, what’s that thing your on.” And he never asks that and I’m like “Omg did he finally read warrior cats?” Turns out he just wanted to cause drama so he went into fantasy chat (I was doing mha rp there) and he went and he came and started cussing and stuff then he went to chat 2 (The chat I was banned on) And started cussing and interrupting rp so I’m like “My gosh, why did I tell him the site name.” And he had everyone in different chats tell him to stop, while some where telling him to stop and stuff me and some others were trying to get a mod here like Coral, sap etc. He started calling my friend out her name and stuff so eventually he left but after that happened, So I went on the next day and say a rp going on in chat 2 and I’m like “Oh i wanna join.” So I typed can I join the rp but when I put enter it didn’t show up. I refreshed my page so many times yet it didn’t work, so if you know anyone who can fix that issue please someone let me know.

Thanks for reading this.


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  1. Yeah something like that happened to me. My sister and I were telling ppl how we were related and ppl were saying we were bots and they said I was pretending to be someone, so I got banned the next day. But now I’m unbanned so it’s fine.

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