First OCs

Who remembers that cringy (no offense) first OC they made?

Mine was Moonstone.

She was a black-and-white she-cat with blue eyes. (I should have named her Moonfrost, although some ppl think moon- is a forbidden prefix…)

I still love her, yes, but I think she needs some tweaks.

Ok, I was a bit stupid to do this (I made her when I had no clue how Warriors worked)



Six moons with a warrior name already!

So, now, she’s 60 something moons bc the leader at her time was Archedstar, now it’s Dovestar (after Maplestar, who was after Coyotestar, and so on) so yeah, she’s old now.

So, uh.. yeah.. thanks for reading! <3
(Ima change my username bc can, also,
It’s two OCs that I ship)

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