Beyond the Mountains-Triumph of Wolves

Roseshade followed the hunting patrol with Maplespots, her littermate, Wolfpelt, a strong and handsome warrior, and lastly, Lynxpaw, her apprentice. “Lynxpaw, any scents of water voles?” She asked her. Lynxpaw lifted her nose up for a second before replying, “nope.” Roseshade huffed. “Any sents if any prey, guys?” She asked the patrol. “Don’t smell anything, really.” Maplespots said to her. “Nothin’.” Wolfpelt chimed in. “There’s gotta be some prey here.” She whispered. A second after sniffing, a terrible sent caught her nose. Maplespots must have sented it to because she was wrinkling her nose as if she had seen a dead decaying body lying right in front of her. Wolfpelt looked concerned. “Do you smell that, guys?” She asked them. “Ugh. Yep..” Maplespots nodded. “Lynxpaw?” She turned around. Out if the blue giant, grey beasts shot out from the pines. “WOLVES!” She hissed and spun around. Roseshade yowled and pounced on the first wolf. It seemed small and skinny, but still had strength. As she was able to claw the wolf, another grabbed her by the tail as it yanked her off and shook her. Dizzy, she saw blackness.

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