New People

So I left for like a year or two, and when I returned I hardly recognized anyone. Except for a few people.
Like seriously, who is everyone?
Anyways, I’ve been seeing drama still going around so before I get involved in it I suppose I’ll leave. So G’day to you all!

23 thoughts on “New People”

  1. Guys, WTF? I’m not White Tiger. Also, please don’t spam with hatred, you’re making incorrect assumptions.
    Not only that, but this here is why I left in the first place: Dumb, spiteful people who will spread hate and spite at whatever chance they get. Seriously, just stop and waste your time elsewhere.

  2. Guys, you should stop aiming hurtful replies towards WhiteTiger. If you don’t like the site and want it deleted, then don’t go onto the site. It’s that simple. Stop being so rude.

  3. delete the chats oh my god arent you dragging this godforsaken place on too long? kill it already. this site traumatized me, its traumatized others. its caused so much pain that you dont even know about. delete the chats, please.

  4. What the h*ll! People, stop saying that they should delete the website! This website actually helped me and possibly several others get the correct information! This website helped me realize that I’m not alone in the WC fandom, you guys should just shut the f*ck up because they worked hard on this server and you guys are just telling them to shut it down. That isn’t very nice of you all. So please, just stop saying those rude things.

  5. hey hey, I really appreciate you leaving this website up! It’s a great archive <3
    I haven't read the Warrior books since middle school. I'm in college now and have been re-reading the books, ended up coming across your site just now. Sucks its ridden by trolls, but I hope you leave it up as an archive <3

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