Short Future Post : Shadowed Judgement (Chapter 2)

Dawn came, grey with coming rain, clouds looming thick and heavy on roaring wind. Cats shivered in the bare openness of their camp, knowing that danger was more common in the bare landscape of the plains.
Blinking her shining gaze, a cat known as Ashstar padded over to her friend, Jasminefeather. Dipping her head, Ashstar greeted Jasminefeather with a flick of her tail, “Featherstar wishes to see you,” she meowed, then padded off slowly, and Jasminefeather could see the worry pricking on Ashstar’s pelt.
Whiskers twitching anxiously, Jasminefeather padded toward the council’s den, noting that Featherstar was already there.
“Hello, Jasminefeather,” the leader meowed, blinking her eyes. Jasminefeather dipped her head in response, waiting.
“I suspect you don’t know what I called you here for, and neither do I exactly,” Featherstar meowed. Jasminefeather shook her head, somewhat eager to hear what her leader had to say and partially didn’t want to listen.
“Oneriver has had a sign, saying that we must go to end the coming darkness,” Featherstar meowed quickly, clearly nervous. “I want you to go on that patrol, with Turtlepatch,” she meowed.
Jasminefeather looked up at Featherstar in surprise, “Me? Turtlepatch?” She wondered why either of them were chosen, in particularly her.
“Yes you,” Featherstar flicked an ear impatiently, padding out of the den, Jasminefeather followed confusion lighting her gaze. “Why didn’t you bring Turtlepatch up here as well?” She questioned.
“Oneriver has already told him, as I have asked him to.” Featherstar looked away quickly, “The patrol will leave next sun-high.” She meowed, sending Jasminefeather out of the den with a quick yet commanding glance.

Also for those who read this do not mind any errors. I am rushing this short fan-fic.

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  1. Okay, I gotta make more to this. I took a bit of effort so I guess I’ll have to write some more? Those who’d like to see more on this story please comment.

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