Short Future Post : Shadowed Judgement (Chapter 1)

Shadowed Judgement is a quick short fan-fic I decided to create before I leave. Hope you’ll all like it. Also the chapters will be very short so I hope you all won’t mind. The Chapters will be made on separate posts, one for each day until the day I leave I believe.

Shadowed Judgement

Chapter 1:

A full moon glittered high above the gathering as four cats, sitting before a great waterfall, yowled over the roar of the high winds and the rush of fast flowing water.
One of the four cats, with shining green eyes and a thick white pelt took a pace forward, now in front of the other three. “StarClan has abandoned us!” He hissed, more cats far below the cliff jutting over the waterfall rose to their paws yowling outrage.
One of the cats behind him padded over to stand beside him, her eyes glittering brightly in the moonlight. “It is true,” she yowled, unsheathing her claws and digging them into the cold stone, “StarClan has not granted us fortune this moon.” While the other two cat shook their heads, a black tom yowled above the others.
“Cloudstar, Featherstar, you know this is untrue!” He blinked his dark colored eyes, “I know this, as you even lie to your own Clanmates!”
A black she-cat with shining blue eyes, rushed to the tom’s side. “Stop,” she hissed in his ear, “You’ll make LakeClan look weak.” Her whiskers twitched, “Even though you have a point.”
The tom looked at her, “Do you always treat Creekpaw this way?” The she-cat shook her head in anger at the way the tom was speaking to her.
“Of course not!” she meowed, “Although y-,”
“Silence!” The she-cat sentence was cut off by one of the leaders commanding yowl.
“StarClan hasn’t abandoned you,” he hissed, “Shimmershade has had a sign!” Flicking his tail he beckoned to Shimmershade, who ducked his head and climbed up to stand beside the leaders.
“StarClan has given me a sign, they haven’t lost us yet,” he meowed, “Though they warn us of a great danger to come.” Shimmershade looked down on the rest of the cats, “Ebonyspirit, Oneriver and Creekpaw should know,” he meowed slowly, “We shared the same dream.”
The black she-cat looked nervously up at Cloudstar, wondering what he would say about her keeping her dream a secret with the other medicine cats. She caught the tom’s gaze, he nodded slightly, and she blinked in acknowledgement.
“StarClan has given us a prophecy,” Shimmershade meowed, he seemed to be unaware that the others hadn’t shared the news of their dreams with their own leaders. He looked around nervously as if just noticing this fact.
“They told me, that once a sacred bone is broken, a storm shall break, blood will spill, and crimson will turn the lake.”
Ebonyspirit lay back her ears warningly, the tension in the Clans had tightened, and this clearly was a warning.
The black tom flicked his tail, “Why didn’t you tell me?” He demanded, Ebonyspirit turned on him, “Because it wasn’t for you to hear,” she growled. The whole clearing was chaos, cats hurrying to huddle in groups made up of their own Clanmates, some were facing each other with unsheathed claws, and others were yowling in fear, or perhaps suspicion of the other Clans.
Cloudstar beckoned with his tail for his Clan to leave, the other leaders followed with their own Clans, and StarClan’s prophecy rang in Ebonyspirit’s ears, “Why have you warned doom upon us?”

3 thoughts on “Short Future Post : Shadowed Judgement (Chapter 1)”

    1. There is one mistake, in the beginning. While the other two cat shook their heads, the mistake is cat, supposed to be cats. Love it either way!!

      1. This took me thirty minutes to make and I was rushing a bit, so don’t mind my errors, in which I’m not trying to make intentionally.

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